Hearthstone Arena Tier List [25.6.2]

Enter the Arena: Our Tier List Ranks the Best Hearthstone Classes for Dominating the Arena.

If you are a fan of card games, this is just the right place for you to be, as my Hearthstone Arena tier list explains all about the Hearthstone Arena game. This is an online digital collectible card game, available for free. It depends on the current Warcraft story by employing the same characters, elements, and treasures. In addition, the game supports cross-platform play, allowing users to compete on any gadget, bound only by the geographical area of an account.

My tier list will rank the top characters in Blizzard’s outstanding deck-building card game, Hearthstone. We don’t know where you’ve been all these years if you haven’t heard about this famous game that has brilliantly altered the field of digital card games in various ways. For one thing, its 2014 debut single-handedly blasted open the digital card game industry on PC.

Also, it is demonstrated in this game that digital card games might be more than just terrible adaptations and can also be balanced and quite enjoyable. It would not be an exaggeration to argue that Hearthstone is responsible for the deck-building genre in the gaming industry.

Also, it includes several game types in which players may compete and have fun. There are two game modes: single-player solo adventures and multiplayer matchmaking options. However, this tier list will only cover the Arena game mode.

We have been covering Hearthstone to help its enthusiasts to gain more knowledge about them, and our tier lists based on the Mercenaries and Battlegrounds will aid you further. Now let’s jump into the main topic and talk about the Arena first.

Key Points

  • There is a total of 10 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the capability and potential of each class.
  • Among the best-ranked classes are Warlock and Mage.
  • Among the worst-ranked classes are Shaman and Priest.


S TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier

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S Tier

best characters of hearthstone arena
S tier

The S tier contains the greatest heroes in the Hearthstone Arena game. These are some of the game’s most potent and adaptable hero classes, making them ideal for any deck.

When selecting class heroes, members in this tier should be your top priority as they ensure your win in the game. Cards possessed by this class of heroes are of top priority in the game. Following are the superb heroes of this game.


Class Description
Warlock Power-hungry practitioners of the fel arts

The main goal of the Warlock class is dominance, and they have their own way to achieve it through the dark arts. Warlock conjures demonic creatures to assist them in battle. As his knowledge expands, more cards are added to inflict damage on everyone who gets in their way.

Most heroes perceive death inside the evil strength, but Warlock requires the player’s great ability as well. As a result, this class can engulf distant enemies in scorching flame, send them fleeing in fright and anguish, or inflict corrupting illnesses and curses that drain the victim’s vitality.

Warlocks are prepared to give away their own life and cards to throw out powerful attacks on their enemies. Also, they can sacrifice their minions to attack the enemy by summoning terrifying demons.

Warlocks, who see their lifeblood as nothing more than a coin, willingly give away their health to draw more cards, but they must usually pay the price for the services of the demonic monsters.

The Warlock’s hero power is Life Tap, which enables them to draw a card by sacrificing health. The ability to obtain a card advantage is essential, this power is commonly regarded as one of the best hero powers in the game as cards are the primary strategy for victory. Despite the trade’s seeming unworthiness, this is the best strategy for drafting Warlock decks.

Arena updates also significantly enhanced the control strategies with less chance of being overpowered in the game’s early stages, players may now play with greater control. However, naturally, it will only occur if they can design a deck full of excellent mid and late-game cards.

The Warlock class is challenging to utilize because of its mechanics, which are necessary for extensive preparation for every match. It is employed in slow and fast-paced gaming to focus on its Hero Powers. It is, however, difficult to use due to its confusing mechanics, but if you learn to play in this class, you will transform into an unstoppable force.

The Warlock class is challenging because of its mechanics, which demand extreme planning throughout the game. It is used to utilize its hero powers in both slow and fast-paced gaming also you will become an unstoppable force once you learn how to play this class. The unique Warlock deck build is the zoo warlock or zoo lock setup, an aggressive deck that aims to control the board by flooding it with inexpensive minions.


Class Description
Mage No other hero wields the arcane with as much skill and raw power as a Mage

Mage has great access to arcane power, which is tremendous and hazardous; therefore made it to the S tier. Thus it is the most committed practitioners.

This class of heroes only wears cloth armor to avoid interfering with their spellcasting. However, possessing rare and mighty cards, arcane shields, and enchantments can provide further protection.

