Villain Tier List: Biggest Villains Ranked

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Do you think villains are an important part of the plot? They are! Think at once how boring a movie, cartoon, or TV series will be if there is no villain. The existence of an antagonist highlights the lead character’s actions, and heroes are there because of villains. How will a hero show his ability and powers if there is nothing bad to eliminate? Makes sense? Several villains from various entertainment platforms are our favorite because of their witty nature and competitiveness, while others make no change. Are you curious about the best villains featured and the weak ones? Read this villain tier list until the end and introduce yourself to many villains in the animated world.

This tier list is prepared based on our personal choices and opinions, so it is subjective. Every villain gives a unique vibe, and viewers get entertained through their special powers. Do you know who the real villain is? He manages to gather a huge amount of hatred from the viewers.

Because heroes are made to be loved, and villains are there to receive and collect lots and lots of hate. In the list below, there will be some villains who succeeded in accomplishing their goal of being hated, while others have failed relatively.

Undoubtedly hero’s performance is greatly affected by the villain’s performance. Suppose a villain is dangerous, drawn dramatically, and his appearance and actions are frightening. In that case, reflexively, a fight between the protagonist and the antagonist will become more interesting as it will be more intense.

However, if the villain in the story is not as disastrous and harmful, then things will not remain riveting. We will rank different villains in S, A, B, C, and D tiers, and our ranking will move from best to worst. A proper introduction will be provided under every tier, which will make it easy for the readers to understand our ranking criteria.

S tier

villain tier list
The S Tier villains are perfect in what they do.

We will rank those villains in our S tier of the villain tier list who have performed over the top. They are real perfectionists and gave a cut-throat competition to the heroes and the lead roles. These are the best villains of all. But there is some kind of twist. If we love a hero, it means he is perfect, but the case is different for villains. If viewers start hating a villain, the villain has performed so well and proved to entertain its viewers.


The scar is one of those Disney villains who has entertained us with his great performance throughout the series. The first aspect we would like to mention is that this character is voiced by Jeremy Irons’ who helped a lot in portraying this character as more villainous. His energetic voice did justice to the surface. In the history of Disney villains, the scar is considered one of the evilest villains.

He had no boundaries for his hostility. Scar wanted to become the lion king, and he could do anything for that. Yes, you read it right, ANYTHING! He felt no harm in planning to kill his brother, Simba, and his nephew because the only thing revolving around his mind was to become the king; other than that, he was acting blindly.

The Scar is responsible for one of the most heartbreaking and unfortunate deaths of Musafa. The songs of Scar made his performance seem more villainous. He was a horrendous character, so it is worth it to rank him higher in this villain tier list. Viewers were very disturbed by his actions and wanted him to die. Therefore, his death was much needed and satisfactory for his haters.


We have another great villain among the Disney villains from “The Sleeping Beauty.” Surprisingly, people like the villain more than the lead character of this movie. The reason for this is obvious that Aurora was sleeping for more than half portion of the movie. On contract to that, Maleficient was actively busy in her evil plans.

Maleficient is considered the Mistress of Evil because you can not expect a single good intention or action from her side. Her presence is enough to scare people around her even if she is not doing anything. This evil villain has the terrifying power of casting a spell that can ruin anything she wants. For this reason, every person is afraid of her.

She is not scared of anything and is ready to cross all the limits just to achieve her evil goals. In our opinion, Maleficent must be ranked higher on the villain tier list.


Hades is one of the Disney villains featured in “Hercules”. The unique-looking antagonist with fiery blue hairs, scary pointed teeth, a weird-shaped face, and having an absolute love for skeletons is very evil. Is this description enough to think of this wicked character?

Hades is very serious about all the sins he is planning and can not afford any kind of disruption in them. He is supposed to attain whatever he has aimed for by hook or crook. Well, acquiring anything by crook is not something the villains deal with, so by crook is a better word to say.

It was his intense plan to takeover over Mount Olympus, no matter if he failed to do so but his efforts for fulfilling his plans are very appreciable and can not be ignored. He acted as a showstopper in many scenes of the movie “Hercules”.


Our favorite movie “Aladin” introduced us to one of the top-notch Disney villains named JAFAR. Jonathan Freeman did his voice which enhanced the character and its traits. He can hurt anyone just for the sake of his satisfaction and happiness. He did not care about the feelings of the other people. When he found out about the lamp and genie, that was the time when Jafar got mad at the power. Apart from this, he was unable to see and think of something else.

