The Best Soul Eater Resonance Tier List

Soul Eater is one of the best anime shows out there, with a huge fan base all over the globe. Someone following Soul Eater for a long time crafted this Soul Eater Resonance Tier List. Playing this game since the first day of its release and am a big fan of the series and manga. As a user of every Weapon and class, I present this most authentic tier list by understanding every possible important detail of the game. This tier list will give you a basic understanding of the game and help you prosper from the beginning.

Key Points

  • There is a total of 6 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the skills and abilities of the weapons.
  • Among the best-ranked weapons are Excalibur and Scythe.
  • Among the worst-ranked weapons are Chain Scythe and Demon Twin Guns.


Listed below is a quick summary of all the rankings we will be making in this article.

S RankA RankB Rank
ExcaliburElemental FistsChain Scythe
ScytheBlunderbussDemon Twin Guns

I still remember when I first witnessed this incredible show and how I fell in love with it. So buckle up for the best Tier List But first, note that this tier list is simply for fun. If you disagree after this tier list, it is okay as we are all part of the same fandom.

The massive success of Soul Eater anime is thanks to the great story and supernatural settings. Despite its lousy ending, Soul Eater is still dear to fans. Many of you on this article’s website already know the Soul Eater franchise. However, with the new update coming, I feel driven to discourse on the subject, whether you are a new player or a comeback player, due to the latest update.

You may have heard of the game and a group of pals committed to this game who speak about it often. Likewise, they’d want you to join them, or maybe you’ve been attempting to convince your friends to play your favorite game. This article is for you if you want a quick summary of what this game offers, why it’s so incredible, and its Weapons.


For the avoidance of doubt, this list exists entirely based on our time invested in the game and our experience in the game. We understand that ranking something better or worse is subjective and will differ from one person to another depending on your playstyle—our preferences and experience with the game are solely tied to this tier list. We also researched the most valued characters and Weapons. After going through all these ranking elements, we finally came up with this Soul Eater Resonance Tier List that is not official and is not subject to criticism.

Important Information

Soul Eater is a complex game; you need to know the basics before diving into the game. You will understand our Tier List better if you try and grasp this information.


If you have seen Soul Eater, you will know what Weapons are. It is also known as Demon weapons in anime and is humans who can take on the form of traditional weapons. It can enhance the abilities of the person using them. The Mysterious Demon weapons possess a human appearance. They may take up the attributes of the weapon form within their human form. Their shape may vary considerably in weapon forms. The process is so popular because it deals much more damage than just using the regular attacks in Soul Eater Resonance.

Weapons are humanoid weaponry of the Soul Eater Universe, and each can turn into a specific weapon. Together, they partner with those who can handle them, known as Meisters, and make a tight bond called Soul Resonance. Sometimes they can stand in a fight by transforming a part of their body into a weapon. Players who choose to play as Weapons can spin their type by talking to Dr. Stain. There are currently five different types of weapons with three other rarities.

Soul Eater Resonance

To get some of the best damage output, you need to have a pal with whom you can resonate. It is a process in which weapon bonds to a Meister. Holding the right click of the mouse will bring up the resonance mini-game. Moreover, if done successfully, resonating will give the Meister a 20% damage buff, but for each key failed, the Meister will take damage.

However, it would be best to press the keys inside the colored boxes on the right to resonate successfully. You and everybody close to you hear an acoustic strum for each failed key. It will not be a failure if you press the key at the wrong time, so you can spam the key to do it right.

Welcome to Soul Eater Resonance, a game in which many fans, including myself, play because there is no spoiler. You will relish the fantastic feeling of waiting a very long time for the game to load in this game. The creators of this game did very well adapting and maintaining the supernatural theme of Soul Eater, which give you a better experience.

In addition, I did not get the chance to scroll through the fans and chuckle at names for a long time because it is one of the few Roblox anime games without the scuffed terms.

