Tv Show Tier List: Top Rated Tv Shows Ranked

Hey, are you ready for the hottest take of all time? I do not think you’re prepared for this, so just brace yourself for what is coming next. With many new tv shows coming every month, streaming services are becoming so common nowadays. An unknown person who is just diving into the ocean of Tv Shows cannot place their foot from where they can begin their journey. As a Tv Show enthusiast, I have seen many series, from the greatest to the worst. I consider myself an expert on this topic who can give an opinion on this massive influence on popular culture. I felt the need to put the best Tv Shows from around the globe in a Tv Show tier list so a newcomer can have a little knowledge of where to start.

Therefore, I am presenting this most factual tier list on the internet by knowing every possible important detail of this media and the influx of heavy requests on our website. I appreciate that many of you on this website and reading this article already know what television series are. However, with new Tv Shows coming every season and welcoming tons of new watchers into the fray, I want to take the time to answer the question What makes Tv Shows so good? Perhaps you are someone that has heard of some series but has never taken the time to dive in. Maybe you have friends obsessed with a franchise and always talk about it. They also want you to join in, or perhaps you are someone that has for a long time tried to convince your friends to watch your favorite television series. Whatever your reason, if you are anyone you know who wants an in-depth analysis of what Tv Shows have to offer and, more importantly, why they are so good and their characters, this article is for you.

Tv Show Tier List Methodology

Tv Show Tier List Ranking Procedure
Tv Show Tier List Methodology

In this Tv Show Tier List, I will rank tv shows that are my favorites, one of the greatest and highly loved and endured by the fans worldwide. However, this general ranking of Tv Shows in this tier list is my opinion. I understand that tier lists are subjective and that the hierarchy of the Tv Shows may well not match your expectations. This tier list and overall Tv Shows ranking are open to debate but not criticism. I have divided my favorite Tv Shows from different genres into four tiers; S, A, B, and C tiers. Based on their story’s progression and how I feel about them in general. I want to clear this before starting this tier list: I love every Tv Show mentioned in this tier list, starting from the top to the bottom. It is just that the Tv Shows in the upper tiers have a significant influence on my life and their respective fandom compared to the bottom-tier Tv Shows. This does not mean I do not like the Tv Shows in the bottom tiers. I love every TV show I have watched, even those that did not make it to this list. So, no hard feelings, and let’s start listing Tv Shows and see which one of them makes it to the top of the list. Get some popcorn since this will be a long ride, but it will be worth it.

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S Tier

OP Shows of Tv Show Tier List
The Greatest Shows of Tv Show Tier List!

S ranking is the first tier of this tier list and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. This tier of the Tv Show tier list consists of the greatest Tv Shows with notable characters, interesting lores, and imposing influence on geeks and fans around the world and are also favorites among all fandom fans. Similarly, Tv Shows in this tier significantly impact the Television industry’s overall progression and make them more fascinating. The characters in this Tv show make you feel goosebumps, attached to the show, and make a deserving spot for themselves in your heart, making them the most enduringly loveable franchise characters. This tier list includes different Tv Shows from different genres, which makes this tier pretty interesting. This tier list only consists of 4 Tv Shows I consider the best in all TV media history.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

At the top of this list is Game of Thrones. You are now here to be convinced that you should finally sit down and binge-watch the most extensive and greatest show of all time even though its ending sucks, thanks to its showrunners. Many of your friends might try to get you to watch this show, but you have said to them no. I know Season 8 was not perfectly executed, but we cannot deny how much this series was gold. Game of Thrones, as you know, is a lord of the rings inspired show for adults. There are massive battles and mystical things, but the two differ. Why are people so obsessed with power, their motives, and how they climb the ladder of power.

Game of Thrones is similar to The Lord of The Rings but is very different in philosophy. They ask whether loyal men who do not desire power make great kings or how a functioning kingdom would be run after the war. How are people living, how did the war get started in the first place, and would a king and queen live happily ever after, or is that all delusional? These questions will make you sit glued to your chair and binge-watch the show. Game of Thrones has dragons, white walkers, and battles, but it also has a rich history revealed in stories throughout the show, letting you know that this world has been there for a while. This show is good as it is when it comes to drama.