The people who have already watched this movie can admit the fact that Jafar is a psychopath and it is very difficult to control him if he starts running for something. He was about to become the king of the whole kingdom however one thing he was unable to do is to know the future.

Jafar was basically power hungry which is a common trait in most villains. He Imperiled the lives of many people and Aladin was one of them whose life was put at risk due to this evil character. He used to hypnotize people with the help of his bad magic for his own good. He received a lot of hate from Aladin’s fans which are proof of him being the best villain and therefore ranked on the S tier of the villain tier list.

Cruella de Vil

“Cruella”, her name shows how cruel she might be. Killing puppies! is it normal? Puppies or be it any animal, can anyone justify killing them? Not. Cruella de Vil is very different from other Disney villains, they are mostly power-mad, or have evil intentions to become the third wheel between a couple. But, do you know which thing is Cruella hungry for? She is the villain who is insane for fashion. She is fond of fur coats and wants every type of coat to be there in her wardrobe, and to fulfill this evil intention, he uses the disgusting idea of killing the puppies.

Her actions offended the majority of the people as most of us are pet lovers and specifically “puppy/dog lovers”. It is normal for any person to get offended by her actions. She received bunches of hatred for her doings and for this reason he is ranked on the S tier of the villain tier list.

The Evil Queen

It is obvious for everyone to assume The Evil Queen is the most heartless and cruel Disney villain. She was lost in his powers and the magical mirror. When she gave the order to kill snow white she also demanded snow white’s heart so that she could ensure the princess’s death.

Any villain who not only aims to let down the hero or to create hurdles for him but also wants to kill the opponent is the evilest. Evil Queen is among the oldest Disney villains who can not tolerate another person prettier than her and believes in her magic mirror. She must have known about the beauty criteria of the magic mirror before, then things would not have been the way they are.


There are exciting twists in Gru’s character as we all know that he started as a supervillain who was evil with the extremely sinful intention of stealing the moon. Later on, he becomes a gentleman of a respectable family it is hard to believe that he was one of the dangerous Disney villains.

You must wonder why we are including Gru in the S tier of the villain tier list. We do not feel like there is a single reason to not assume him as evil and the best villain. No matter whether he is now an innocent person, he was a badass villain earlier, and it was very difficult to defeat him.


The inhumane and merciless female villain is none other than Ursula. She did extremely wrong to Ariel and the other girls and made their future dark just to fulfill her evil plans. Isn’t it cruel? As there are the princesses and villains on land similarly, there are on the sea too.

Ursula was a witch who lived under the sea and tried to rule everyone out there. Brilliant Pat Carroll added more value to this villain character by giving her a distinguishable voice. We are not ranking her higher for the powers but for her never-ending evil thoughts.

Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel is among the Disney villains who are most underrated. Some people can not understand why she is ranked as the best villain because maybe they do not know what qualities a good villain possesses. She can cross any boundary to save her age.

Mother Gothel used the innocent Rapunzel to fulfill her useless and evil wishes. Rapunzel was not allowed to move freely and experience the things of the world because this villain was afraid that she will be caught red-handed if anyone will see Rapunzel.

No one can predict which step is she about to take. This aspect makes her more detrimental. She does not think about what will happen after her actions, because she is not afraid of anyone. In simple words, intelligent and has the ability to manipulate others which allows her to be ranked on the A tier of the villain tier list.


Pain is one of the best anime villains. He is part of the Naruto series, and in contrast to other characters in this series, he is distinguishable. The rinnegan eyes that he has borrowed are very strengthening. He has unique powers to use six path techniques out of which the strongest is the outer path.

Another reason which makes Pain one of the best villains is that he has a close connection with the lead characters having good intentions. Overall he is a despicable villain with a wretched background.

Madara Uchiha

Madara is also one of the best anime villains to whom we can relate as he was concerned for his brother so it is a normal human problem. He was a very powerful villain with a clear vision and he did a lot of efforts to attain success towards his goal.

His introduction scene in Naruto is breathtaking for which naruto fans die. Madara Uchiha is a one-man army (in an evil sense) that is on the one side and the world is on the other side. This greatest anime villain alone is enough for the whole world.

