Revue Starlight Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

A detailed ranking of all the characters from Revue Starlight.

Revue Starlight is an anime and manga franchise created by Bushiroad, Nelke Planning, and Kinema Claus in 2017. It is mainly a series of musicals based around actresses competing against each other in a theatrical setting for the status of their schools. In this Revue Starlight tier list, we will be going over all the notable characters that have made a noteworthy appearance in either the manga or the anime.

Key Points

  • The Tier List has ranked a total of 17 Revue Starlight characters.
  • They have been ranked based on their popularity and traits.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find Nana Daiba, Junna Hoshimi, Claudine Saijo, etc.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Karen Aijo, Michiro Otori, Kaoruko Hanayagi, etc.


Here is a table ranking the key characters from Revue Starlight.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Nana DaibaClaudine SaijoMaya TendoAruru OtsukiKaren Aijo
Junna HoshimiIchie OtonashiFutaba IsurugiRui AkikazeKaoruko Hanayagi
Akira YukishiroMahiru TsuyuzakiTsukasa Ebisu
Lalafin NonomiyaMichiro Otori
Shizuha Kocho
Hikari Kagura

S Tier

Revue Starlight S-Tier Image
S Tier

The first tier of this tier list is the S-Tier. The S-tier is universally known to contain the best of the best and it will not differ here either. The S-tiers characters are considered to be on top of the top. Consequently, they also have the least amount of bad qualities with the least magnitude possible.

The best starlight revue characters will be mentioned in this tier with their defining qualities which distinguish them from the other tiers. This tier will contain revue starlight characters from all the different schools as well. They are listed as follows.

Nana Daiba

The first character we will be discussing on this tier list is Nana Daiba. She is by far the best character in the entire franchise. Nana Daiba is a second-year student from Seisho Music Academy’s 99th graduating class. Furthermore, she is also the de facto mother of the 99th class as well under the nickname “banana”.

In my opinion, she is the “best girl” of this entire franchise thanks to her loving and caring personality. She is the classic example of someone whose flaws make them even more desirable. Daiba also has notable relationships with Karen Aijo and Junna Hoshimi.


July 12, 2001
Likes Frog Stuff

Cooking and Baking

Dislikes Being Alone

Junna Hoshimi

The next character we will be discussing on this tier list is a second-year student named Junna Hoshimi. She is one of the top students of the Seisho’s music academy’s 99th graduating class.

Among all the revue starlight characters, Junna is my personal favorite but there still remains no bias in her being in this tier. Junna is an extremely hardworking student who is also her class representative with great decision-making and analytical skills.

The only flaw Junna has shown throughout the series is her ability to overthink trivial situations which only adds to her charm in my opinion. Lastly, Junna’s ability to stand out among the crowd of stage girls is impressive despite the lack of support from her own parents.


October 1, 2001
Likes Reading

Baths/Hot Springs

Dislikes Ball Sports


Scary Stories

Akira Yukishiro

Akira Yukishiro is the obligatory character with high grades and a strict personality in the case of Revue Starlight. She is one of the most talented stage girls in this entire franchise with the title of “Frau Platin”.

Akira is one of the elite students from the Music Acting Department. Her personality is quite aggressive throughout the series as she always gets into arguments. However, she always comes out victorious owing to her unmatched abilities.


December 14
Likes Ice Skating


Dislikes Using Digital Equipment

A Tier

Revue Starlight A-Tier Image
A Tier

The next tier on the  tier list is the A-tier. As you all know, the A-tier is universally known to contain the good among the great. In this case, it will contain the better revue starlight characters compared to the B-tier. Consequently, it will contain the characters that fail to be as great as the S-Tier star revue characters. These characters are definitely fan-favorites but unfortunately don’t have the same sparkle as the S-Tier characters. These characters are listed as follows.

Claudine Saijo

The first character of the A-Tier in this Revue Starlight Tier List is Claudine Saijo. Claudine is the cliche rival of one of our main protagonists of the series, Maya Tendo.

Furthermore, she also takes on the role of the foreign character having a French mother. Because of this, she previously has a long successful career as a child actress which contributed immensely to her role as a stage girl.


