Fanfiction Tropes Tier List

The famous Fanfiction tropes are ranked in this tier list from the best to the worst.

There are mixed reviews from readers and viewers regarding the tropes they like and dislike. Sometimes it is assumed that they are interested in romance, or if they are interested in happy endings, while there are times when they are more involved in non-traditional romance. However, in order to make things clear to you, I will be ranking some popular tropes in this Fanfiction tropes tier list. 

Different people like various kinds of stories. For instance, if in a movie or a book, the main character is killed then people will not prefer that ending as they are used to happy endings. So, in such a situation, they prefer something different that leads toward a happily ever after.

Key Points

  • This article has a total of 11 entries.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of its popularity.
  • Friends To Lovers and Canon Divergence AU are among the highest tiers.
  • In the lowest ranks, you will find Eating Disorders and Major Character deaths.


The following table shows the rank of all Fan Fiction Troops.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Friends To LoversBed SharingHurt/ComfortEating DisordersMajor Character Death
Canon Divergence AUTeamworkHuddling For Warmth
Slow BurnMutual Pinning
Rescue Missions

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S Tier

flawless category
S Tier.

In the first tier of the tier list, I will rank those tropes that fans love to read or write about. These are the top priority of all the fans and hence considered the legendary ones.

Friends to Lovers

Be it real life or reel life, people love it when best friends turn into lovers. Whether the couple was strangers before and then turned into lovebirds or they were pretty good friends and then turned into partners, this kind of story is really captivating and the audience finds it very interesting. 

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Well, it is so common to expect a romantic relationship between two friends. As they spend a lot of time together and do different kinds of stuff with each other, the understanding that develops reaches an extent that creates feelings related to love. 

Moreover, the trope is pretty much relatable to the real-life scenarios. You must also know many people from your friend circle or family who have turned into partners after being close friends. 

Canon Divergence AU

Canon Divergence AU is that trope in which fans write while creating different scenarios unrelated to or belonging to the real story. For instance, if a character dies in the story then fans will write that what if the character keeps living instead of dying? Another example would be that if there is a story in which Character A meets Character B and they start to live happily ever after, then there are chances that fans will write about what if both of these characters parted ways.

Furthermore, it is one of the most loved tropes in the article and fans love to build scenarios like it, and also to read and write about them. If you also love the trope then do let us know in the comment box below and do not forget to mention one fact due to which you adore it the most.

Slow Burn

The stories related to the slow burn trope consist of a lot of UST and pining. It is all about telling a story in which the relationship between partners evolves slowly. Moreover, the bond between the two participants can not be seen growing really rapidly, instead, it all happens gradually.

Are you one of those who like the story to move real slow in order to understand each aspect and dimension of it? If this is so then you will like slow burn trope a  lot. Whether you are reading a novel or watching any series in which the aspect of romance is slowly added to the relationship between two people then it gets interesting over the course of time. 

Rescue Missions

Watching a series in which usually the hero is on a rescue mission for her heroine and ready to beat the crap out of the goons who have kidnapped the girl in greed of money or for lust. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Definitely, it does. But it is possible that some people will not prefer it as they support the girl power and want to see them as independent people.

However, if we look into it the other way then it seems kind of romantic. And, people who like a touch of romance, adore these kinds of stories to read or watch. Because maybe it is natural. Wouldn’t you love it when somebody is ready to face all sorts of challenges and even to die just to save you? After an extensive research and talking about it to many people, I got to know that the audience personally loves it. 

A Tier

best category
A Tier.

In the second tier of the fanfiction tropes tier list, I am going to place one of the best tropes about which fans love to read or write about. So, are you curious to know these? Let us begin!

Bed Sharing

Bed sharing is one of the most common tropes in fiction as it gained popularity in 2020 and 2021 where the characters are to share one bed it is usually to increase the tension between the characters, sometimes the characters suggest other solutions, such as sleeping on the floor or the on the couch.

