Goku Family Tier List [2023]

The good, better, worst of Goku's family are the focus of this Top Tier List.

Goku is well known among the people of the world. Many of us grew up watching him on our screens. Here we will be monitoring the Goku family tier list in detail to rank the good, better, best, and worst of all the members of the Goku family. This character tends to be classified according to their skills, fighting power, preparation for battle, hitting capability, and many more factors that make them the best or the worst fighters.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 19 Goku Family members ranked in this article.
  • They have been ranked based on their power level.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, Vegetto Blue, Ultra Instinct-Sign-Goku, etc.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Ginyu Goku, Adult Goku, Kid Goku, etc.


The table that ranks all members of the Goku Family is as follows:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Mastered Ultra Instinct GokuUltra Instinct-Sign-GokuSuper Saiyan 4 GogetaGoku KaiokenKid Goku
Vegetto BlueSuper Saiyan Blue Kaioken GokuMastered Super Saiyan Blue GokuGinyu Goku
Super Saiyan Rosé Goku blackGolden Oozaru GokuAdult Goku
Super Saiyan Blue GokuSuper Saiyan God GokuTeen Goku
Goku BlackSuper Saiyan 3 Goku
Super Saiyan 2 Goku
Super Saiyan Goku

This tier list is based on our knowledge and liking of the respective characters. The tier list highlights our interests. It can be altered as per the reader’s desire.

S Tier

Goku Family Tier List
S Tier

The S Tier also known as the superb tier is the topmost tier of the tier list. This list will include those members of the Goku family whose powers are unmatchable and they are non defeated. they have exceptionally brilliant qualities of a true fighter. Those in the S Tier are strong and can vend more damage than others. If you are not familiar with these superb Gokus, it’s time that you get familiar with their ultra powers.

This list withholds the fighters that have mastered their forms and do not deny, that they are unbeatable. Let’s get to know how great they are.

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

This is one of the strongest characters. In the Tournament of Power’s keynote match, he defeated Jiren. he is an excellent hard-hitter and tank. His self-sustainable powers are beyond marvelous! his active skills are accomplished radiantly. His is the great mighty who can even surpass through K.O. attack.

He can even go through Goku’s family team with his Miraculous Awakening and Representatives of Universe 7  commander skills.  He efficiently deflected Jirens attacks while attacking.  This form of Goku is the best and hence it leads our charts by being in the S Tier list.

Characteristics  White (Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows), Blue, Purple, Magenta (Aura)

Vegetto Blue

You must be thinking that how can a Vegetto be the strongest Goku? Here’s the answer to your confusion, he was revived in Dragon Ball Super and he fought Zamasu. the strength of Vegetto Blue is obvious as he defeated Zamasu, who is immortal! Yes you heard it right, Zamasu was perpetual and yet Vegetto Blue defeated him.

He has a great savage strike, and meteor crash and has got the maximum charge. His spirit sword and force shield makes him the best of all and undefeatable.  He has many fight tactics like heavy string, light string, 5L3H, LHH, grab, and many more. He serves a massive beatdown.

Characteristics  Blue (Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows, Aura)

A Tier

Goku family tier list
A Tier

A Tier of the Goku family tier list some of the best warriors of the Goku league. They are supreme in their qualities as they fight with their highest standards. They are considered good warriors that are capable of defeating their rivals with great power. However, these warriors fail to meet the epic greatness as compared to S Tier. Let’s get to know the grand fighters of this tier.

The Gokus included in the A Tier list can move up to be in S Tier when they work a little bit more to fix the minor errors. these flaws are so undersized that they are neglectable yet these bring them down to the A-tier list

Ultra Instinct-Sign-Goku

He is for sure one of the great warriors. His best move is that he gives Autonomous Ultra Instinct ability which provides the best shield against any danger, thus providing the best-attacking tactics! Being different from the others when it’s not powering up, it is bordered by a blue aura that covers his whole body. There is a slight blemish with this form that brings it down to the A Tier list is its raw attack strength is not up to the mark with the best ones.

Characteristics  White, Magenta, Blue (Aura)

Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken goku

The completed and highest transformation of the Super Saiyan Blue form of Goku. firstly Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue form after that it activates Kaioken. This Goku had to go through so much training and hardships to master this technique because at the beginning he had only a 10% survival chance. He gave his 100% effort and power and devoted himself to master in this technique.