August 1, 2001
Likes Film/Theatre


Dislikes Scary Stories (especially Japanese horror films)

Ichie Otonashi

One of the A-Tier characters is the rowdy Ichie Otonashi. She is a second-year student from the Rinmekan Girls School’s Performance department. Ironically, her last name, Otonashi, means “silent” but she is all but that. One of the most oblivious and mischievous characters in the franchise but also one of the most lovable ones.

All in all, she is one of the most emotional characters of the franchise but one that keeps the environment alive and joyous for herself and those around her.


March 19
Likes Pranking


Dislikes Games Requiring Though


B-Tier image Revue Starlight
B Tier

Up next is the B-Tier. In this tier list, the B-Tier will contain mostly the side characters. Furthermore, it will contain some main ones as well who fail to spark joy in our hearts as well as the characters above.

These revue starlight characters fail to do as well as the A and S-tier characters but still have a warm place in some of the fans’ hearts. All in all, most of these characters are subject to mixed opinions among the fans so I tried my best to sort them out accordingly. They are listed as follows.

Maya Tendo

The first character we will be going over in the B-Tier of this tier list is Maya Tendo. Despite being one of the main protagonists of the series, she could not be placed higher than this tier. She is a second-year student of the 99th graduating class of Seisho Music Academy.

Furthermore, she is also the head of her class, blessed with an amazing talent for the performing arts. However, she always strives to reach better heights much like her rival, Claudine Saijo. According to most sources, her physique plays a massive role in her dominant role over her class which also earned her the title of “Maya-Sama” among her peers.


July 24, 2001
Likes Film & Theatre


Dislikes Painting

Scary Stories

Futaba Isurugi

The next candidate on the B-tier list is Futaba Isurugi. Even though she would rate pretty high on the starlight relive tier list, she is only a B-tier in this one. Futaba has a very high aptitude for staged sword-fighting which makes her one of the more favored characters among revue starlight characters.

Consequently, she does possess a rather short height for someone as athletic as her which fits perfectly with her tsundere personality. Her fondness for her childhood friend, Kaoruko, can be seen throughout the series which shows her kind side next to her harsh tsundere side.


April 17, 2001
Likes Motorcycles

Precise Work

Dislikes Having Nothing to do

Mahiru Tsuyuzaki

The next stage girl we will be discussing in the B-tier is Mahiru Tsuyuzaki. She is one of the few purple-haired wonders of the entire series. Her personality defines her as a warm, kind and quiet person.

However, in my opinion, she does give off major yandere vibes due to her extremely close friendship with Karen who is also her roommate. Mahiru has a great talent for the performing arts but her lack of self-confidence always gets the better of her which is why she is mostly seen cheering for her friends on stage.


May 4, 2001
Likes Baton

Watching Baseball


Dislikes Old Maid

Sad Stories

Lalafin Nonomiya

The next character we will be discussing is Lalafin Nonomiya. Lalafin is a carefree stage girl who is also one of the shortest characters among all revue starlight characters. Her character is a very key entity in the character development of many key protagonists of the series like Tsukasa and Shizuha Kocho.

When it comes to character integrity, it is hard to beat Lalafin as she is a firm believer in her own values. Furthermore, heroism is a trait she values above all else which makes her character extremely unique in this genre of anime. All in all, she is basically an athletic otaku who is great at being great, just looks like a child.


April 5
Likes Watching Anime


Dislikes Reading Maps

Shizuha Kocho

One of the most popular on this tier list is Shizuha Kocho. She is the “Big Sister” character of the series which is considered quite an attractive trait among anime characters. Her talent in the performing arts has always made her shine bright in the spotlight since her junior high school days.

Shizuha is the closest to Lalafin Nonomiya as they are often found watching anime or playing video games together. Furthermore, Shizuha always tries to make Lalafin go through with a healthy diet as Shizuha is a bit of a health freak.


August 16
Likes Making Health Drinks


Dislikes Thrill Rides

Hikari Kagura

The last character we will be discussing in the B-tier of this tier list is Hikari Kagura. Hikari is Karen’s childhood friend who is originally from Japan but spent most of her years studying abroad in England.

