Romance Anime Tier List [2023]

Love is in the Air: Our Romance Anime Tier List Ranks the Most Heartfelt and Passionate Stories.

In leisure time, everyone likes to spend their time doing something productive. Even lazing around is productive. During this time, I want to log in to my Netflix and just go through various anime series and films to pass the time. Anime is stunningly spectacular for a light watch after a hectic day. Add a pinch of romance to them, and you have got yourself a full-served meal, as it usually already has loads of action and comedy. Romantic anime can easily enlighten your mood after a burnt-out day. This article will carry you through the romance anime Tier list.

Anime is an animated work produced by Japan, regardless of its style and origin. This tier list will rank the romantic anime in various tiers based on their Storyline, narrative, ratings, and how they connected to the audience. The tier list ranges from S to D.

Key Points

  • There are total of 26 entries in our article.
  • Each entry is ranked based on its animation, direction, voice-over, storyline, and narration.
  • You will observe Kamisama kiss, Strike the blood, and Blue spring ride in higher ranks.
  • Among the lowest is Eiken, Diabolik lovers, Love Hina, and Citrus.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all anime.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Kamisama kissToradoraHowl’s moving castlePlastic memoriesEiken
Strike the bloodGolden TimeMy teen romantic comedy snafuSpice and wolfDiabolik lovers
Blue spring rideYour lie in AprilOrangeRanma half (1/2)Love Hina
Your nameMy little monsterDarling in the franxxA child’s timeCitrus
From me to youSpecial AViolet ever garden
Fruits basketThe world God only knowsRe LIFE

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This tier list is based solely on how I experienced the anime and how I perceived them. It doesn’t depend on everyone’s opinion and is prone to variability. This list is not official in any case.

S Tier

best romance anime ranked in this tier
S tier

S stands for superb, and clearly, the romance animes included in the S tier are excellent at their best. They have the best animation, direction, voice-over, Storyline, and narration. 

This anime’s Storyline attracts many viewers to watch the anime series. It gets them hooked, and they start binge-watching these masterpieces. They can never get enough of the first episode and then the second. The character development in these anime is also to die for.

Kamisama kiss

Kamisama kiss is not just a romantic anime, but it also has a versatile variety of genres blended into it in order to enhance its storyline to the extents of new levels. The reason for it being in the S tier is that it is all of the genres mixed together to form a single best creation and production that soothes the mind of a person while keeping them on their toes as the storyline progresses.

The characters in the anime are absolutely stunning as they clearly convey the story to the audience and do not a deficit at any point. It’s not just the characters but also the spiritual meaning behind the storyline that keeps it way above other anime and is one of the best romance anime.

An unforsaken and unfortunate little girl, Nanami, after being expelled from her home crossed paths with Mikage. She rescued him from a dog, and he rewarded her with a rundown memorial, which he abandoned about 20 years ago. The previous and old land gods abstain from accepting her as the new land god.

She leaves the grave in fear of stealing from the old land gods. Eventually, they accept her and she is brought back. Her life turned out to be more difficult as she was supposed to look after her academic and deity duties, side by side.

Release Date October 1, 2012 
MyAnime List Rating

Strike the blood

Strike the blood is a romantic supernatural anime. It has the perfect blend of lots of action, adventure, romance, supernatural, magic, and an amazing happy ending. The chemistry formed between the two main characters accentuates the storyline while welcoming more audience towards itself as their bond attracts many people to come their way.

This is not the only thing that keeps striking the blood in the S tier of the romance anime Tier list. Along with this, the supernatural storyline invites the vampire-crazed fans into a bloodsucking adventure. Its romance scenes are also a must-watch for all loners and couples.

Kojou Akatsuki’s days as a schoolboy ended when he acquired the vampire blood-sucking powers. He gains attention after it is discovered that he is the fourth primogenitor, who was considered a legend. He encounters Shaman sword apprentice, Yukina Himeragi, who was sent by the Lion King Organization to eradicate the threat that the recently turned powerful vampire imposed.

Both of them unite to handle the circumstances and situation. The duo tried to protect their city from appearing and emerging dark forces. They do this while getting familiarized with their newly formed bond of love and acquired powers.