Even though he leveled up in gaining hold to this specific move there is a drawback that if it’s used against any non-godly Super Saiyan form, it would die. Yes, that’s right, even the best ones have their defaults and this becomes the basis of bringing it to the A Tier zone.

Characteristics  Blue (Hair, Eye, Eyebrows, Aura), Red (Aura)

Super Saiyan Rosé Goku black

In the Dragon Ball Super anime, the Super Saiyan Rose Goku black has the embodiment of the first Super Saiyan form. It is almost the same as Super Saiyan Blue except for the color. Its Ki control is so accurate that it helped him create weapons of energy. On the battlefield, he was able to take down Zamasu and Goku. He achieved this level of strength by making his divine and Super Saiyan forms merge.

He never gets short of his battery more often. He is not immortal but he has the strength to defeat Zamasu, the immortal. you must be thinking that if this Goku is that extraordinary then why is it in the A Tier? Well here’s your answer, he loses his energy at a steady rate because of always being powered up.

Characteristics  Pink (Hair), Dark Red, Variations of Purple (Aura)

Super Saiyan Blue Goku

The next Goku in our tier list was introduced in Resurrection F as the ”Super Saiyan God”. He has faced almost every enemy on the battlefield, and with much ease, he defeated them until he fought Merged Zamasu and Jiren. This is the most dominant form of transformation of Super Saiyan. The power, speed, and strength of the user are elevated in this form. Its Ki control has kept its new level of godly Ki form from spreading out.

This helps it to fight without being Ki drained. It was just because of this Ki control that Super Saiyan Blue Goku could finally defeat Golden Frieza after many failed battles.  Despite the amazing standards, this form drains stamina when it’s unlocked. This insufficiency brought him to the A Tier instead of the S Tier site. It can learn to overcome this issue.

Characteristics  Blue (Hair, Eyes, Eyebrows), Blue, White (Aura)

Goku Black

I think he is the most controversial of all forms as I consider him a villain.  At one point he was so strong that he could even move giant planet-sized Super Dragon Balls. When he got hold of Goku’s body, he gained the abilities of the Saiyans along with his own Kai powers. His powers doubled up and now he was the deadly opponent. He killed Goku in Zamasu’s body. I feel to keep him in the A Tier because his base attack stats are below average.

Characteristics  No special features aside from the clothes

B Tier

Average Characters in Goku's family
B Tier

The warriors in the B Tier of Goku’s family tier list are good, but not as fine warriors as the ones in the A Tier list. They have all the best abilities that a true fighter should have but they lack some minor strengths that dragged them down to the B Tier list.

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

This Goku was formed when Goku and Vegeta performed a fusion dance in Hell to defeat Janemba. This Goku has the traits of both Goku and Vegeta. He had the appearance of Vegeta and tall height just like Goku. Although he was a Fusion Reborn still in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, his personality appears to be different from each of them.

This Goku has some great features but due to its overconfident nature, I kept him in this B Tier list of Gokus Family Tier list. One of his exceptional characteristics is his aggressiveness during battles he does not allow the enemy to even breathe as he denies giving him his extreme rage during battles. Another flaw of this Goku is that it overuses too much power that tends to get diffused in less than 10 minutes.

Characteristics  Red (Long Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows, Tail, Aura)

Mastered Super Saiyan Blue Goku

This Goku is called SSGSS. This state of Goku only appeared in Dragon Ball Super Manga, and it is a greater transformation of Super Saiyan Blue. This Goku has gone through a lot of training to be able to compete, his efforts and undying abilities to be a strong warrior are marvelous. He was trained to perform Hakai, though his Hakai was not as powerful as Beerus still it explains its likeliness of a Mastered Super Saiyan Blue.  This Goku despite being an excellent warrior has a major flaw, it is that it has very low stamina.

Characteristics  Pure Blue (Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows, Aura)

Golden Oozaru Goku

Many of you must be thinking that what is this great ape doing in the B Tier list, I know but let’s just call it a difference of opinion. Most people will think that it belongs to the A-Tier, but despite its enormous abilities, it has a major flaw that overshadows all its abilities.