She was a great performer until her defeat against Judy Knightly which made her lose her passion for the performing arts. However, later in the series, with Karen’s help, she does rise back up in the rankings. Lastly, her presence plays a huge role in Mahiru Tsuyuzaki’s character development alongside Karen.


January 8, 2002
Likes Jellyfish

Mr. White

Dislikes Organizing

C Tier

C-Tier image Revue Starlight
C Tier

Next up on the tier is the C-Tier of revue starlight characters. In this tier of the Revue Starlight Tier List, we will discuss the average characters. These characters are either used as fillers or failed to show much for themselves throughout the series.

However, some of these characters did play a key role in supporting the story for some of the revue starlight characters listed above. All in all, these characters simply failed to dazzle the hearts of most of the viewers, including me, which is why they are in this tier. These characters are listed as follows.

Aruru Otsuki

The first stage girl of the C-Tier in this tier list is Aruru Otsuki. She is one of the few first-year students we will be discussing who is also among the starlight relive tier list. Aruru is naturally a very cheerful and joyous person who is oblivious to any negativity.

Her key trait is boosting the morale of those around her which makes her an important character in Karen Aijo’s story. Consequently, she also plays an important supporting role in Lalafin Nonomiya’s development as well.


May 29
Likes Crossword Puzzles


Dislikes Acting Sad

Rui Akikaze

Rui Akikaze is one of the best filler characters of the entire series in my opinion. Her appearance and her personality are two raw ingredients that can potentially be morphed into perfection later on in the series. Throughout the series, her main relationship has been with Tamao Tomoe who helped her in the performing arts.

Her only hindrance is her sociophobia which stands in her way of rising in the Kendo Ranking. Additionally, Rui also attended the same junior high school as one of our key characters, Tamao. It was thanks to Tamao that Rui pursued the performing art, holding her as a key inspirational figure.


November 20
Likes Kendo

Talking to Tamao

Dislikes Large Animals


Tsukasa Ebisu

The next starlight revue character among the C-Tier is Tsukasa Ebisu. She is often carefree but extremely careful when it comes to her friends. It is thanks to her strict upbringing that her key trait is her carefree nature.

She appreciates the freedom to do anything she wants which she shows with her appearance and diet. Among all those qualities, Tsukasa is also one of the best actors in the tier list with a natural talent for the performing arts.

Tsukasa has a key relationship with some of the other characters like Lalafin Nonomiya, Shizuha Kocho, and Misora Kano. It is assumed that Tsukasa and Shizuha were rivals for a while. This relationship between them played a key role in the latter end of the series.


January 14
Likes Reading

DIY Projects

Dislikes Heights

Michiro Otori

The final C-Tier stage girl we will be discussing is Michiro Otori. Michiro Otori is one of the close friends of one of our key protagonists, Akira Yukishiro. She is a super supportive friend in the series who puts her friends’ success before her own success.

Furthermore, she also happens to be one of the most popular girls at her school which only boosts her role as a support for the protagonists. Her talent in the performing arts gained her the title of “Frau Saphir”. All in all, her character is simply based around helping Akira Yukishiro whenever Akira is feeling down or not worthy enough.


February 15
Likes Music

Watching Martial Arts

Dislikes Prying People

D Tier

D-Tier image Revue Starlight
D Tier

Unfortunately for us, everything in this world will end and the time to end this tier list is here. The final tier of the tier list is the D-tier. This tier list will not have an E or an F-tier because I do not think any of the revue starlight characters are bad. Some of them are great, some good, and the rest are definitely decent.

So what is in this tier? Well, this tier will have some of the characters that did not do as well as they should have. There are only two examples of such characters which are listed as follows.

Karen Aijo

Karen Aijo is one of the characters of the D-Tier of this ranking despite being mentioned the most here. She is one of the best stage girls in the series with her enthusiastic and warm nature.

However, Karen’s character development was not as good as it should have been. Furthermore, she is the cause of many plot holes throughout the series which is why she is in this tier. All in all, to the average viewer she is definitely an A-tier but when critically reviewed, she falls short.