If you like details and layers, you will love this show, and its replay value will only improve because you’ll miss something the first time through, and on the rewatch, the show will get even better. Your eyes will finally be opened and enlightened by the most incredible television. I think it’s essential to make it clear straight up that I am talking purely in terms of the TV show though I do feel like pretty much most of the credit needs to go to the book author George R. R. Martin, for crafting this whole insane story in the first place. This is George’s world, and we are just living in it. I do not think another show out there can hit us with jaw-dropping like Game of Thrones does, so I will rank Game of Thrones at the S Tier of the Tv Show tier list.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot of Tv Show Tier List
Mr. Robot

Next, we have Mr. Robot, who stars the unreliable narrator of unreliable narrators, Elliot Anderson. He hacks everyone around him, bringing down blockheads and trying to protect people that are sad or only. Most of the individuals he investigates are awful, and it seems like he is looking for a connection but is constantly being let down. Amazingly enough, even though he is an expert hacker. He manages to remain likable and relatable throughout the show.

We must note that we are in Elliot’s head and mostly see things from his perspective. He seems to like us quite a bit. At one point, he talks about building a perfect utopia with all his friends and says we’d be there. Plenty of programs break the fourth wall, but Robot is peculiar in how much Elliot interacts with the viewers. He asked us to look for things, beg us for help, and I was shaking when he started yelling at me for not telling him about a plot twist.

I think the fast-paced story, dialogue, music ques, and cinematography all come together to make it the best pilot of all time. In Mr. Robot, our friends lose most of the time, and there are no perfect victories. The series also features a throwback sequence with a laugh track, and it’s one of the most bizarre things I have had the pleasure of watching live.

The later seasons of the series are fast-paced and horrific. Multiple moments feel like a horror movie, complete with the silence of the lamb’s type sequence. Most of the characters have mental breakdowns cause they cannot deal with the trauma anymore. Some recover, some do not. Mr. Robot and Elliot’s conflicting ideologies have always been a significant point of the show, and this is the ultimate sad culmination of that.

Season 4, Episode 7 is the episode that I will never rewatch cause I do not want to feel that way ever again. It’s got a 9.9 on IMDB and is currently the fifth highest-rated television episode. Moreover, whether a shows watcher agrees with Elliot’s or Whiterose’s philosophy depends on their excellent worldview. Some scenes make a lot more sense after the reveals that happen years later, and I have never seen that in a tv show before. It is undoubtedly some of the craziest shit you will ever see, with the biggest plot twist in the last episode. I have focused a lot on the darkness of Mr. Robot cause that is what appeals to me, but at times it is also an entertaining show. In closing, Mr. Robot is a horrifying, heartbreaking, funny, bizarre, unique show that will blow your mind until the very last, so I will put Mr. Robot in the S Tier of Tv Show tier list.



Next on this list is a must-watch. I’m not going to get full spoilers here because I am still rewatching their entire show to get a full grasp of it, going through cast interviews, and learning quantum physics to make a complete-depth analysis of this masterpiece, but this is more like a concise summary to put this in your radar in case it isn’t and convince you to stop scrolling past it on Netflix. It is the first German original series by Netflix, created by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese. They had all three seasons planned out from the beginning.

There is a book claimed to be written by the time traveler, a clockmaker known as H. G.  Tannhaus, in the series. It had a bunch of his notes scribbled in there, and the show is entirely based on it and his motives. The show revolves around this town where a boy has gone missing leading everyone to investigate and uncover many dirty secrets that the town has passed down between generations and vice-versa. This is the epitome of its kind in terms of the genre and time-travel movies. Does it get confusing, heavy, or dark? Yeah, but is it worth it? Definitely yes.

Obviously, the show demands your attention, so it is not one to play in the background when the boys are over but trust me when I say it is definitely worth the adventure. I love how it takes multiple concepts and blends them for the paradoxes, too, in a sense, kind of like canceling each other out. I love how the show tackles a talented history and how traits and decisions caused by one generation still ripple into the next.

It tells us how we end up stuck in loops because of our desires, the illusion of free will that often predestined people to their misery, and the idea that your actions can come back to haunt you. Your family, even if it ends up being parallel to you. The fact that they had this all planned out from the start, I think it is genius because it is infrequent that this happens. Dark embraces its serialized format taking its time to establish crucial relationships between individuals and across the various periods. For people who like a good mystery or time-travel plot Dark is sure to satisfy. It’s masterfully planned out and impeccably executed, so I will place Dark in the S Tier of the Tv Show tier list.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

What is Breaking Bad, and why do so many people keep telling you about it? Well, in a nutshell, it’s an experiment that ended up being very successful. Usually, the main character does not change in a series, and everyone around him does. Breaking Bad flips this on its head and decides to see if it can make a character you like to switch into a character you will gradually hate because of its harsh decisions by proactively making him do things to test your loyalty to the character. On the surface, Breaking Bad is about a straight-laced chemistry teacher who makes himself meth, but at its core, it’s about legacy, pride, father and sons, Skyler being a terrible wife, and fantastic montages.