Aside from the frequent rushing, Soul Eater Resonances is a relatively straightforward Roblox RPG. You level up, earn new skills that improve your character, and then repeat the process to achieve a few more levels. As the game begins, players need to choose whether they want to play as a Meister or a Weapon, although you can only turn into a Death Weapon once you collect 999 souls via side quest.

Moreover, if you choose to be a Meister, it is a better option than a weapon because it is not that fun watching someone else play the game while you do nothing. Soul Eater Resonance does not follow a specific storyline, but it does have a quest so that you can grow levels and stats.

Like any other Roblox game, Soul Eater Resonance emphasizes players buy in-game currency for different ways to play the game, and the most notable one is that you can become a Witch if you spend 1199 Robux. The Witch class is mighty, but that doesn’t mean other categories are not as good as Witch. You can also spend some Robux and get 2x XP and 2x yen.

About Souls

There are currently 3 types of souls in the game. Red Souls (Evil Souls), Human Souls (White Souls), and Witch Souls. To get either of these 3 different types of Souls is to Right Click a Soul when either a player or NPC has been defeated. Eating a Human Soul (White Soul) will not lose your Red Souls (Evil Souls). 999 Souls is not the max. However, you can only have 1 Witch Soul.

Eating Souls

The only Soul types with some purpose are Red Souls (Evil Souls) and Witch Souls. Red Souls (Evil Souls) and Witch souls are required to become a Death Weapon. After eating 999 Red Souls (Evil Souls)

Humans Eating Souls

In the Soul eater anime and manga, it is stated that only death Weapons can eat Souls, and the same is followed in the Soul Eater Resonance; only the players that choose to play as Weapons can eat Souls in Soul Eater Resonance.

Death Weapon

You must have selected Weapon Race when you started playing Soul Eater Resonance. Only characters with the Weapon Race can become a Death Weapon. Then you must collect 999 Red Souls ( Evil Souls ) and order one witch Soul. Once you meet all three measures, you can become a Death Weapon in Soul Eater Resonance, improving your stats, making you physically stronger, adding new Skills, and other things.

Tier List’s Methodology

Soul Eater Resonance Tier List
Soul Eater Tier List Methodology

Based on the current meta, this tier list assumes that all players have equal skill levels within the parameters of a set of rules and rates all of the Weapons accordingly. An accurate tier list rates the Weapons following how successful each moveset, attribute, and tactic are compared to all others in a competitive environment. There is a ton of things, as you might anticipate.

Given how many variables there are, this is a challenging attempt. We may never be able to process all the information entirely, but we can do our best. Weapons with more vigorous maneuvers and techniques will win out over those with less effective ones. It’s not the end of the world if the Weapon you use is not of a high caliber. Tier lists never remain constant.

Weapons are constantly changing as long as people play Soul Eater Resonance. What once thought to be a weaker weapon can overcome stronger ones by discovering new techniques and counter-strategies. Players dedicated to the weapons will eventually find the hidden potential in advance of their character meta.

In this Soul Eater Resonance Tier List, I will be ranking down Weapons based on their damage, playstyle, and my experience with them in the game. However, this general Weapons ranking in this tier list is my opinion. I understand that tier lists are subjective and that the hierarchy of the Weapons may well not match your expectations. This tier list and overall ranking are open to debate but not criticism.

I have divided the Weapons of Soul Eater Resonance into three tiers; S, A, and B. I want to clear this up before starting this tier list: I love every Weapon mentioned in this tier list from top to bottom. It is just that the Weapons in the upper tiers have a substantial impact on the game, which makes the game pretty attractive compared to the bottom-tier Weapons. This does not mean I do not like the Weapons in the bottom tiers. I like every Weapon from Soul Eater Resonance.

So, Let’s start Ranking Weapons and see which Weapons are the best and worst in the game. Buckle up this will be a long ride, but it will be worth it.