Mages may call fire blasts to incinerate distant targets and force large regions to explode, igniting groups of adversaries. Ice masters may summon blizzards that shred into flesh and restrict mobility. If foes survive this onslaught, the wizard can transform them into harmless sheep in the twinkling of an eye.

Mages wield devastating single-target and area-of-effect harm spells and can freeze foes. In addition, mages have powerful spell synergy, can transform modest fireballs, and may use a variety of magical secrets to divert opponent effects, defend oneself from damage, or stop the most lethal foe or spell in its tracks.

The Mage has a hero power called fireblast which is a very adaptable power of the arena’s one destructive hero power. This is because it is immune to taunting and does not cause you to receive damage while targeting minions.

The Mage class focuses on strong offensive assaults and various defensive abilities. They lack some offensive class cards but make up for it with excellent utility and match control. A Highlander deck configuration is the most effective option for the Mage class right now.

Mage’s most enormous suit is that many of its most potent cards have a common or basic rarity. This implies that Mage draught extremely consistently overall, it is also one of the arena’s most adaptable classes.

A Tier

good characters of hearthstone arena
A Tier

Class heroes in the A tier of my Hearthstone Arena tier list are regarded as extremely good and should be included in most decks. They may not be as adaptable as heroes in the S tier, but they are very influential and strong. Therefore, you should concentrate on these heroes to construct a good deck game.

Demon Hunter

Class Description
Demon Hunter Turn the destructive forces of chaos against your enemies as the Demon Hunter.

Demon hunters retain a sinister tradition that their allies and opponents find terrifying. They acquire demonic traits that cause their fellow elves to feel disgusted when they use the abilities of the demons they have killed. Even placed in the second tier, Demon Hunter still has a lot of good temples and is one of the best cards to win.

Demon Hunters are quick combatants who use Fel magic and demonic allies. They are social outcasts that use their claws and swords to strike while gaining strength from the bodies of their fallen companions. This combat-ready class excels at giving their heroes attack damage for one round.

Unlike other classes, the Demon Hunter only spends one mana on the hero’s power. Demon Claws, the class hero power, is a one-man increase to the Demon Hunter’s attack that is meant to work well with the class cards.

Also, Demon Claw’s low mana cost also helps it to flow easily into curves, providing the Demon Hunter with a distinct gaming experience. His hero power may help him in conjunction with numerous cards like Blade Dance and Satyr Overseer and also help him with his Mana curve.

The Hunter excels thanks to a great value-to-resources ratio. You might achieve a lot with fewer resources when employing a Hunter deck. In the same way, Demon Hunter’s incredible hero abilities will enable you to see your bold moves rewarded. His lack of late-game options prevents it from reaching a higher tier; also, his deck is far from a lock to win in close games.


Class Description
Druid Preserve the balance by taking on the many forms of the wild and unleashing nature’s wrath upon your enemies.

Druids use nature’s tremendous abilities to maintain equilibrium and defend life and are placed in the A tier. Being placed in the second tier does not make Druid a bad class; however, it is not as good as the members of the S tier but still has some very efficient cards and is quite effective in the game.

With practice, they can channel nature’s raw energy against their adversaries. They have it all, from showering divine wrath on them from afar and tying them with magical vines to ensnaring them in severe storms.

Druids also have a special ability to heal wounds and bring back dead members to life. Also, Druids may assume the shapes of many monsters due to their affinity with animal spirits. They may easily transform into several animals.

These defenders of the natural order are amongst the most adaptable heroes, and they must be prepared to adapt to new obstacles regularly.

Druids possess the hero power of shape-shifting and gain +1 attack and +1 armor during that round, enabling them to take on opposing minions head-on or even engage the opponent hero directly.

Another important quality of the Druid is that it may be applied defensively by gradually piling on armor and offensively by trading health for potential card advantage. While cards like Wrath and Claw provide him with excellent options for the early game. Also, Druids possess cards that always have a relatively substantial influence throughout the game.

So Druid class is ideal for players that desire to perform well during the whole game. Although Druid lacks the burst of more aggressive classes, it excels in its speed and mana pool building. The best decks for this class are Treant and Guardian Druid, so if you want dependability with a dash of creativity, choose this class.

The class’s one-dimensionality is a drawback, and almost all Druid decks rely on using powerful cards and challenging to remove taunts to outperform the opposition in the late game. Since only a few of the Druid class cards support this strategy.

It is incredibly challenging to draught a Druid deck aggressively. They are adaptable enough to serve as powerful defensive cards for more conventional Druid Arena decks as well as good offensive cards for possibly more aggressive draughts.