If you want to talk entertaining, let’s talk about Breaking Bad. This is easily one of history’s most well-written and tightly plotted shows. You would think the story was planned from the beginning as each action has a thrilling consequence, and the story remains fluid and natural throughout its entire run. It all culminates in the unbelievably compelling and emotional Ozymandias that some critics call the most remarkable television episode ever made. It also contains many iconic characters, including Mr. Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Saul, Mike, and Guss, who were so popular and richly characterized. Still, they received their own surprisingly excellent spin-off.

We have been chasing the high of Breaking Bad since 2013, and nothing has come close. The show is almost perfect. I mean, it’s funny, dark, dramatic, and keeps topping itself every season. Now insert Walker White, aka Heisenberg, who represents those beaten down in life who lose their vision and give up on their dreams. He was a brilliant, accomplished chemist, and on his way up, he had some hard decisions that turned into agonizing regrets. Walt uses his brilliance and tenacity to maneuver to the top in a world he does not know the rules for.

The cinematography in this world creates an atmosphere that leaves you in all of what you are seeing. It is a cautionary tale about how dangerous pride can be, especially when you are the best at something and if you know no one is on your level. Therefore, you are indispensable in your mind, but everybody else isn’t. The character development of certain characters in this show is simply out of this world, so I will put Breaking Bad in the S Tier of Tv Show tier list.

A Tier

Prominent Shows of Tv Show Tier List
The Prominent Shows of Tv Show Tier List!

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed my favorite Tv Shows with the same amount of love compared to the above Tv Shows in the tier list. Some of the Tv Shows in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. Honestly, all the Tv Shows in this tier list have the same place in my heart. For the sake of this tier list, I have divided them into several tiers. This tier consists of 6 prominent Tv Shows from my favorite genres that I think are good but somewhat not worthy enough to be put into the S-tier of the Tv Show tier list. 



Daredevil is Marvel’s masterpiece. The storytelling, cinematography, writing, choreography, symbolism, subtlety, build-up, payoff, and characters make it the perfect superhero show. Every line, reference, and single moment felt like the whole thing was intricately designed by people who loved the character of Daredevil, and it’s infectious. I can’t help but feel the same level of affection towards it. You feel the heart-wrenching guilt and life-shattering consequences he goes through.

Daredevil is one of the few tv shows that has consistently brought me back for more. It makes the scenes much more engaging and exciting. The action in the show is not here for the sake of dumb action. Instead, it furthers the plot and drives the story forward. It shows you both sides of the story throughout its seasons. The punisher undoubtedly had the best parts from it. They gave him that monologue at the cemetery. The back and forth between him and Matt on the rooftop. Furthermore, Elektra foreshadows the dark side of Matt, and his sense of right from wrong has just been weighing him down all these years.

The writers somehow find a way to make the most unlikable characters into the most likable. Bullseye represents the inner demons of Matt from their outlooks on life down to the scene of Matt staring at him inside his devil costume. Dex’s childhood was scarily similar to Matt’s. I can’t stress enough how much I love how they wrote about this show’s religious aspects. It makes the storytelling way more provocative than a superhero show should allow. Superpowers are not what makes superheroes interesting. People like them because they deal with real problems. It is the layers and depth behind them that make them so likable.

Matt loses his sense of identity by turning away from his religion, away from his morals, and himself. That is what makes the show so much more wholesome. Matt Murdock defines a big chunk of Daredevil. If you take the man out of the costume, all you have left is the empty shell. All the bad things about him get left inside that suit. The rage, anger, and frustration are personified through Bullseye. Daredevil has one of the most satisfying endings to a show you would see nowadays.

There is never a moment where you hate watching Matt Murdock. I do not think you can be unhappy following him in this type of storytelling. This is the perfect Daredevil narrative. Watching him succeed after seeing him fail time and time again is very heartwarming. So I will put Daredevil in the A Tier of the Tv Show tier list.