Dio Brando

Dio Brando is undoubtedly the best villain ranked on the Jojo villain tier list. Read more to know why is that so. He is one of the most important and best anime villains of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures and has a unique place on the list as well as in the anime.

He is a bad guy with bad actions, intentions, and thoughts. Dio has a strong fan base and all the credit goes to his unbeatable performance. He is very ingenious and savvy due to which he managed to make it to the S tier.

Him- Powerpuff girls

Him is among those cartoon villains who are underrated. Maybe people take him lightly. However, he is not the villain to be ignored. Among all other villains in the Powerpuff Girls, Him is on the top of the list. Not only his actions are hostile and crooked but his appearance is also spooky.

When he shifts his shape into anything, this ability can creep anyone out. Other than that, he can also have complete control over other person’s minds. He only thinks of moving an object and it literally lifts up and is moved to another place.

Yoshikage Kira

Another antagonist from the best anime villains is Yoshikage Kira. He is an absolutely pitiless villain as he cannot tolerate anything coming in between his plan and directly kills that person. He has an obsession with killing the people who disturb his pursuits. Yohshikage Kira is basically a serial killer, and it is the main reason to place him on the S tier of our villain tier list.

He is one of the most detrimental villains ranked on Jojo villain tier list. Cutting women’s hands gives him peace. Now can you imagine his villainy? Yoshikage is a lot more disgusting than your imagination, and mark our words on it!


Aku is also among the best cartoon villains and you can witness this statement by watching his performance in Samurai Jack. He started killing people on the planet centuries ago. In other words, he has normalized murdering innocents. Despite the fact that he is extremely powerful and unbeatable he still feels good about the failure of other people, especially when his biggest enemy Jack fails.

Aku can literally do anything. He has the ability to emit destructive lasers from his scary eyes. His black color can freak anyone out especially when one watches him taking several shapes and sizes. Aku is the villain with tons and tons of knowledge that it is nearly impossible to beat him.

Father-kids next door

The kids of the Cartoon Network show “kids next door” are genius, cool, clever, creative, innovative, strong, and whatnot. Everybody knows that this is a team that is only made to be succeded and they are defeated once in a blue moon.

But you know what? Father is among those evil cartoon villains who were able to make their plan fail and defeat these Kids. In fact, he was the first to do this. For this reason, we are ranking him on the S tier of the villain tier list.

A tier

A tier antagonists
The A tier villains-best in competing with the lead characters

The A-tier villains are those who are close to perfect but not totally the same as the S-tier. These villains also managed to create hatred among the viewers which is again an achievement. You can find those antagonists in this category of the villain tier list who fought the heroes with zeal and zest. They are considered powerful villains with strong vision due to which they succeeded to give good competition to our heroes.


Hans is among the youngest Disney villains who made it to the A tier due to his evil nature. When he saw his plan going towards failure. He is a devious villain who hid his real side from Anna and the other people of Arandelle to become the real King. He even planned to kill Elsa because by the time he was able to foresee the future and was insecure but Elsa saved her sister at the 11th hour and the real face of this culprit was revealed.

Protip– Don’t ever fall in love just by being attracted to the handsome face, because who knows what is hiding behind that innocent face? Thank us later!

Vinegar Doppio

Vinegar Doppio is one of the best anime villains who have the ability to become the spark of every scene in which he appears. He thinks he is not the boss but just a nether. But if we watch his performance then the conclusion will be that he is the real villain leader. He is an eccentric character and one of the best villains ranked on the Jojo villain tier list.


First of all Kingpin’s strength can be shown through his giant structure. He is a very powerful cartoon villain and takes his purpose very intensely. As Kingpin is a situational villain and his family became the cause of him turning into an evil person. He is one of the best cartoon villains and loves his family very sincerely and deeply. Kingpin’s depression led him to become the gigantic villain.

Lotso Huggin’ Bear

There is something very interesting about one of the cartoon villains “Lotso”. His appearance and actions are completely opposite from each other. Fluffy teddies are the weakness of the teddy lovers especially if the teddy is pink and soft. What will be your first impression at the first glance of this type of teddy? You will start adoring it, want to hug him, feel its fur, and much more. Right?

But what if you come to know that is the evil bear? Will your feelings still be the same towards him? Lotso’s grudge towards his owner turned him villainous after which he continued to do bad to others. He is a bad guy with a dark heart but a cute appearance.

