Pixar Movies Tier List [2023]

The definitive tier list of all the Pixar Movies, where we ranked them from the best to the worst; one tough job!

Pixar has produced many different kinds of animated movies over the years and it is really a difficult task to rank all of these from best to worst. However, the total number of these productions is not that large, with the company having a total of 26 movies under its belt. So in this Pixar Movies Tier List, we will be attempting to rank all of these.

Now you might be thinking that 26 is not that high of a number for a studio that is as old as Pixar, but you have to consider that these are not regular films. It takes days to be able to render even a single frame of these animations, and the total process is measured in years. So let’s keep that in mind when you dive into the list.

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Key Points

  • There are a total of 26 Pixar Movies ranked in this article.
  • They have been ranked based on their popularity, story, and overall quality.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find Wall-E, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, etc.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find, Cars 3, Cars 2, Lightyear, etc.


Firstly, I will rank the Pixar movies in a short table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Wall-EInside OutTurning RedSoulMonsters University
Toy StoryToy Story 4Monsters, Inc.CarsBrave
Finding NemoRatatouilleLucaOnwardCars 2
Toy Story 2UpIncredibles 2A Bug's LifeLightyear
The IncrediblesFinding DoryCocoThe Good DinosaurCars 3
Toy Story 3

You can learn more about each entry below.

S Tier

Pixar movies tier list
Flawless Pixar Movies.

This is the first category of the tier list. Here, I will be placing all those movies that have been proven to be a blockbuster. A majority of people give extremely positive statements regarding these and are fond of them.

Wall-E (2008)

I was completely perplexed that whether to rank toy story first or Wall-E as both are a masterpiece. Well, it is almost the same as both have been ranked on the S tier. Undoubtedly, Wall-E is the epitome of perfection if we consider the best movies.

It triggers our love for the planet and humanity itself in a really beautiful way. The way the movie shows the destruction of the planet without uttering a single word regarding the whole scene is commendable. Especially in the first half hour of the movie, you can make a clear statement regarding the value of art.

IMDb Rating 8.4
Director Andrew Stanton

Toy Story (1995)

It is almost going to be three decades since Toy Story was first released, and look, it’s still in the top 3 and among one of the most beloved movies ranked on the list. Moreover, the movie set a benchmark for every other upcoming title that how these should be. 

Undoubtedly, and without an argument, I can state that it is an all-time Pixar classic. The plot of the movie is relatable to a child’s mind. Remember, when we were kids, we used to treat our toys as living things and badly wanted them to speak, move, and talk to us. 

Woody, Buzz, and the whole gang made us realize the importance of friendship, the power of imagination, and the ups and downs of our childhood. Talking about the characters, the voice actors also played a crucial role in making the movie a hit which became a reason why more of its parts were released. 

IMDb Rating 8.3
Director John Lasseter

Finding Nemo (2003)

Without a doubt, the story of a clownfish searching for his lost son proved to be a heart-touching one that captivated its viewers from the beginning till the end of each scene. It is also another Pixar classic that is loved all over the world. 

The trio of Nemo, Dory, and marlin is unforgettable and lovable at the extreme level. Here is one of those movies ranked on the tier list from which we are emotionally connected. It showed us the intensity of our relationship with our parents. 

IMDb Rating 8.2
Director Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich

Toy Story 2 (1999)

The concept of the first part of the movie and the second part are both really interesting. Like in the sequel, the focus was on the toys being alive when their children are not seeing them. And, the sequel focuses on the fact that one-day children will outgrow their toys.

All of the parts of Toy Story are really heart-touching and emotional in many ways showing the depiction of the past, present, and future.

IMDb Rating 7.9
Director John Lasseter, Ash Brannon, Lee Unkrich

The Incredibles (2004)

The incredible is the movie that revolves around a kind and ideal family of the fantastic four. If you are seeking to watch a movie with lots of adventure and humor at the same time then in that case, it is the best pick. 

Each and every scene of the movie is balanced and distinctive in its own way. You can not say that there is more adventure than humor and vice versa. It has a really strong plot which is why I am ranking it here.

IMDb Rating 8
Director Brad Bird

Toy Story 3 (2010)

You will surely need a lot of tissues by your side while watching the sequel to Toy Story 2. Usually, when sequels to a movie are released, they lose some stream over time. However, this time that was not the case.

Amazingly, other parts were becoming more and more interesting. Toy Story 3 showed a perfect visual representation of how we develop a strong bond with each other. And, how does growing old together feel like?

IMDb Rating 8.3
Director Lee Unkrich

A Tier

best picks
Best Pixar Movies.

Now moving towards the second category of the Pixar movies tier list, where we will be ranking the second-best movies so far. These are a level below the S tier which means there is merely a minor difference between the above ones. 