The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 1986 has a notorious legacy as one of human history’s most profoundly haunting and harrowing events. The dire radiation spread the, left 1,000 square miles of Ukrainian land uninhabitable became so ingredient in popular culture as having a borderline ghostly an existential quality to it. It was an event that humanity had never seen before and left a planet with a permanent scar that reminds us to this very day of how fragile our lives are—symbolizing what can happen when a single button press unleashes a severe invisible danger with the power to wipe out our entire existence.

The tonality of Chernobyl is both vividly and horridly exploring our humanity and decades of war, political divide, and social unrest manifested in a world of intense self-defense and caution towards exposing anything that might make them seem vulnerable to the outside enemy. Chernobyl ignites an immediate sense of dread that is never alleviated and, to this day, has never been free. The brooding tension isn’t just through the toxic physical atmosphere but the harmful conditions of society about looking weak following their involvement in the second world war. The shocking aspect of the show is not the radiation but how much denial those responsible for the disaster are in.

The show masterfully puts a cross high bone-chilling it is that you can’t see the radiation or truly comprehends how quickly it’ll burn through your flesh and organs—sticking to the thematic angle of the storytelling. There is a brisk piece to events where terrifying moments seem to last a lifetime rather than just a few minutes. Chernobyl does not seem to portray itself in a way that emphasizes the menacing qualities of radiation exposure for television shock factor. But instead, it wants to accentuate the overarching tragedy that human fallibility, mismanagement, negligence, and unawareness can cause.

This was not about showcasing the events but revealing how the truth will always prevail to emerge from distortion and manipulation. Chernobyl is a horror inaction. It speaks of how we foster a culture of ignorance and deceit to control a path that isn’t for the betterment of those around us but simply for self-preservation. So I will put Chernobyl in the A Tier of the Tv Show tier list.



Is box set TV better than films? Nobody asked that question until 1999 when HBO debuted a drama about a New Jersey mafia boss Tony Soprano who started seeing a psychiatrist. You can enjoy all 86 Sopranos episodes, a story about gangsters. Imagine if Goodfellas went on for three days solid without ever flagging. The Sopranos is wickedly funny, shockingly brutal, and in Tony’s family, friends and enemies, it has scores of vivid characters who could all have their shows. There are no weak episodes, but what you’re watching here is an all-time great actor’s entire career in one handy package.

James Gandolfini grows into the role of Tony. A wounded bear of a man who can’t give up adultery and murder. At the same time, people like James Cagney and Clint Eastwood built a legend by playing similar characters over and over. Gandolfini redefined the same one until it was one of the best creations ever seen on the small or large screen. Every installment is a masterpiece of storytelling, character, and cinematography. Not so much 86 great TV episodes as 86 classic movies.

The Sopranos, most of the dramas mentioned on this tier list, would not have been made if it was not for The Sopranos. On the surface, the show details the criminal and personal lives of a specific Italian-American mob family—particularly that of its leader Tony Soprano. In contrast, the mob stuff is excellent. The Sopranos is always more interested in exploring more mundane yet universal themes around psychology, generational divides, and family. Like a great American novel, it tells one specific story while also touching on many concepts relating to the human condition.

It also helps that the show is hilarious and could even be considered a workplace comedy. It has a little bit of everything, and it does everything masterfully. So I will put Sopranos in the A Tier of the Tv Show tier list.

The Wire

The Wire Cover Art

The rise of cable in the United States has let television compete with mediums that used to look down on it and sneer. In 2002 former crime reporter David Simon’s fiendishly detailed police drama The Wire told us that TV could tell stories as complex and insightful as the finest literature. He spent most of that time covering crime, and it’s there that he learned the inner workings of a typical American city. He used his knowledge to write The Wire. We are in Baltimore. A city painted as a godforsaken lawless swamp. The title of The Wire refers to the painfully elaborate surveillance used by the cops to try to bring down local drug lords. The show’s decision to focus on lawbreakers as luring forces lets us get to know the ruthless operators at the top and the kids at the bottom who have no other career option but dealing drugs.

Some British actors made their name here on both sides, pretending to be American. Dominic West is McNulty, the archetypal rough diamond detective. Idris Elba is Stringer Bell, the crime kingpin whose rise and fall are one of The Wire’s most instructive fables. Every season has a new focus on drugs, dockers, politics, schools, and the media. Wherever they go, cops cannot cope because of the deep flaws they face on a tremendous scale of institutional deviancy.