Release Date October 4, 2013
MyAnime List Rating

Blue spring ride

The concept of a childhood girl developing a crush on a boy is something that has been done quite a lot of times before. But this anime also possesses a sense of innocence and coyness in the form of young Futaba Yoshioka, who sees regular fellow boys as nothing but the harbinger of violence. The only exception that remains in her mind is a boy, named Kou Tanaka.

She has the notion that he is gentle and tender, unlike the other boys. This novel has a revolutionary and novel notion that kept it in the S Tier. It is not just the plot that makes you binge-watch it, it’s the bond between friends that doesn’t allow you to move your eyes from the screen

The story of this anime revolves around the girl Futaba. She used to love a boy named Ko Tanakawhen she was in middle school. However, they drifted apart when he transferred to his school, and couldn’t stay together.

Fortunately, during their days in high school, he made his way into Futaba’s life again and turned her world upside down when she met him. This anime series tours us through the various challenges that she faced while encountering her high school and love life at the same time.

Your name

The story, the connection of the souls who never really met and remained unknown, the outstanding cinematography, the direction of the storytelling, and the relatable dialogues, everything in this stupendous cinematic visual masterpiece is admirable. This anime is considered amazing, is in the S tier, and is also considered the best romance anime movie, because it held a thorough relatability to the audience in more than one way.

Do you ever get the feeling That you have a soulmate out there who has a part of you along with them and without them you are incomplete? We go to extreme lengths to meet with that other part of our soul as we know them more than we know ourselves. The uncertainty of whether you meet them in this lifetime or not is an enigma to the human heart.  this enigma is the basic soul of this anime.

When two teenagers realize that they have adopted the magical power of swapping their bodies even though they are millions of miles away they’re stunned.  They tried to work their life around this profound connection.  things get a little bit complicated when to meet each other in person.  In the end, they do meet and the first thing they do is ask for their name in return.  Maybe that’s the beauty of us,  how the other part first is distinct by Justin Dean but our soul remains connected to them.

Release Date August 26, 2016
MyAnime List Rating

From me to you

From me to you is a superb visual masterpiece as the story is adept from friendship to romance,  in an all-in-one package.  The story relates the characters of the anime together on the basis of their love relationships.  Each character has his complex emotions on the palm of his hand to show off to the audience.  these emotions are quite enhanced when a teenager is maturing through the different phases of life.

The thing that included it in the S tier is the exceptional performance of the cast which is utterly stupendous. They really carry the story with their acting, charm, and presence. It is a satisfyingly warm-heartening drama that has the sole purpose of placating the soul of everyone who watches it. It is a complete package that doesn’t only contains love but also friends and family.

A 15-year-old high school freshman Sawako Kuronuma has always been feared and misunderstood because of her appearance, which resembles a character starring in the Ring. Don’t go on the looks and don’t judge a book by its cover because her appearance is nothing compared to the sweetness that is filled in her personality.  Though due to being isolated for more than half her life she is anxious about making friends.

Though, when her world collides with a popular boy would befriend her and introduces her to various other people she is blessed with more than just friends.  She finds family in them and also encounters the taste of love during this span of time.

Release Date October 6, 2009
MyAnime List Rating

Fruits basket

The storyline, characters, production, animation everything in this anime is wonderful. Fruit baskets revolve around the characters who can fill your dark and cloudy life with the scorching rays of the sun that drives away the darkness.  the strength of family among friends is what advances this anime forward along with their humbleness and their unwavering love that doesn’t keep them apart.

Along with the highlighting of the friendship among friends,  cases like loneliness bullying neglect other bad ethics were put under the limelight in this anime. The way these issues were addressed and dealt with in the show was one of the main reasons why it is loved and gained so much respect and is top tier in the romance anime Tier list.

The series tells the story of Tohru Honda. She is an orphan girl who Befriends the members of the Sohma family.  Later it dawns upon her that they are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac. She finds this out after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma.

The curse activates yourself when they tend to embrace the opposite sex for the purpose of love. The name was derived from a popular children’s game, called Fruits Basket. These series hold a Great deal of symbolism as well.