September 27, 2001
Likes Lazing About

Baths After Practice

Dislikes Staying Calm


Kaoruko Hanayagi

The final character we will discuss in this tier list is Kaoruko Hanayagi. She is one of the shyest stage girls among all the revue starlight characters. It is characteristic of her to always hide behind Futaba whenever she meets new people. Consequently, in her own space, she is also one of the laziest stage girls in the series.

Her reason for being in this tier is simply her laziness. Despite having great potential for the performing arts, she fails to do well. She is the definition of an average introvert which is quite nice to have in a series. Lastly, despite being lazy, she is still one of my favorites in the entire franchise.


March 3, 2002
Likes Perfumes (Including Scent Bags/Incense)
Dislikes Housework

Honorable Mention


The Giraffe among the starlight revue characters is not that different from a normal giraffe when it comes to appearance. The difference between them is their abilities.

The Giraffe is the controller of the Stage of Fate and is always interested in the revues. He plays a very key role in the story around which the main hook of the plot is based. He doesn’t do anything else due to which his description is now concluded.

Likes Theater


Dislikes Misappropriating Revues

Comparison Table

Nana DaibaS12-Jul-01Frog Stuff, Cooking and BakingBeing Alone
Junna HoshimiS1-Oct-01Reading, Baths/Hot SpringsBall Sports, Swimming,Scary Stories
Akira YukishiroS14-DecIce Skating, TrainingUsing Digital Equipment
Claudine SaijoA1-Aug-01Film/Theatre, TrainingScary Stories (especially Japanese horror films)
Ichie OtonashiA19-MarPranking, HummingGames Requiring Though
Maya TendoB24-Jul-01Film & Theatre, TrainingPainting
Futaba IsurugiB17-Apr-01Motorcycles,Precise WorkHaving Nothing to do
Mahiru TsuyuzakiB4-May-01Baton, Precise WorkOld Maid, Sad Stories
Lalafin NonomiyaB5-AprWatching Anime, AcrobaticsReading Maps
Shizuha KochoB16-AugMaking Health Drinks, Tongue-TwistersThrill Rides
Hikari KaguraB8-Jan-02Jellyfish, Mr. WhiteOrganizing
Aruru OtsukiC29-MayCrossword Puzzles, DrawingActing Sad
Rui AkikazeC20-NovKendo, Talking to TamaoVLarge Animals
Tsukasa EbisuC14-JanReading, DIY ProjectsHeights
Michiro OtoriC15-FebMusic, Watching Martial ArtsPrying People
Karen AijoD27-Sep-01Lazing About, Baths After PracticeStaying Calm
Kaoruko HanayagiD3-Mar-02Perfumes (Including Scent Bags/Incense)Housework

Ending Note

Well, this Revue Starlight Tier List has come to an end. I did try my best to rank these revue starlight characters properly. Hopefully, you found some of the information if not all the information useful in any form. On a side note, I think this series should be more popular.

Not only does it have great characters but it also follows a great storyline. Furthermore, it is full of epic battles of pretty much every kind related to the performing arts. Do let me know if you disagree with any of the criticism I made in this tier list in the comments below. Stay tuned for the next tier list as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most beloved character in Revue Starlight? 

Standing at the top of our tier list, Nana Daiba is simply the most popular character in Revue Starlight and even in Re LIVE. Nana is named the best girl in the franchise due to her caring personality and ability to handle challenging situations in a sensible way. 

Who are Nana Daiba friends with in Revue Starlight? 

Nana Daiba is close friends with Junna Hoshimi and Karen Aijo. However, she is friendly with most of the Revue Starlight characters mentioned in our tier list. 

Who is the worst character in Revue Starlight? 

The lowest-rated character in our tier list is Kaoruko Hanayagi from Revue Starlight and Re LIVE. The only reason she is rated the lowest is because of her laziness and introverted nature. 

Who is Giraffe in Revue Starlight? 

Giraffe is the manager of Stage of Fate and looks literally like a Giraffe. The reason why you don’t see him ranked in our tier list is that he made a very brief appearance in Revue Starlight. 

Who is the antagonist in Revue Starlight? 

Claudine Saijo is the main rival in Revue Starlight and holds an A rating in our tier list. Despite being a rival, she is pretty talented and had a career as a child actress.