B Tier

Average characters of the game
B Tier

The B tier comprises mediocre heroes that aren’t quite as good as the A tier but are nonetheless worth examining.

They may not be ideal in every circumstance, but depending on your deck, they can still be effective for your game. You cannot call them bad. As they do possess certain qualities but have been placed in this tier due to the reason they are lacking in certain areas.


Class Description
Warrior Seasoned fighters of unparalleled prowess.

Heroes of all races have sought to perfect the art of fighting for combat. Warriors create devastation in magnificent fights by combining power, leadership, and a comprehensive understanding of weaponry and armour.

Some guard the front lines with shields, trapping foes, while comrades assist the warrior from behind with spells and bows. Some heroes leave the protection to express their fury on the nearest adversary using a range of lethal weapons.

Friends are encouraged by the warrior’s battle cries, and while opponents are terrified, they also locate the smallest holes in armor and slash at hamstrings with accuracy.

These warlords slam and ruin the battlefield with massive weaponry and lethal strikes. At the same time, their expertise with armor and shields lets them absorb the most powerful strikes. The Warrior hero’s power grants them armour, which is a strong defensive choice.

It can be handy for gradually constructing a wall of armor that the opponent must breach to defeat the warrior. It’s also a good alternative to have on hand when mana is not better spent anywhere else.

To be successful with Warrior, you must prepare your deck for a late-game push. Pirate decks are designed to give you an advantage in the late game by making you invincible.

These cards are necessary. You can excel with warriors if the draught has a strong aggro/tempo element and includes weapons. The most important cards for fighters are weapons, but you shouldn’t choose too many of them. In order to outlast opponents, you need to have a decent mix of weapons for pace and high-value minions.


Class Description
Paladin Fearsome holy knights

Beginners will find the Paladin class relatively simple to learn and will have great success as they participate in more matches; that is why I placed this class in the B tier of my Hearthstone Arena tier list. The decks for the Paladin are ideal for playing aggressively.

You can quickly and easily put together a potent configuration. Paladin benefits from the fact that dragon synergies still comprise a significant portion of the meta. Truesilver Champion, a cheap, widely available unit, also usually works well.

The mission of the paladin is to slay evil from the depths of the earth, defend the defenseless, and deliver justice to the unjust. These warriors are in plate armor to take on even the most dangerous adversaries.

Additionally, they have the Light’s blessing, which enables them to treat injuries and, in certain situations, even revive the dead. Paladins are prepared to serve and may protect their comrades with a sword, shield, or powerful two-handed weaponry. The Light strengthens paladins against demons, guaranteeing those impure entities are no longer harmful.

His bronze explorer card is one of the cards, which makes it a bit better. You will not always get what you want with paladin but you still will have a decent deck. Reinforce is a paladin Hero Power that summons a Silver Hand Recruit, which offers a cheap and limitless supply of weak minions that may be enhanced with spells like Blessing of Kings or simply used to boost the player’s armies.

Paladins are warriors of the light, capable of wielding formidable weapons and bestowing Divine Shields and various potent blessings on their recruits. They can also utilize the spells to cure themselves, kill their enemy, cut their adversaries, and use mysteries to safeguard vulnerable targets.

They can create decks drafted quickly and aggressively, using cards like Argent Protector to keep minions on the board and drive your opponent to play faster.

You may design incredibly efficient late-game-focused Paladin strategies using potent Control cards like Truesilver Champion and Consecration. You may extend the game’s duration and acquire the benefits by generating one on one tokens every turn.

They may draught decks swiftly and aggressively, employing cards like Argent Protector to keep minions on the board and force your opponent to play quicker. You may create very effective late-game Paladin strategies, extend the game’s duration, and get incremental bonuses.

C Tier

bad characters of the game
C Tier

The C tier contains heroes that are below average and should be avoided in general. These are either too weak to be helpful or have a very particular use that may or may not always be applicable.


Class Description
Rogue Using unseen blade, blinding speed, and subtle poison

For rogues, a lot of exciting cards, but you cannot control many things, and they may buy their honor with gold. These heroes use violent and effective methods as moral obligations do not constrain them.

They will sneak up on their targets from behind and pierce a critical organ. Then will disappear into the darkness before the victim hits the ground and thus are deadly assassins and masters of stealth.