Inside Out (2015)

Inside out is one of those Pixar movies that provoke the emotions of its audience which includes both younger and older both kinds of viewers. It is a really emotional movie, and it highlights the importance of good and bad, which is undoubtedly a pretty good lesson for all of us. 

IMDb Rating 8.1
Director Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen

Finding Dory (2016)

Remember finding Nemo in which the fish was looking for his son? Oh my god, such an irrelevant question it is. How can anybody forget such a masterpiece?

Likewise, Finding Dory is its sequel in which a lost fish is looking for her parents and trying to reconcile with the childhood she has lost.

IMDb Rating 7.3
Director Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane

Up (2009)

Undoubtedly, Up is a tearjerker. It involves you in a complete roller coaster of emotions, love, and loss. It highlights the fact that what leads to speaking up openly about how you feel and just being blunt about your emotions. If you have not watched something like this for a long time then it is the perfect choice to opt for.

And, if you are one of those who have already watched the masterpiece before, then do share your reviews in the comment box below. 

IMDb Rating 8.3
Director Pete Docter, Bob Peterson

Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille is a story about a rat who dreams of becoming a chef and even succeeds with the help of a random ordinary guy, a garbage boy who is as invisible as him. Sounds interesting? Indeed it is.

The story of the movie teaches us the lesson that you can not doubt the skills of anyone because big and that skilled artists can come from anywhere. 

IMDb Rating 8.1
Director Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava

Toy Story 4 (2019)

Moving towards the last sequel of the toy story, in my opinion, there was no need to have another sequel after such a heart-wrenching end. In comparison to the other three parts of the story, we can not say that it is a great one. However, if we consider it as a separate movie then without a doubt it has a good storyline. Also, we got to know some more interesting and funny characters.

But, I will not recommend you to watch the last part directly because in this way you will not be able to understand the whole plot. Therefore, it is better to watch all the parts in a sequence. It will be worth it!

IMDb Rating 7.7
Director Josh Cooley

B Tier

Likable picks
Likable Pixar Movies.

In the B rank category of the tier list, you will get to see those titles are just likable. A lot of these are going to be favorites of our readers, but no one can say that they are classics.

Turning Red (2022)

The last time I laughed out so hard was the time when I watched the turning red. It is an absolutely funny movie with great humor that may lead to stomach pain (ironically speaking). The storyline of the film revolves around a 13-year-old young girl who is almost reaching puberty.

Whenever she is extremely happy or excited about something at this point, Meilin Lee starts to transform into a red giant Panda. Not only that, but the movie also focuses on cultural values and the role of an ideal woman in society. 

IMDb Rating 7.0
Director Domee Shi

Monster, Inc (2001)

Do you know any child who is not afraid of monsters? If you have already watched Monsters Inc. then I do not think you are familiar with any kid who likes to become friends with monsters other than the little girl Boo.

The movie shows a factory that operates through the screams of normal human beings. Overall, it is a really interesting one which you should watch for good entertainment. 

IMDb Rating 8.1
Director Pete Docter, David Silverman, Lee Unkrich

Luca (2021)

Luca takes place in an Italian seaside town around which you can see almost all the scenes of the movie. The animation, graphics, and everything else about the title are on point, but comparatively the storyline is not as strong as other Pixar movies. However, if you are in the mood to watch something adventurous then it is the best pick. 

IMDb Rating 7.4
Director Enrico Casarosa

Incredibles 2 (2018)

Relative to its first sequel, Incredible 2 is not the perfect one to watch. As there are many fight scenes that a viewer can easily predict. However, if we do not compare it with the first part then it is a likable movie to watch. I am not saying that watching it will not be worth it, you will still get a dose of enjoyment.

IMDb Rating 7.6
Director Brad Bird

Coco (2017)

Coco is a movie about staying true to yourself and never giving up on your dreams. The movie also tells about culture and the bond between the family members. It connects with all the audiences from adults to kids as they can relate to this in various ways. Want to spend a good time with your family? Watch Coco!

IMDb Rating 8.4
Director Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina

C Tier

Average Picks
Below-Average Pixar Movies.

Here is the second last category of the Pixar Movie Tier List With Soul, and the most subjective rank of them all. Here, you will find those movies that are neither too entertaining nor too boring. 

The Good Dinasaur (2015)

The Good Dinosaur is loved and praised by its audience for its outstanding animation. But in comparison to the above-ranked Pixar movies, it is not that entertaining as the benchmark is very high. 

IMDb Rating 6.7
Director Peter Sohn

A Bug’s Life (1998)

I am amazed by the way of Pixar’s storytelling. There are times when we focus on any insect thinking that how is its life, family, relationships, etc. So, A Bug’s life is a true representation and sneak peek into an insect’s life. Well, it is neither a great movie nor too bad, therefore, 

IMDb Rating 7.2
Director John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton

Onward (2019)

One of the most beautiful relationships in the universe is that of Siblings. The way they talk to each other, spend time together and fight with one another, but their love for each other overpowers it all. The movie pays tribute to the bonds of siblings.