Unlike most crime dramas, The Wire is not concerned with telling an exciting story, although it does indeed do that; instead, it is more interested in exploring how disparate parts of a city like the police force, politics, streets, and media come together to form a whole. The show has garnered immense acclaim for its realism and literary ambitions, and watching it at least once is an absolute must. If you want to come home, kick off your shoes, switch off your brain and curl up with a pleasant, relaxing experience, The Wire is the wrong show. If you want something to challenge and enrich you in a way TV drama never has before, dive in, and you will be thrilled to see what is in store for you. So, I will put The Wire in the A Tier of the Tv Show tier list.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is the best-written show on television because it does not have to play by the rules that most prestige Tv Shows play by its creators wrote those rules. Better Call Saul is one of the rare acts of franchise storytelling that feels on a level with the original. How many prequels or sequels ever reach the same heights as the story they are building off of. Breaking bad was part of a generation of prestige television shows that broke our brains. Somewhere along the line, it felt like all the best shows became obsessed with their mortality and all the conversation around those shows was about how they would end and how they would feel once they were done. This show does not have that problem. Sure there are some lingering questions, but by and large, we know what happens. We just do not know-how.

In basic journalism school terms, a show is responsible for who, what, when, where, why, and how. Saul is almost entirely concerned with how. The endpoint of the show is known so Saul can indulge in a level of detail that most other stories would breeze by. It is a show about the process, of course, of Jimmy becoming Saul, but it is really about how enormous moments in life are consequences of seemingly minor decisions and actions. In the Breaking Bad past, those actions could be harrowing. Better Call Saul’s actions may feel a little more pedestrian, but they say much about the characters.

We learned so much more about the links that Jimmy will go and the ways he can game the system to get what he wants. He will never go straight at a problem. He always looks for a shortcut, even if that takes him across state lines. When you tell a story mainly through the process in action, where the action is mail fraud or the construction of a lab for the cooking of meth, you can allow themes to emerge over time rather than be explicitly stated with dialogue.

Better Call Saul is a show that stays within the lines but colors in those lines beautifully, and you can see that in the smallest of moments, the kind any other show would skip by. Better Call Saul can invert crim show tropes with subtlety and humor regarding the underworld side of things. So I will put Better Call Saul in the A Tier of Tv Show tier list. We know that Better Call Saul is coming to an end with season six but do not think about how they will just land the plane. Enjoy this perfect show while it is still in flight.


Mindhunter of Tv Show Tier List

Mindhunter is a crime thriller that follows FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who originated the behavioral science unit within the FBI academy and the help of renowned psychologist Wendy. They interview and study serial killers. Mindhunter, in a lot of ways, is the prequel to the creation of society’s view on serial killers. David Fincher is one of Hollywood’s finest directors, producers, and writers. He nails it with his understanding of the material, music, cinematography, and actors. The excellent camera work mixed with Fincher’s usual visual flair earing nail piercing music feels unsettling.

The cast of this show is impressive. Top to bottom, everyone brings their A-game and makes the most of fantastic material from some top-notch writers. This is like a symphony. Everyone hits their marks, and it shows. Holden is knowledgeable and eventually sucked in far too deep with their work. That old detective obsession has been played repeatedly, but it’s done so wonderfully this time. Sometimes egotistical arrogance can drive an audience away from a character, but this wasn’t the case with Ford.

The casting crew did a great job of rounding up actors that cast identical faces for the roles of these infamous serial killers. One has to give special accommodation to Eddie Kemper. He is fascinating and brilliant, even with the severe instructional breakdown of his murders. His inability to keep his killings to himself is what starts the process of examining these people. Fincher does a great job of making these characters friendly, inviting, menacing, and eerie. Dozen or so interviews featuring the behavioral science unit with some of history’s most feared serial killers are the hook of this show.

The interviews are dialogue-driven scenes usually explaining in detail the accounts of these men’s horrific acts, known as sequence killers of the time commitment. It is a testament to the writing that they can make these scenes chilling and disturbing without showing what they are talking about. I am glad that hearing about necrophilia is more than enough. Mindhunter’s exploration of serial killers was never meant to dismiss the actions done by these people.

The realization that they are nothing more than just people like you and me is actually what makes it even more menacing. In this day and age, it’s a brave take to try and explain the motives of these people and understand the actions they commit. It is a fantastic interweaving of fact and fiction with true-to-life depictions of some of the worst human beings ever to live. It is unsettling and disturbing, but it is a great time. So I will put Mindhunter in the A Tier of Tv Show tier list.