Release Date April 5, 2019
MyAnime List Rating

A Tier

second best romance anime
A tier

Moving on to the next tier, this tier has the great animes that could have easily been included in the S tier but lacked some feature that dragged them down to the lesser of the two tiers. Despite this, these are still the best and are highly-rated anime. They are a must-see among anime and keep viewers hooked to the television with their eyes glued to it.


Want an anime that will keep you laughing and crying alternatively throughout?  then you don’t need to look anywhere else,  as this anime has a package of fun love comedy, and drama,  blended all together to get a cream of variation.  All the characters of this enemy will bring tears to your eyes through endless laughing,  especially the two main leads,  the protagonist.

This enemy is relatable in ways to high school students who experience numerous ups and downs in their high school life. in this enemy, the students try to encounter all these challenges along with their friends. The animation is decent, and the character designs are good. But it didn’t get a spot in the S tier of the tier list because of its beginning, which seems like boring and reduces interest in the anime.

Toradora! Is a romantic anime that revolves around Ryuuji Takasu, Whose eyes can bury someone if they had the power.  On the contrary, he possesses a gentle personality that doesn’t go along with his dark ruthless eyes.  When the class undergoes a sort of rearrangement he is forced to befriend his secret crush Minori Kushieda. Along with them, Minori’s best friend, Taiga Aisaka, also interacts with him, who is famous For being the school’s “Palmtop Tiger”.

On the other hand, Taiga has a delicate appearance that contradicts her brutal personality. Ryuuji seeks out that Taiga has a hidden crush on Kitamura and Taiga agrees to help Ryuuji with his love interest as long as he helps her get closer to hers.

Release Date October 2, 2008
MyAnime List Rating

Golden Time

Golden time is a romantic comedy that introduces itself as a rare anime that progresses to be extremely melancholic. It is a sad romance anime, that brings tears to the eyes of the viewer. It starts off as a light comedic watch that brings laughter to our lips, but over the course of the enemy, we are introduced to a bit of sorrow and grief that accentuates the storyline even more.

The storyline is in itself a whole new world that holds the audience with a firm grip and doesn’t let them go. Its inclusion is in a tier because  It is a bit slow which borders the audience but overall it is a must-see.

After a tragic accident, Banri Tada is left with Broken and dissolved memories of his hometown and past.  He has pieces of his life before the accident,  but can’t remember every single detail. However, he decides to move on and begin a new life, with Mitsuo Yanagisawa at a law school in Tokyo.

But just as he is in the middle of settling into his college life, the elegant Kouko Kaga barges into Banri’. their meeting marks the beginning of an unforgettable year. After having a glimpse of college life, It dawns upon binary That he is reborn and has found a new life and he should live accordingly.

Release Date October 3, 2013
MyAnime List Rating

Your lie in April

Looking for an extremely sad and depressing anime to add to your watchlist? This is your go-to. It drives you to a whole period of sobbing and crying over the poor boy. This animation is a beautiful depiction of my love for music and people.

It is lodged in The A tier because the animation is pretty good, but nearly every scene is reused as many times as possible, which comes off as fairly lazy And repetitive. Otherwise, the storyline and the characters are absolutely exceptional.

After surviving a mental breakdown that occurred after hearing the news of his mother’s death, Piano prodigy Kousei Arima was left with nothing.  he got a present living without ever getting to hear a single peep.  he couldn’t even listen to his beloved piano.

Life became monotone and monochromic for him as his passion resided under the following piano, this makes it a sad romance anime. The story revolves around him in the ways how he faced the world with his disability. Along with the help of his friends, he was able to overcome his mental block and started to play his piano again.

Release Date
September 10, 2016
MyAnime List Rating

My little monster

This anime is a light-watch romantic comedy that livens up your dead soul in a matter of a few minutes. You can easily cheer yourself up without even doing anything. The character’s chemistry and bond excite the audience. The storyline is not filled with many adventures. Only the characters’ day-to-day life is discussed in an extremely interesting and realistic way.

It is in the A tier despite these great characteristics because of the rape joke that is told at the start. Where ever you may live no one should pass out such jokes under any circumstance as it is utterly immoral.