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S Tier

S Tier Of Soul Eater Resonance
The Broken Weapons in the Game’s Current Meta

S ranking is the first tier of this tier list and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. This tier of the Soul Eater Resonance Tier List consists of great Weapons with excellent moves, Strong attacks, combo extenders, and powerful combo usage. They are also a favorite among all fandom fans.

You already know what weapons these are. We have two Weapons in this tier, broken in the game’s current meta.


At the top of this Tier List. The most broken Weapon known as Excalibur is focused on long-ranged, extremely potent strikes. Excalibur players should always play more aggressively depending on the move to prevent combinations due to the abundance of block breakers.

All the skills of Excalibur are broken. In addition, my favorite skill is the first one, Exorcism. It has a very long range; as a bonus, it tracks enemies in its path for a single skill it offers a lot. Because of its ideal techniques for delivering severe damage, this Weapon is suitable for PVE and 1v1 battles. If partnered with Meister, it will quickly wipe out most 1v1s.

Furthermore, the second skill of Excalibur Spiritchaser follows the same pattern as Exorcism. It offers excellent damage with three instances, and you can dash towards the enemy and stun them once you hit them with Spiritchaser. The following two skills are a combination of three skills. First, you use your Spiritchaser and dash towards the opponent. You use your regular attacks and then use your third skill, Purify Evil Spirit, which works as a combo extender, then you use your fourth skill Holy Flight, and your opponent is pretty much done.

Moreover, the fourth skill of Excalibur is broken on NPC. You can use it to dodge the stun, and it is a lot like a vector storm of the Witch, although it tracks enemies, and Excalibur can do the same with Exorcism. Players are using Excalibur to counter the max level Witch, which is pretty annoying, but now we finally have the answer for her.

SkillCD Description
Fool IIII10Grabs Nearest Opponent
Justice10A mid-range beam that deals AOE damage


We have Scythe; we move down to the next Weapon in Soul Eater Resonance Tier List. Without spending any Robux, you can easily unlock this Weapon. It is a common type of Weapon that will provide access to the end-game techniques that will help you prosper in the game.

Moreover, before Excalibur became available, this Weapon dealt the most significant damage. Still, if you are low level or just starting, this Weapon is not recommended because it is a melee Weapon, and you will most likely die due to the low hp and lack of stats. On the other hand, if you have a pal to play with, this Weapon will be your best asset.

The skills differ from when the player Is playing solo to when a Meister is using the player. The Scythe is the most commonly used and popular Weapon currently. Their abilities have variety, with a reliable engagement and good poke. Scythe has two skills when you play solo: Scytle Cycle and Spectral Slash. Scytle Cycle Performs a long dash forward and spins while Spectral Slash does a vertical slash that flies towards the mouse’s direction.

Skills, when paired with Meister, the first skill, Summons the witch hunter and slash forward quickly, greatly wounding enemies. In contrast, the second skill Performs an uppercut with your Scythe to knock enemies airborne. It hits enemies to increase the duration of the knock-up, and the third skill Summons the Genie hunter to fire a wave of concentrated energy.

SkillCD Description
Scythe Cycle10Long dash forward and spin
Spectral Slash9Vertical Slah following the mouse’s direction

A Tier

Soul Eater Resonance A Tier
The Essential Weapons in the Game’s Current Meta

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed my favorite Soul Eater Resonance Tier List Weapons with the same amount of love compared to the above Weapons in the tier list. Some of the Weapons in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. Honestly, all the Weapons in this tier list have the same place in my heart.

For the sake of this tier list, I have divided them into several tiers. I am moving down to A Tier. These are solid and balanced Weapons but do not have many flaws. Maybe one or two at most and at the same time. They excel at either great combos or moves. Still, hopefully, as I explain some Weapons, you will understand why the others are here.