The paralyzing poisons that rogues can dip their weapons in prevent enemies from defending themselves. They protect themselves with leather armor so they can move and guarantee their strike. His hero power is a good tempo tool because it can potentially eliminate two targets each use.

As a rogue, your playstyle will frequently be more toward aggression than control; this is caused by your hero power and the abundance of cards that let you keep up a strong momentum throughout the game.

Additionally, because rogues frequently lose health when dispatching minions with their Dagger, they should choose additional healing cards. However, in decks without healing, you must use your life aggressively. As your Dagger will be a crucial component of your success.

Rogue is enjoyable to play because of how the early game is handled. He also uses combos and synergies to acquire an edge as the fight progresses. Cards like Deadly Poison will always provide you card advantage, whilst the bulk of combo cards like Backstab will increase the pace and strain your opponent.

The primary drawback is the extent to which you control the early game and how well you build up your combinations will determine your success. Rogue is the tempo deck’s queen but may rapidly get out of hand by using inexpensive removal spells and a well-crafted mana curve. No matter how amazing your pace is, utilizing your health responsibly is critical.


Class Description
Hunter a ruthless offense of tooth and claw is better than any defense

The Hunter excels by his great value-to-resources ratio; you might achieve a lot with fewer resources when employing a Hunter deck. In the same vein, Hunter’s incredible hero abilities will enable you to see your bold moves rewarded. As rulers of their surroundings, hunters may move like ghosts through the forests, laying traps in their enemies with incredible shots from a bow, crossbow, or rifle.

Also, Hunters, who can wield two weapons simultaneously, may unleash a barrage of strikes on anybody unlucky enough to get into close combat with them.

The hunter’s Hero Power is a Steady Shot, directly damaging the opponent’s hero. Without health or armor, Steady Shot may single-handedly demolish the opponent and win the game if used in every round. Additionally, Steady Shot is very efficient for an aggressive attitude to pressure in the game.

However, Hunters frequently rely on powerful Tempo or Aggro decks to pressure the opponent. This is due to the Hunter Hero Power’s linear nature, as it only damages the opposing Hero. Additionally, they have very powerful cards. You will surely win the game by using them, but you should know their proper use.

D Tier

worst characters of the game
D tier

The D tier of my Hearthstone Arena tier list is the lowest and should be avoided in the game. Being too weak to be employed in most decks, they are not mostly seen in the gameplay and are not so efficient in the game. Avoiding their use is better for your score in the game.


Class Description
Shaman Masters of the primal elements.

Unlike certain other mystics, shamans are spiritual guides and elemental practitioners who communicate with non-benevolent forces. Shamans conjure totems to empower the shaman’s friends or to destroy the opponents who attack them.

As elemental masters, they can command tremendous elementals and even the Elemental Lords. Shamans can summon their mana to respond to the demands of the time, with their strikes fluctuating in power. They may also summon Totems to enhance their abilities.

Unfortunately, the Shaman hero power is random and possesses only a few key cards, not many of them. This makes it a risk and is not ideal because Totems are more inconvenient for your opponent. You must have board control to profit from your Hero Power.

Also, Shaman has some extremely strong cards. Shamans may be quite powerful, but most of their power comes from Rare cards, which are difficult to pick in the arena.

The Shaman must play aggressively, but the benefits will not become apparent sometimes. It possesses serious burst damage when properly configured, although it occasionally struggles against skilled opponents.


Class Description
Priest Heroes of righteousness

Priests are spiritually committed and exhibit their unshakeable faith by helping the public. With various restorative skills and blessings, these masters of the restoring arts keep their partners battling well above their natural abilities.

The heavenly energies at the priest’s command can also smite enemies with holy wrath. They may, however, employ their darker skills to corrupt and destroy opponents, gazing into or even capturing possession of their opponent’s brains.

Lesser Heal is the default priest hero power, a potent healing option for heroes or minions to recover health. It can help revive injured minions to full fitness.

Also, keeping them alive and letting them trade with several opponents resulted in a good card advantage. It may also heal the Hero, restoring health lost to enemy strikes. Also, it works well with a slower approach to outlasting opponents.

The Priest class cards will constantly push you to a directed playstyle as you will need to build in the late game using your cards or by effective minion fighting and hero power effectivity in the game. As a result, Priest possesses cards that are critical for your game.

Due to its resurrection mechanics and dominating style of play, the Priest is regarded as the most frustrating class to play against. Despite all the healing, the Priest’s weak offensive and even worse utility make it difficult to win games, the reason for being placed in the D tier.