My Little Monster focuses on the relationship between Shizuku Mizutani, a girl who is only interested in her studies and her plans for the future, and a boy named Haru Yoshida, who sits next to Shizuku in class but is rarely seen in school. The story explains how opposite poles attract. Shizuku is given the task of delivering class printouts to Haru’s home.

She is reluctant at the start but This is how their new friendship ignited. Shizuku was famous for being an emotionless and cold girl, who didn’t have any feelings. she was touched by Haru’s innocence and his lack of knowledge regarding human relationships. After they declare their love for each other, Together, as two unsocial beings, they try to help each other learn how to take care of each other. As love requires both sides to work equally.

Release Date October 2, 2012
MyAnime List Rating

Special A

Let’s start with this romantic high school anime that revolves around a girl and a boy and their presence in a special A group. The storyline, the jokes, and the basic concept of the anime are out of this world. All of these are innovative and novel and have never been seen before in any other anime. The odd group of friends with one or more significant traits is what drove this anime.

The things special about the anime characters were Hikari’s fortitude, Jun’s bipolar personality, Ryu’s animal love, and adoration, Akira’s cooking skills, and Tadashi’s cheerfulness and carefreeness. All of these features make the anime distinct. But due to the slow progression of the storyline that bores the audience, it is in the A tier.

Children of the two best friends who met at a wrestling match,  Hanazono and Kei were introduced to each other when they were in their childhood days. A rivalry has always remained between the two children, and they have never accepted each other’s success.  Though both were students of ultra-elite schools and always ranked first in their classes.

Due to being the top students, they are enlisted in a special group for grade a student. This story is not about competition and rivalry, but it’s about overcoming this frenemy relationship and turning it into love and friendship.

Release Date April 6, 2008
MyAnime List Rating

The world God only knows

This outstanding romantic comedy is a legend. It disperses the line between reality and fantasy as it tells the story of a boy who lives in a world of his Nintendo.  the way they have created the natural materials in anime is purely praiseworthy. The depiction of an antisocial boy whose sole interest is in his video game where he loses girls himself.

In gaming,  girls fall to their knees just to have him look at them. This storyline is unique and exciting for many viewers. Still, it tends to get uninteresting towards the end and is included in the A tier.

The series follows the life of Keima Katsuragi, a pro and skilled player of gauges; these are dating simulation games. He is extremely antisocial and a loner in real life.  But in the gaming world, he is known to be the capturing God as he can capture women in his traps through various simulations of the game.

His skills in the game are extremely elite, and hence, the website has given him fame. The story revolves around him as he surpasses the dating stimulation while struggling in real life.

Release Date October 6, 2010
MyAnime List Rating

B Tier

fairly good anime
B tier

This is the mediocre tier with anime that are not the best but not the worst, and they stand between both gaining love and affection like the middle child in a family. These have amazing attributes but, on the other hand, have some flaws that put them in a separate tier in the romance anime Tier list.

Howl’s moving castle.

A beautiful adaptation of the book of the same name by Dianne Wynne Jones. It is a story of an enchanting world of magic with an equally engaging story. Magic and romance mostly go hand in hand in various anime.  in the same way,  this movie has joined the magical world and the language of love.  As many films do, this movie has taken some innovative and creative liberties in trimming away unnecessary plotlines and a few characters from the book.

This kind of step irritates the book readers. But despite this change, the story is superbly stitched together in the form of a beautiful display that doesn’t stray too far from the source. It is in the B tier because even though the main story is pretty clear but the other things are quite complicated and complex, unlike any other in the tier list. Some parts of the story get complicated and intermingle to confuse the audience to a whole new extent, reducing their interest in the movie.

Howl’s moving castle revolves around a girl named Sophie.  she led an uneventful life while spending time at her late father’s hat shop, but her life changes 360 degrees when she befriended a wizard Howl, who lives in a magical flying castle.

However, the evil Witch of West finds issues with their budding relationship and casts a spell on young Sophie, which causes her to age prematurely. The distraught hall uses all of his magic so he can battle the jealous ugly hag and return Sophie to her former youth and beauty that she possessed and to which the howl fell.