Watching it is really interesting and relatable as well if you have brothers or sisters. Well, if you do not have a sibling or two then watching this movie will help you realize and feel the attachment siblings have.

IMDb Rating 7.4
Director Dan Scanlon

Cars (2006)

The storyline and plot of Cars are more interesting for the younger audience; kids. I am placing it on the C tier because I do not think that adults will enjoy it as well. It is a good family comedy movie to watch but not the one that you will love the most.

IMDb Rating 7.2
Director John Lasseter, Joe Ranft

Soul (2020)

Rather than focusing on more entertainment and fun, Soul’s aim was to teach us lessons for life and telling us the purpose of our lives. It is the depiction of the afterlife and the way we will feel at the time of death and after death. Unfortunately, people do not have much interest in these kinds of stories due to which I am placing it on the C-tier. 

IMDb Rating 8.0
Director Pete Docter, Kemp Powers

D Tier

Not good
Worst Pixar Movies.

Finally, we made it to the last category of the tier list. So, don’t ever think that these are the worst movies in a way that watching these will be a waste of time. But relative to the movies ranked in the above tier, these are not that much interesting. Therefore, if you are feeling like watching any of these then it is up to you.

Cars 3 (2017)

The Cars movie is a series of acceptance and rejection as the first part was almost good, then after the second part people criticized the storyline as it was not up to the expectations, but after that Cars 3 turned out to be better than Cars 2. 

Relative to the previous part, the last sequel was more entertaining having a good storyline with solid jokes. Children who are fond of cars may enjoy this movie more, otherwise, it is not too entertaining. 

IMDb Rating 6.7
Director Brian Fee

Lightyear (2022)

Lightyear was a different kind of Pixar movie as it was more action-focused. If you like to watch action movies then it is a good one but unfortunately can not compete with the blockbusters like Toy Story, Up, and Inside Out. For people who want to experience a new genre of Pixar movies then I will recommend them to include it in your list.

IMDb Rating 6.1
Director Angus MacLane

Cars 2 (2011)

Unfortunately, Cars 2 was a big flop as people thought that there was no need for a sequel. But, at that time Pixar was focusing on producing sequels which is why this was one of them. The movie lacks humor, adventure, and fun which makes it less entertaining. It only focuses on action, and for that reason, it was not a big hit.

IMDb Rating 6.2
Director John Lasseter, Bradford Lewis

Brave (2012)

Brave shows a bond between mother and daughter to which many viewers can relate to. Before it, Pixar was lacking lead female characters, so people think it was a response to the audience’s criticism. Moreover, it is not the masterpiece that viewers expect from Pixar.

IMDb Rating 7.1
Director Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell

Monsters University (2013)

Monsters University completely failed to show how a bond is developed between two friends. I guess the plot and storyline were not clear at all. Do you know how Mike and Sulley became friends in college? Neither I know that! Don’t you think it is a bit irritating? 

IMDb Rating 7.2
Director Dan Scanlon

Comparison Table

MoviesTierIMDb RatingDirector
Wall-ES8.4Andrew Stanton
Toy StoryS8.3John Lasseter
Finding NemoS8.2Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich
Toy Story 2S7.9John Lasseter, Ash Brannon, Lee Unkrich
The IncrediblesA8Brad Bird
Toy Story 3Inside OutA8.3Lee Unkrich
Toy Story 4A8.1Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen
RatatouilleA7.3Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane
UpA8.3Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Finding DoryA8.1Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava
Turning RedB7.7Josh Cooley
Monsters, Inc.B7.0Domee Shi
LucaB8.1Pete Docter, David Silverman, Lee Unkrich
Incredibles 2B7.4Enrico Casarosa
CocoB7.6Brad Bird
SoulC8.4Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina
CarsC6.7Peter Sohn
OnwardC7.2 John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton
A Bug's LifeC7.4Dan Scanlon
The Good DinosaurC7.2 John Lasseter, Joe Ranft
Monsters UniversityD8.0Pete Docter, Kemp Powers
BraveD6.7Brian Fee
Cars 2D6.1Angus MacLane
LightyearD6.2John Lasseter, Bradford Lewis
Cars 3D7.1Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell


Hopefully, now you are well aware of all 26 Pixar movies and their rankings. And regarding their placements, I understand that not everyone will agree with my choices, and I am always open to criticisms from our readers.

Moreover, I am not saying that watching movies other than the above tiers are not worth it, it is just that in comparison I generally believe that the movies in the S and A rank of our Pixar movies tier list are worth watching more than the ones below them.