It is usually done to increase sexual tension between the characters to give them more chemistry usually when the characters are in such close quarters it forces them to bond and take care of each other. It is also done to increase sympathy among the character in cases of bad dreams, emotional meltdowns, and physical injury.


The teamwork trope is an interesting trope that forces the characters to work together. It creates understanding and patience and makes the character understand each other on another level. While working together they come to know how similar the characters are. And, what nightmares they are running from which create sympathy for each other and bring them close together. By working together, they spend abundant time with each other which increases their interest in one another. 

B Tier

fanfiction trope tier list
B Tier.

Third, on the tier list, I am going to rank the likable tropes. These are not the best ones. However, it depends on a person’s preference that how often he or she is liking it.


Here is a trope that refers to a feeling of comfort by the person A; who is suffering from any kind of illness and feels good if person B cares for him. Also, he feels the same pain by seeing him in pain. In this kind of trope, the person is wanting complete love, attention, and affection when he is feeling hurt.

And, if the other person is caring for him then it is giving a sense of comfort. The trope is so common but it depends on your mood. It means whether you have an interest in reading these types of stories or not. People like these stories because they get to know how the character is dealing with pain in hard situations. 

Huddling for Warmth

Here we have a trope that shows a bond between two people who are either in a motel room from where they can not go because there are no keys or some other place and have no other option rather than to come closer. In these imaginations, thinking arises that two people are alone in a cold room with no heater at all or the heater is useless and now the only way to get rid of cold is to share their body heat.

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In that way, an understanding is developed between both characters and they come closer to each other. What are your views regarding it? Do you feel the same? Drop your opinion in the comment box below.

Mutual Pinning

Mutual pining is one of the most common tropes. Here, the story revolves around two characters who are unaware of the fact that they love each other or have mutual feelings toward each other. It completely depends upon the situation. Also, there is a scenario in which it is obvious that both of them will fall in love. 

For instance, if they are partners but it was not a love marriage, then gradually they will start realizing that both have special feelings somewhere in their hearts. However, it will take too long to accept this fact. Maybe they are not ready to accept it at the initial stage. 

C Tier

below-average category
C Tier.

Now, moving towards the below-average tier of the fanfiction movie tier list. Here, I am going to place those tropes that are neither too good nor too bad. So, let us see which tropes made it to the category.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders is often a common topic as a fanfic trope in many stories. However, there are different kinds of disorders that relate to eating habits but all of them are not always a part of the discussion. For instance, if person A betrays person B then he will either stop eating or start binge eating. 

Binge eating is related to eating more and more without a pause. In this case, you always feel hungry. Also, you feel that eating is the only way to get rid of your depression phase. 

D Tier

Bad category
D Tier.

Lastly, I will be ranking those tropes that fans do not like nor they are in demand. So, without further ado let us get into the rankings.

Major Character Death

A major character’s death usually results in complex relations among the characters. The character tries to deal with death and other stuff like that. Have you ever thought that even if the hero and heroine meet in a story and start living happily, still they have to die at some point? It is a universal rule that everybody has to taste death. So, what is the point of grieving so much if a major character dies? 

It becomes too hard for the author to always focus on happy endings. People must start accepting the fact that everything is mortal on this globe. Likewise, if a character dies then it is not a big deal. Well, talking about fiction, then fiction is not real (too obvious). So people find it extremely difficult to digest the fact that it is okay if your favorite character is no more and his or her love is not a happy ending. Makes sense?


It requires a lot of effort, understanding, and extensive research before writing on any particular topic. Similarly, before starting to write about fanfiction tropes, just like other writers of the Toptierlist, I did proper research to know deeply about each of these tropes and then made the Fanfiction Tropes Tier List.

There is a possibility that some of you might not second my opinion and that is completely fine. We welcome the thoughts and opinions of every reader as choices may differ. So, if you want to add something then feel free to do so in the comment section below. Hopefully, now you are aware of some of the most loved fanfiction tropes.