Why trust us

Our primary objective is always to give a tier list devoid of biased perspectives or inaccurate facts since tier lists are frequently used as guidelines. Furthermore, to prevent anyone from finding our material unpleasant or against their favorites. We present to the readers why some things are placed in their allocated tier sooner.

Before posting anything online, we thoroughly study and research anything we write about. We ensure that a group of senior writers double-checks the tier lists in case the writer misses specific errors. Still, our writers maintain their professional thoughts to themselves and only express them in connection with genuine facts.

Comparison Table

WARLOCKSPower-hungry practitioners of the fel arts
MAGESNo other hero wields the arcane with as much skill and raw power as a Mage
DEMON HunterATurn the destructive forces of chaos against your enemies as the Demon Hunter
DRUIDAPreserve the balance by taking on the many forms of the wild and unleashing nature’s wrath upon your enemies
WARRIORBSeasoned fighters of unparalleled prowess
PALADINBFearsome holy knights
ROGUECUsing unseen blade, blinding speed, and subtle poison
HUNTERCa ruthless offense of tooth and claw is better than any defense
SHAMANDMasters of the primal elements
PRIESTDHeroes of righteousness

Patch Notes Version 25.6.2

Changes have been made to the armor of various heroes from different classes in patch 25.6.2. The heroes that have had their armor decreased are:

  • Trade Prince Gallywix, who now has 7 armor
  • Patches the Pirate, who now has 8 armor or 10 armor in high MMR lobbies
  • Death Speaker Blackthorn, Deathwing, and Elise Starseeker, who now have 10 armor
  • Jandice Barov and Sindragosa, who now have 12 armor

On the other hand, the heroes that have had their armor increased are:

  • George the Fallen, who now has 13 armor
  • Forest Warden Omu and Millicent Manastorm, who now has 14 armor
  • Ambassador Faelin, Lord Barov, Master Nguyen, Silas Darkmoon, and Tess Greymane, who now have 15 armor
  • N’Zoth and Ragnaros, the Firelord, who now has 16 armor
  • Chenvaala, who now has 17 armor
  • Nozdormu, who now has 18 armor

It is important to note that Patches of the Pirate’s armor will vary depending on the MMR of the lobby. In high MMR lobbies, Patches will have 10 armor, whereas, in other lobbies, Patches will have 8 armor.


We understand that our Hearthstone Arena Tier List is lengthy. Still, we can tell you that it is jam-packed with useful information that will help you dominate the Arena. This tier list will also help you understand the game’s meta.

However, we also want to emphasize that this is only a guide. It will undoubtedly help you improve as a player. However, to become a master, you must develop the appropriate attitude that will allow you to perceive the greatest potential move when numerous extremely good possibilities are available.

If you’re new to the game, the arena may be a great way to acquire experience while accumulating a card collection for a good play. However, you will need expertise with the mechanics and cards to excel in Hearthstone. So don’t be disheartened if your first Arena encounters aren’t particularly successful.

Tier lists had the fundamental function of giving our users fantastic recommendations and options that they could have overlooked, even regarding their preferred categories. Due to this, each of our authors spends a great deal of time and effort learning all there is to know about the subject before writing it. The fact-checking team is then responsible for finding any minor inaccuracies that may have crept in.

Before writing a single word, our authors must conduct extensive research. We make sure that the information we present on our tier list is well-liked by everyone, as it is not produced for us but rather for our beloved readers. They put much effort and time into this; they don’t just say these things.

hearthstone arena tier list
The Tier List in a Glance

Hearthstone Arena's Top Queries

How can I access the Arena of Hearthstone?

To play Arena Mode, you must be level 10 in all classes if you could previously play Arena Mode but can now not do so. You have most likely signed into the incorrect Hearthstone account or area.

What do you earn for 12 arena wins?

The guaranteed reward for 12 victories is 1 Whisper of the Old Gods booster pack + 215-235 gold. Also,3 random rewards are obtained, which are 25-185 gold, 1 additional booster pack, or 1 card, which can be gold.

When is it ideal for playing in the arena?

There is no optimal or optimal timing to play Arena runs. However, because Hearthstone has a global audience, you’ll be able to find an opponent rather fast.

How does the Hearthstone arena work?

Building a deck that can be played on the curve means having a deck that can maximize the value of your mana every round. This is one of the most effective things you can do to win the arena.

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