Release Date November 20, 2004
MyAnime List Rating

My teen romantic comedy snafu

It was a good show that was interesting and well-written for the most part. The artistic depiction of the anime and its characters was excellent. The backgrounds have been beautifully produced and filled with vibrant colors accentuating the storyline. The character designs and their personalities were very exceptionally well done, and Their appearance suited the personalities of the characters.

The sound quality was excellent. The soundtrack complimented the anime very well. It is included in the B tier because the storyline is not up to the mark. It’s basically about school life that needs to lighten up a little while having more activities. It did try to entertain us but failed.

This amazing romantic series is about an antisocial high school student, which is common in our tier list and is called Hikigaya Hachiman. He possessed an extremely malformed view of life. He had led his life with many bad consequences, and that led to him having a bad opinion about it.

He was a complete loner and had never experienced the love of friends or girlfriends. His life turned 180 degrees and changed completely when he was forced to enter the volunteering service suggested by his teacher.

Release Date
April 5, 2013
MyAnime List Rating


Orange is sappy, really predictable, and soft, but within its genre, Orange is gold. Orange has the extreme of the best and the worst combined. The strongest part of Orange was probably the voice acting. The voice performances in Orange were terrific, committed, and interesting.

A person judges the anime based on voice acting because that enhances the experience, it makes up for all of the shortcomings of the narrative. The story itself is predictable, but the “we’re close friends but not dating” aspect was just simply absurd and caused it to be housed under the B Tier

Orange is a romance high school drama that is chockfull of plot twists and kind bending turns. Naho Takamiya is a sixteen years old girl when she comes across a letter from herself that she wrote ten years into that future. The letter tells her to keep an eye out for a new student and remain aware of him. Kakeru Naruse is the student who she’ll befriend shortly.

Release Date July 4, 2016
MyAnime List Rating

Darling in the franxx

This unique storyline has the viewers hooked on the first episode. It starts in a fantasy world and revolves around it throughout the anime. The character development and connection between them are exciting and intriguing. The storyline is not that progressive but is an action romance anime. It is not advanced and, additionally, it has a few plot holes that tend to confuse the audience and makes them disinterested in the storyline.

The storyline is about the survivors who survived a catastrophic war against monsters. After the war, they are forced to remain inside mobile fortress cities to save themselves and their young ones. In the fortresses, they train their youngsters to make them stronger. The main initiative behind this is so they can defend their humanity against the monsters by piloting large battle robots called Franxx.

Release Date January 13, 2018
MyAnime List Rating

Violet ever garden

This sci-fi romantic storyline is an innovative approach to the enemy. It revolves around a soldier. Each episode represents itself on its own in the series of mere 12 episodes, as the episodes are stand-alone. This leads to a single heart-wrenching conclusion that will bring tears to your dry eyes. I am not going to spoil the end for you.

The animations to this spectacular piece are a work of art and design. It is phenomenal and is one of the best romance anime movies. It is in the B tier because of its Japanese and English dubbing that do not match. If you watch it in English dubbing, you will get confused and lose yourself in the storyline.

The series depicts an emotionally detached soldier who forced herself to settle into her postwar life. It is another action romance anime in which a soldier becomes a ghostwriter and began to reconnect with her feelings. As a ghostwriter, she contacted the ghosts while searching for the meaning behind her former commander’s final words.

Release Date
January 11, 2018
MyAnime List Rating


This anime lives up to the dream of every grown adult as the main character gets younger, like every other adult who wants to go back in time and relive his life as a teenage boy. As a young boy, his main concern is to study in high school and make merry with his friends.  This might be the only reason it is not included in the C tier. Otherwise, it is a disaster and has many plot holes.

The plot twist at the end is also not the that interesting thing. in fact, it’s quite displeasing and disfiguring to the mind. The high school characters are also sidelined, although they could have been a part of the storyline quite easily.

Arata Kaizaki is 27 years-old boy who quit his previous job after working for the company for 3 months. He donated his time to a research program called “ReLIFE.” The program offered to make him younger and return him back to the life he had in high school. He took up this offer and encountered numerous challenges.

Release Date April 15, 2017
MyAnime List Rating

C Tier

below average anime
C tier

The C Tier has almost the worst anime in the romance anime Tier list. These are potentially the worst anime; they have the potential to be worst but have a good feature that keeps them up in the C tier and not the D tier.