Risotto Nero

Risotto Nero is among the highly skilled antagonist and Assasin is ranked on Jojo villain tier list. He has the ability to finish his enemies in one go. Risotto has manipulative powers towards iron which is there in the air and land as well. Metallica is his stand. He is a very vital member of Passione. The reason to rank him on the S tier of the villain tier list is that he also possesses leadership skills. Moreover, Risotto is an all-rounder.

Dr. Facilier

Were you one of the victims fooled by the fake personality of Dr. Facilier? He is one of the wicked Disney villains who is a scammer. Often people fail to understand and analyze his real personality of him because he is a socialite and tricks others with his evil personality. He is considered the best and most clever antagonist who uses his extrovert personality to fool people around him and surprisingly Dr. Facilier manages to do so.


Without a doubt, Wamuu is that villain ranked on Jojo villain tier list which has very strict rules for a fight. Once he gives a word no one can convince him of anything that goes opposite to his thinking. He perfectly knows his weaknesses and strengths; this is the main reason for his victory most of the time. These factors altogether allow Wamuu to be ranked on the A tier of the villain tier list.

The Lich- adventure time

Some of the cartoon villains ranked on this list are merciless, but The Lich king is different from all of them and the reason is he is extremely cruel. The word “mercy” is not in his dictionary. Acting and behaving cruelly are very normal for him. Lich only knows to feel and act in a bad way and he thinks it is completely okay. Now you may know why we have ranked him on the S tier of the villain tier list.

Ringo Roadagain

Another impressive and appreciable antagonist ranked on the Jojo villain tier list is Ringo Roadagain. The first time we got to see him was at the Steel ball run race. He showed his power by ensnaring Gyro and Johnny. If you are the one who watched this scene then you will agree that this villain must be ranked among the best anime villains.


All of us know the nature and traits of courage the cowardly dog that how good and pure his soul is. But Katz is totally opposite because he is the evildoer and a creepy soul. He knows when to play which card. Katz is aware that how coward courage is so he takes complete advantage of this and does not leave a single moment of making him afraid.

Funny Valentine

The last of all anime villains ranked on the Jojo villains tier list is Funny valentine. In some places he is underrated but we are telling this to you with our personal observation that he is not at all a weak character. He is also one of the best antagonists ranked on the villain tier list. Especially, he is a threat to Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli.

B tier

B tier antagonists
The B tier

It is the turn to rank those villains who are not top-notch but still considered good ones. This does not matter if these are not perfect, because you can witness that they are good with their evil plans and moves against the protagonist. The B-tier villains ranked on the villain tier list fight tooth and nail to become successful with their malicious plans. Let us have a look at which villains are included in this list and for what qualities.

Joker-Batman the animated series

One of the cartoon villains who creates a sense of fear among the people is Joker from “Batman the Animated Series”. He is an outlandish, absurd, and crazy villain in history. He is relatable to fans to some extent. As we give our 100% for a particular thing and do this half of the time is nice but at some point, our tolerance level is challenged and we just get out of our minds.

Similarly, Joker was nice earlier with no such bad intentions. However, with the passing of time, it became hard for him to survive in society because of the societal pressure so he finally decided to follow the wrong path. He is considered a very good villain because he fought for his rights till the very end, which may not be the right thing and right way but it is obvious that villains are not meant to do anything right so in his point of view what he was doing was perfectly fine.


Vegeta is not among the best anime villains but he is undoubtedly considered a likable antagonist. His ego is the first priority for him. Vegeta might be included in the best cartoon villains if he did not shake hands with the protagonists and continued his role as antagonist. But, when Frieza died then after going through several stages he became one of the anime heroes.

Shere Khan

It is strange that the next antagonist ranked on this tier list is not a human but it is an animal Shere Khan played the role of a tiger in the Jungle Book and created hurdles for Mowgli throughout the series. This evil tiger did every possible thing he can do to keep frightening and irritating Mowgli and his fellows.

He was so bad that even killing a boy in rage was not a big deal for him. He thought that he is the real king of the Jungle and that everything must be done in the way he wants. But as he was also among the cartoon villain and we know that villains are always wrong hence their intentions also always prove to be harmful to others, so his opponents were fighting against his opinion.

Shere Khan is a very well-known and good cartoon villain due to which we have ranked him on the B tier of the villain tier list.