Elemental Fists

At the top of this A-tier. One of the overpowered Weapons known as Elemental Fists or Elemental Pots, a Legendary type Weapon not easy to drop, has a 5 percent chance. Unless you have exceptional luck, you will end up spending Robux. Either way, the Weapon is excellent and offers a lot.

All the skills of Elemental Fists are excellent. In addition, my favorite skill is the first skill, Ground Trace. It has a very long range and stuns the enemies in its path along with decent damage. Because of its ideal techniques for stunning enemies, it is suitable for PVE and 1v1 battles. If partnered with Meister, it will vastly improve and wipe out most 1v1s.

Moreover, the second skill is known as Triple F, and once again, it stuns the enemies in its path and has a comprehensive range of attacks. Furthermore, if used correctly, the third skill, known as a Lightning flash, hits three times, and the stunning trend continues with this skill. This Weapon is highly focused on stuns and broad-range attacks, so it is not easy to play against this Weapon, and if it is paired with Meister, it feels overpowered.

The fourth skill of Elemental Fists is impossible to dodge in close range, known as E3. This skill stuns the enemy who gets hit by it, so all the skills stun an opponent. If you encounter any player with Elemental Fists, remember to maintain your distance and play very carefully because if you get hit by any skill, you will get chain stunned.

Elemental Fists can easily be put in S-tier, but I have set it in A-tier overall for this tier list. This Weapon looks fantastic, and I will place it at the top of the A tier with all of its attacks.

Skill Description
ShockboltFires a lightning bolt.
FireboltShoots a firebolt.


Moving up next in the Soul Eater Resonance Tier List, we have Blunderbuss. It is not a common type of Weapon nor a Legendary type. Blunderbuss is the only Rare type of Weapon in Soul Eater Resonance, which you can get by several spins.

The skills differ from when the player Is playing solo to when a Meister is using the player. Many have mixed opinions on how good the Weapon is. Its abilities involve mid-range high burst damage potential combos. Moreover, Blunderbuss has two skills known as Shockflee and Fire Flies. Shockflee throws a mid-range shot with a backward dash while Fire Flies Shots up and does AOE damage around the player.

SkillCD Description
Shockflee10Midraged Shot and a backward dash.
Fire Flies12Shots up and does AoE Damage

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B Tier

Soul Eater Resonance B Tier
The Balanced Weapons in the Game’s Current Meta

Moving down to the B tier is an average tier where I placed those weapons with decent power and some decent mechanics. These Weapons are neither good nor bad and can hold for a long time at a beginner-level game. B Tier is the balanced tier.

These are all Weapons that have good qualities but also have a couple of significant flaws. They sort of feel like incomplete Weapons because they either have substantial damage but are like moves or combos, but their overall performance in the game is terrible. You get the idea.

Chain Scythe

At the top of this tier of the Soul Eater Resonance Tier List, we have Chain Scythe, also known as Chain Blade. Without spending any Robux, you can easily unlock this Weapon. It is a common type of Weapon that will provide balanced performance depending on how well you can use it.

The skills differ from when the player Is playing solo to when a Meister is using the player. Moreover, Chain Scythes are typically among the least popular and least used weapons. Its abilities have variety and movement, boasting a relatively significant m1 damage.

Furthermore, Chain Scythe has two skills known as Mode change: Shuriken and Mode Shuriken: Chain. As the skill name Mode change: Shuriken Turns into a Shuriken that causes damage by being close to enemies, while Mode Shuriken: Chain Launches a chain towards the mouse’s direction.

SkillCD Description
Mode Change: Shuriken15Turns into a shuriken
Mode Shuriken: Chain10Launches an aimed chain

Demon Twin Guns

At last, we have Demon Twin Guns, also known as Pistols. Without spending any Robux, you can easily unlock this Weapon. It is a common type of Weapon that will provide balanced performance depending on how well you can use it. The skills differ from when the player Is playing solo to when a Meister is using the player.