Plastic memories

This work of art and animation is prey to the mishaps of shifts of numerous tones throughout the storyline. This anime is a mix of comedy and drama. The transition of the storyline from comedy and drama is also not well marked, at one moment the characters are laughing their heads off, and yet on the other, they are quite serious and progressing the storyline forwards. Moreover, it has the weakest strengthening of the story and the basic background to the storyline that tends to drag it down to the C Tier.

In the future, many, many years after the present time, a time is presented where humans invented an innovation of artificial people to serve themselves. During this timeline, a human and an android work together as they try to hunt down the other androids that had gone rogue, and are leading life astray.

Release Date April 5, 2015
MyAnime List Rating

Spice and wolf

This absurd and illogical anime is worst in many ways and has many things going wrong with it. The main reason for this is little or no knowledge of the writer and producer about the economy and how real economics and fiscal policy processes work and function. It’s nonsensical, illogical, meaningless, and senseless to use the monetary issues to give Holo’s prosecution a reason.

If Holo was that much of a weak and fragile character, Lawrence would have never in the real world adopted her as a decoy just to be easily caught. All of this confusing plot just doesn’t make sense and is totally absurd. The only thing that saves it from the D tier is the bond between Holo and Kraft that keeps the storyline interesting. As love always transcends and conquers all.

Kraft Lawrence is a woman who goes from town to town to make profits as her occupation. Her occupation is a traveling merchant. By using the aid of a wolf, Holo, she does business. The storyline went as She faces numerous heaps of obstacles in order to work for herself and obtain her income.

Release Date February 10, 2006
MyAnime List Rating

Ranma half (1/2)

This anime is the most hilarious romantic comedy I have ever seen, it has a blend of adventure in it. The action along with a pinch of romance and a huge pint of comedy. Although it is filled with various fine characters the biggest problem is an explosion of loads of useless characters that don’t even make sense. The addition of other transforming entities remains unknown to this day.

Also, they transformed into such stupid forms like a Panda, a pig, a cat, or a duck. This ridiculously abysmal feature in the series pulled it down to the C tier. Away from all other top-tiered series in the romance anime Tier list.

The story revolves around a 16-year-old boy named Ranma Saotome who was trained in his early childhood as a martial artist. As a result of an accident that he faced during his training journey, he was cursed to become a girl when he was splashed with cold water. In order to turn back into a boy, he needed to come in contact with hot water.

Release Date April 15, 1989
MyAnime List Rating

A child’s time

A child’s time is an anime that is a rollercoaster ride through high school drama while going through various romantic scenarios. This anime is frowned upon because of the involvement of a teacher with a student. In many countries, it is taboo, illegal, and even prohibited. This act is the reason this anime resides in the C tier. The storyline is also not entertaining and extremely boring. In fact, it also very cringes. Don’t get me started on the humor. It is not funny and is ridiculously insulting.

The story revolves around a grade school teacher who was named Daisuke Aoki. He has many problems but his main problem is that one of his students, Rin Kokonoe, has a crush on him. He has to find ways to overcome the problems.

Release Date 4 December 1969
MyAnime List Rating

D Tier

worst anime ranked in this tier
D tier

The D tier has the worst of worst anime in the romance anime Tier list with the most stupid Storyline and ridiculous concept. They are disgustingly stupid. Only die-hard anime fans can watch these.


Absolutely the worse depiction of an anime. The presentation of a woman with huge breasts is abysmal and gross. It disinterests the viewers and makes the anime seems perverted. This perverted series has a variety of other plot gaps that confuses the audience and make them lose track of the storyline. The animation is also not that stunning, and the characters are also mere formality in the anime.

The story depicts the life of young schoolboy Densuke Mifune.  Who is forced to enter into an Eiken Club? The club is filled with women who had enormous breasts.

Release Date June 25, 2003
MyAnime List Rating

Diabolik lovers

All the supernatural lovers were excited when this overhyped anime aired. Their excitement turned into disappointment after watching and understanding the storyline. Like the previous anime, this anime also seems to be written by a psychopath and a pervert, who showed a girl being helpless and always there to serve the brothers. This misogynistic approach is clearly the worst thing and includes it in the D tier.