Diavolo is a likable individualist and weirdo ranked on the Jojo villain tier list. In his opinion, he can write his own destiny and believes that in this way he can have control over everything. This antagonist has constantly developed throughout the series due to which people like him.

His efforts and determinations show that he was willing to succeed each and every time but it is a rule of thumb that success and failure both are temporary. He had to understand that one can not succeed or even fail every time. Diavolo is leader of the crime in the Passione organization and deserves to be ranked on B tier of the villain tier list.

C tier

c tier antagonists
The C tier villains

This category of the villain tier list includes average villains. They do not possess the qualities of an actual villain as they are not firm with their vision. They can not stand against the heroes for a long time because they do not know how to overcome their weaknesses. Maybe they have the powers but are not aware of how to utilize them. Following are the rankings of the C-tier villains.


Is this even considered villainous to have a curiosity about finding out someone’s recipe? it may be unethical to some extent but we can not call it evil. Plankton was in search of the patties recipe prepared by Mr. Krab so that he can stand on his own and establish a more successful business.

Other than that there is nothing special trait in him so that we can consider him a good villain. You can compare him to the antagonists ranked on the above tiers; they are ruthless, cruel, relentless, and whatnot. However, you can not find these types of traits in Plankton from SpongeBob.

Mojo Jojo

We can not deny the fact that Mojo Jojo is among the most popular cartoon villains. But being famous does not mean that he is the best one. He is a villain for sure but not exactly a proper one. But on the other hand, his intelligence level is very high and he always comes up with a new and creative plan to defeat the Powerpuff Girls. But, as these girls are extremely powerful so they always win against him which proves that this bad guy is an average cartoon villain.


Can you imagine a cat being friends with its prey? Can you think of a cat who sometimes loves to chill with a mouse? Is it possible for a cat to let go of a mouse without catching and eating her? It sounds unrealistic, right? The only reason why we consider Tom a villain is because he keeps looking for the moments in which he can irritate Jerry. He is the one to provoke Jerry for creating a sense of enmity. Tom never fails to create an awkward situation in which Jerry is forced to fight with him.

This does not mean that Jerry is absolutely innocent. But, the point is that if he does something wrong to Tom then it is just because he wants to defend himself from the evil thoughts and ideas of this cat named Tom.

Also, most of the time Jerry becomes the winner and ruins plans of Tom, and Tom becomes a victim of his plans. This is another reason why we are considering him an average villain and ranking him on the C tier of the villain tier list.

D tier

D tier antagonists
The D tier villains-These are so-called villains and their actions do not portray them as the most dangerous ones.

Now, this is that category of the villain tier list where you will meet the so-called villains. These villains are not capable of knowing the purpose of their existence. Sometimes they fight with their opponents and the other time, they turn away from their vision. In simple words, these villains are the worst and are not worth it. We can say that they do not deserve to be called a real villain.

Quasimodo Wilson

It is so silly how people think that an ordinary chef with no superpowers can be a villain. Quasimodo Wilson does not have his perception and opinion. He acts according to the orders he has received. Quasimodo’s plan and choice are not included in whatever he is doing, proving him one of the worst cartoon villains.


Gaston is a Brutal man with no sense of respect for women. His misogyny becomes the reason for his failure. Because earlier he used to think that he was the best and could get everything he dreamed of. But it was his biggest mistake to think that way as Belle started hating Gaston for his toxic traits and decided to leave him.


We all know the importance of a villain in cartoons and movies. Villains are responsible for creating drama, action, and adventure. Without them, any film can not become a masterpiece or enjoyable because what will be the story then?

If it is a story about a boy and a girl who love each other and want to become life partners, then there will be a third wheel for sure who wants to come between them. In this plot, they will act as a villain. If there is a hero with intentions to save nature, people, or anything in the world, then a villain’s existence is obvious with the opposing idea. There are good and bad aspects to everything. Likewise, heroes and villains are important parts of the plot.

After going through our villain tier list, you can surely understand what characteristics are necessary for a villain and which traits make a good villain. In this list, we have briefly discussed many villains and the reasons for their respective tiers’ rankings.

Many possibilities are that you know most of the villains ranked on this list, but there may be some of them, two-three, who are new to you. Watch their performance, analyze it, then conclude whether you agree with our rankings or not. This list is prepared after extensive research combined with personal views. Hopefully, it will do good for you.

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