This major defect is that its sole purpose is to kill and cause destruction. This Goku is formed when Saiyans look at a full moon or sunlight reflected from a planet generates Blutz Waves so that the Saiyan can be transformed. He has major capabilities including fire breath, crushing bones in their hands, his fast speed, Ki-based attacks, and mouth energy waves.

Characteristics  Giant Golden Ape

Super Saiyan God Goku

One of his unique fighting features is that his main focus relies on predicting the attack of the opponent and bolting it. He possesses the Aura of a God that provides it an understanding of Ki that is godly and can be obtained by someone who can prevent most entities at once.

He has the power to absorb the attack of the enemy and then annul it. It can have enormous power in its palm that has power blasts. It has Autonomous Ultra Instinct Ability that gives it a high usage in base form. This form however requires time to be in its power and then voids out the user’s energy reserves. It has a low time limit after which it disappears.

Characteristics  Red (Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows), Fire Aura

Super Saiyan 3 Goku

This form utilizes the energy in every blood drop of the Saiyan and draws all the hidden powers out of the user. This form provides the user with an energy level that is 4 times that of Super Saiyan 2. It has mighty speed and strength beyond average. when the Super Saiyan 3 is awakened suddenly it results in such an explosion that it could even wipe out the user.

He was forcibly returned to the other world due to his rapid use of Ki energy that was chopped in half. despite all this, a Super Saiyan 3 can beat the rivals that Super Saiyan 2 can not.

Characteristics  Long Golden Hairs with a Serious Face

Super Saiyan 2 Goku

The Super Siyan 2 Goku is ultimate in its form and is far more energetic than Super Saiyan Goku. It is considered to be twice as powerful as the Super Siyan. It has a variety of aspects that makes it far more remarkable in its abilities. the enormous amount of strength that it has accompanied by its powerful blows and speed all these factors in contrast to each other make it strong.

According to the character, this transformation is extreme as compared to others because when Gohan transformed into this form he was full of anger and rampage. The transformation made Gohan so aggressive that he tortured Cell so much rather than finishing it off.

Characteristics  Golden Medium Spiky Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows

Super Saiyan Goku

This transformation was said to be a legendary one as it was not done for over a thousand years. According to Vegeta, this transformation is so strong and the power level is so huge that it can be kept transformed. To become a Super Saiyan, the Saiyan should have an enormous amount of S-Cells, which is obtained by having a gentle spirit. By obtaining the S-Cells the Saiyan feels grief or sadness and thus transforms into a Super Saiyan.

In the Dragon Ball manga, there were no female Super Saiyans but Caulifla obtained this transformation in Dragon Ball Super. However, this Saiyan is much less in power and abilities than the above-mentioned Super Saiyan 2 Goku and Super Saiyan 3 Goku. This is why they have their respective names given to them in order of their powers and abilities to fight on the battlefield.

Characteristics  Golden Spiky Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows

C Tier

Below Average Characters in Goku's Family
C Tier

C Tier of the Goku family tier list consists of the Gokus that are relatively below average in our own opinion. Their weak characteristics and low fighting capabilities are the factors that are responsible to drag them to this list. Although they do have a few plus points that do make them somewhat better than many others.

Goku Kaioken

This Goku is added to the C Tier of the lists because when the user transforms into this form it results in elevated levels of blood pressure, popping out the veins and thus increasing the muscle mass.

By this transformation, the user is heated to the extent that its body starts to steam. Once Goku was using this technique to 10x throughout a fight to battle against Frieza, but even this was not enough. Although this form could be of high strength if it is used with perfection.

Characteristics  Red Aura 

Ginyu Goku

This Goku when transformed can not approach the abilities and fighting tactics of Goku. He has the strength that lets him battle but he lacks all the skills a Goku should have to defeat his enemies, the rage, and all the techniques of attacking. He is considered to be weaker than Krillin and Gohan.

Characteristics  Normal Goku with Malicious Looks and Scouter

Adult Goku

The adult Goku has become self-satisfied with his laziness, inability to train himself, and not getting any stronger. For five years, he lays back and does nothing to attain stability and strength. When Raditz arrives, he learns his lesson that being lazy and lagging will only bring him to defeat and nothing more. However, when he tried to start training, he achieved better results than ever before.