This anime is about a family of vampires, who are all half-brothers, and they were offered, sacrificial brides. Yui Komori got the turn to be the most recent bride, and all of the brothers took advantage of her by taking turns torturing her and drinking her blood. This was done To satisfy themselves.

Release Date December 4, 2014
MyAnime List Rating

Love Hina

The plot of Love Hina is utterly pointless and useless. It doesn’t have fair initiative behind it nor is it able to attract the audience towards itself. Only the crazed anime fans watch this just to be called a fan. Moreover, a guy working among girls is also a weird approach to the plot and gives it a reason to be in the D tier.

Keitaro Urashima promised a girl when he was young that they would meet again at Tokyo University. To pursue his dream he gave an exam. Unfortunately, his luck didn’t side with him and in the National Practice Exam, he ranked 27th from the bottom.

This crushed his dreams and he turned to the hotel owned by his grandmother. Keitaro had the intention of staying there while he continued his studies in Tokyo. It later dawns upon him that the hotel had long ago transformed into an all-girls dormitory. Keitaro eventually became the manager of the dorm and started his life of living with five other girls.

Release Date June 26, 2000
MyAnime List Rating


The sole reason this anime is in the D tier is because of the lesbianism-promoting storyline. The story is the stupidest thing anyone can ever watch. Other than this, there are many plot holes that make the anime the worst.

The series follows the completely revolutionary and radical approach to a relationship between two girls who are the mains. When their anonymous personalities dissolved, they slowly became more aware of each other. Confusion arose between the two as Yuzu discovered that she had developed romantic and lovey feelings for her new stepsister.

Release Date January 7, 2018
MyAnime List Rating

Comparison Table

MoviesTierRelease dateMyAnime List Rating
Kamisama kissSoctober 1, 20128.09
Strike the bloodSoctober 4, 20139
Blue spring rideSdecember 13, 20147.6
Your nameSAugust 26, 20168.85
From me to youSoctober 6, 20098
Fruits basketSapril 5, 20197.68
ToradoraAoctober 2, 20088.09
Golden TimeAoctober 3, 20137.74
Your lie in AprilAseptember 10, 20169.4
My little monsterAoctober 2, 20127.48
Special AAapril 6, 20087.5
The world God only knowsAoctober 6, 20107.66
Howl’s moving castleBnovember 20, 20048.66
My teen romantic comedy snafuBapril 5, 20138.01
OrangeBjuly 4, 20167.6
Darling in the franxxBjanuary 13, 20188.67
Violet ever gardenBjanuary 11, 20188.67
Re LIFEBapril 15, 20178
Plastic memoriesCapril 5, 20157.9
Spice and wolfCfebruary 10, 20068.82
Ranma half (1/2)Capril 15, 19897.76
A child’s timeC4 december, 19698
EikenDjune 25, 20034.31
Diabolik loversDdecember 4, 20145.2
Love HinaDjune 26, 20007.10
CitrusDjanuary 7, 20186.46


the romance anime Tier list is a list that includes the best and the worst animes, based on their Storyline, narration, direction, production, and character development. The character congruity between the two main characters is also a plus point in the anime that categorizes them into various tier list ranks. The anime Tier list ranges from the S to D.

Where S has the best storyline and the characters, the A tier has great anime that possess exceptionally amazing but lack quality. The B tier or the mediocre tier has good and bad anime. Some of their attributes are killers while others don’t have much effect on the audience. Lastly, the C and the D tier have the worst animes, poor animation and disastrous storylines. But overall, anime is a good way to pass the time.

Romance Anime FAQ

What are good romance anime?

Kamisama kiss and Strike the blood are good romance anime.

What romance anime is on Netflix

A whisker away and Violet Evergarden and many others are on Netflix

What is good sports romance anime

Yurii! On ice is a good sports romance anime.

What is psychological romance anime?

Neon Genesis Evangelion and future diary are good psychological romance anime.

Is Charlotte a romance anime?

It is a bit of a romance anime, but mainly, the Storyline is supernatural and comedy.