Twin Guns are typically one of the least popular and least used weapons. Their abilities are very maneuverable and trade damage for a more extended range. Currently, dashing with Twin Guns equipped slightly offsets the character. While this has little effect on gameplay, it may not be enjoyable.

Furthermore, Pistols have two skills: Dodge shot and Single beam Blast. Dodge shot executes multiple shots while dashing backward. So I will place it in the B tier of the Soul Eater Resonance Tier List.

SkillCD Description
Dodgeshot7Executes multiple shots and a backward dash

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Comparison Table

SkillCD Description
ExcaliburSFool IIII, Justice10, 10Grabs Nearest Opponent, A mid-range beam that deals AOE damage
ScytheSScythe Cycle, Spectral Slash10, 9Long dash forward and spin, Vertical Slah following the mouse’s direction
Elemental FistsAShockbolt, FireboltFires a lightning bolt, Shoots a firebolt.
BlunderbussAShockflee, Fire Flies10, 12Midraged Shot and a backward dash, Shots up and does AoE Damage
Chain ScytheBMode Change: Shuriken, Mode Shuriken: Chain15, 10Turns into a shuriken, Launches an aimed chain
Demon Twin GunsBDodgeshot7Executes multiple shots and a backward dash

Why Trust Our Ranking?

At TopTierList, all writers have years of expertise aiding with high-quality writing. The writers have a key to several reliable sources of data. To make the tier list pleasing, they are entitled to compose it in their tone. Other tier lists will always exist.

Only writing about subjects one is intimately knowledgeable about can help increase the article’s authenticity. These adjectives best describe our writers: well-versed in pop culture, born and raised geek. In their fields, they are a force to be feared. Our writers are pretty funny. Anytime the chance arises, they will make you chuckle. Tier lists are intended to be amusing. Because of this, none of our authors allowed their humor to taint any factual material.

Moreover, we have crafted the tier list with the slightest amount of bias added by our side. Our team invested a reasonable amount of time and effort before arranging the content in front of you. All Weapons are ordered according to the player’s feedback.

The performance, damage, and usage of each Weapon were considered before creating this tier list. On top of that, the Weapons in the higher tiers are better than the ones in the lower levels. This is our opinion, and you are free to disagree. We will love to hear from you if you disagree with this Soul Eater Resonance Tier List.

Bonus Tier List

Soul Eater Resonance offers so much to a player, which is why there is always Data to be ranked in this bonus tier list. We will organize all of the Meister types since many types might be confusing for newcomers to understand and get confused over who they should contact. This Meister Tier List will help you with all those questions and help you decide who to contact. So, let’s get right into it.

Since there are only four types of Meister families to choose from, I will rank them in order of numbers and damage stats and their potential rather than making different tiers.

  1. Albarn, Legendary five percent drop chance. It has broad-range attacks and hits multiple enemies at the same time.
  2. Ford, Common type ninety-five percent drop chance, Each ordinary family is precisely the same with the same abilities.
  3. Naigus, Common type ninety-five percent drop chance, The “I don’t have any spins, so I’m stuck with this” of the game, the ordinary families.
  4. Barret Common type ninety-five percent drop chance, the same as others in the typical family with the same abilities.

In Conclusion

That is the tier list for Soul Eater until there is another update or maybe when the players are getting the grasp of the new changed Weapons. This is my opinion, and you are free to disagree. Suppose you play low-tier Weapons and are doing good with them. I am super happy for you. That means that you are a good player with a bright future. I will love to hear from you if you disagree with my Weapons placements. Why do you think your Weapon is stronger or weaker than what I believe? Let me know in the comments section below.

If you have read through the whole tier list, you are a true Soul Eater fan and probably love developing tier lists. I hope it was enlightening or fascinating, and you agree with my rankings of Weapons in this tier list.

To end this Tier List, I would like to remind you that it is purely based on how I think about these Weapons and their value. Look at our website’s other tier lists we have made for you. Lastly, don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section below. If you read the whole list, Thank you!

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