Characteristics  Black Hairs, Normal Goku, No Aura

Teen Goku

When Goku started his training after a long gap of 5 years, he finally understood the key importance of his strength and the things he was able to do by working hard and not giving up. He started enjoying his fights and became determined. For the first time, Goku was so highly esteemed but he was naive and inexperienced at this level.

Characteristics  Young Teenager Goku

D Tier

Weakest Characters from Goku's Family
D Tier

The Gokus included in the D Tier are of absolutely no use. They are highly disappointing and a disgrace. They are a disaster and the weakest of all. Let’s discuss the Gokus of this list.

Kid Goku

He was introduced at the very beginning of the series so he is by far the weakest fighter of all. He has numerous issue with his personality that drags him down to be the worst of all the fighters ever. He is so overconfident that despite being naive and incompetent he thinks great of himself.

He is always out there looking for fights and violence. He is always willing to fight evil opponents that are way stronger than him, this is all because of him being overconfident. He is not properly educated for stuff like this despite just a few years of education from Master Roshi.

He is always careless about all aspects of his life. He shows mercy towards others and sometimes bites him back. He loses self-control in all of his transformations except for SSJ1.  When his guard is down he can easily be hurt by a simple laser. His super forms tend to drain a lot of energy that depriving him to fight. Goku as a kid is the worst fighter one can ever see. He has all the powers yet deprives himself of all pleasure to fight like a true warrior.

Characteristics  Child Goku with Tail and the Power Pole

Comparison Table

Mastered Ultra Instinct GokuSWhite (Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows), Blue, Purple, Magenta (Aura)
Vegetto BlueSBlue (Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows, Aura)
Ultra Instinct-Sign-GokuAWhite, Magenta, Blue (Aura)
Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken GokuABlue (Hair, Eye, Eyebrows, Aura), Red (Aura)
Super Saiyan Rosé Goku blackAPink (Hair), Dark Red, Variations of Purple (Aura)
Super Saiyan Blue GokuABlue (Hair, Eyes, Eyebrows), Blue, White (Aura)
Goku BlackANo special features aside from the clothes
Super Saiyan 4 GogetaBRed (Long Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows, Tail, Aura)
Mastered Super Saiyan Blue GokuBPure Blue (Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows, Aura)
Golden Oozaru GokuBGiant Golden Ape
Super Saiyan God GokuBRed (Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows), Fire Aura
Super Saiyan 3 GokuBLong Golden Hairs with a Serious Face
Super Saiyan 2 GokuBGolden Medium Spiky Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows
Super Saiyan GokuBGolden Spiky Hairs, Eyes, Eyebrows
Goku KaiokenCRed Aura
Ginyu GokuCNormal Goku with Malicious Looks and Scouter
Adult GokuCBlack Hairs, Normal Goku, No Aura
Teen GokuCYoung Teenager Goku
Kid GokuDChild Goku with Tail and the Power Pole


Goku has many transformations throughout the entire series that the viewers enjoyed based on their likes and dislikes. Dragon Ball is a great series of anime that is liked throughout the world by children and adults for entertainment and knowledge. This Goku family tier list helps the viewers to select their favorite Gokus from best to worst.

The S Tier includes the Goku that we consider the best and undefeatable while the D Tier consists of the Goku who is the absolute worst. This tier list includes some of the transformations out of many, based on our perspective and knowledge that may differ from others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest in the Goku family tree?

When talking about the strongest member of the Goku family tree, Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku stands at the top. The Kamehameha attack of this Goku is the strongest in the family tree in Dragon Ball Z

What is the highest transformation of Goku in the family tree?

The Super Saiyan Blue form is the completed and highest transformation of Goku. He has the highest level and has mastered the Kaioken technique.

Who is the villain Goku in the Goku family tree?

Probably the most controversial form of Goku is his villain form called the Goku Black. He is strong enough to move giant planet-sized Dragon balls.

Who is the weakest Goku in the Goku family tree?

Kid Goku is the weakest in Dragon Ball Z. He was introduced at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z and has no skills at all, making him the weakest in the Goku Family Tree.

Who is the SSGSS Goku in the Goku family tree?

The Mastered Super Saiyan Blue Goku is also called SSGSS. He is a strong warrior with great abilities and he has also mastered Hakai in Dragon Ball Z.