B Tier

Notable Shows of Tv Show Tier List!
The Notable Shows of Tv Show Tier List!

The B-tier is an average tier where I placed those Tv Shows with decent story arcs that vastly impact my life. These Tv Shows are considered one of the best shows in television history. This tier includes four Tv Shows from my favorite genres, mainly those with well-written stories and exciting character traits.

The Boys

The Boys

If you think Brightburn was a grim take on superheroes, then you probably haven’t watched The Boys. Given the title’s subject matter, some may tune in expecting innocent superhero entertainment for the whole family. This adaptation of the comic series by Garth Ennis and Derek Robertson more than earns its TV-MA rating. With its over-the-top mayhem, use of abusive language, and several moments of sheer depravity. The boys make Deadpool look like an after-school special at times. As graphics as the series gets, it does not come off as gratuitous or exploitative. It services the show’s tone and provides a unique take on the superhero genre.

The Boys encompasses their signature shock humor that sneaks up when you least expect it. The Boys is impressive in its world-building. The first episode plops us into the middle of a universe where superheroes are a facet of everyday life. In this universe, saving the day is more of a side gig for the A-list heroes. Making public appearances and jump-starting movie franchises are their primary duties. This world only grows more fascinating as these so-called superheroes start showing their true colors giving us a peek at what goes on backstage. If you took out the superhero angle, The Boys would be a highly relevant series about how the rich and famous sometimes abuse their star power. We often idolize celebrities as superheroes who can do no wrong.

One of the show’s most compelling and relevant stories lines as Star Light finds that sometimes the most heroic thing a person can do is speak up. Other members of the seven are only interested in possessing power and the perks that come with it. In most cases, the seven cost more lives than they save due to negligence, recklessness, and disregard for human life. The Boys demonstrates what happens when the masses blindly follow authority. Many shocking twists set the tone for a show that regularly takes us to unpredictable places and tells a well-crafted mystery. The boys are also full of jaw-dropping moments that will leave you asking whether that happened or not. So I will place The Boys in the B Tier of Tv Show tier list.


Arcane of Tv Show Tier List

I am a League of Legends hater because I am a Dota player, but this does not stop me from appreciating how much Arcane is a better adaptation of the game than the Dota: Dragon’s Blood. Take my word for it when I say that arcane isn’t just good, isn’t just great, it isn’t the new bar for gaming adaptations, it’s not just the best-rated Netflix original series in history, but it is a new tier of animation, shot composition, direction and the story is pretty good too. I would not ask you to watch something, let alone cover it unless there is something worth getting out of it, and Arcane delivers like a girl after nine months from Valentine’s day.

Most of us here are fans of stories, and we should know by now that a good story does not require immediate background information. Arcane is set in a world already rich with lore and characters. It does not feel like a video game adaptation. This story ultimately holds itself without any need to research the world or characters, and that makes Arcane infinitely more accessible as a show compared to every other video game adaptation. It has an environment with internal politics, relationships, and history that have already played out and will likely continue. Newbies like myself can come in completely ignorant of the lore and have an outstanding viewing experience that is carried by solid writing and character depth, enhanced with absolutely exceptional animation.

Arcan is not telling an already known story. It gives massive depth and detail to characters and settings that fans have known forever. It takes time to fully immerse you in the world from the very first scenes. Scene one gives us information on the society we will be immersing ourselves in. It shows the effects of war, the loss of Vi and Powder’s parents, and Vander realizing that violence is maybe not always the answer. We know their strife and struggle, and our main characters have already gone down this road of pain and sorrow to no avail.

We also get this world isn’t perfect and that there is unrest that has already broken out into violence at least once. When you see the differences between Piltover and the Undercity, it’s pretty damn apparent why. This obvious dichotomy and classism between the city’s two parts serve as more than the setting. So I will put Arcane in the B Tier of Tv Show tier list.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

Next up on this tier list are Rick and Morty. Every other show on this list had to have like a sink-in period. I watched the show I thought about for a while and realized I was in love with it. Rick and Morty is a show that, after a few episodes, I felt like this might be the best-animated show of all time. Other than just being super well animated and funny. Rick and Morty constantly tackle this idea of cosmic horror. The fear of the unknown of realizing how your life is affected by forces beyond your control or how meaningless life is.

Rick and Morty is a show unlike many of its contemporaries when it travels through times and dimensions. There are not that many science fiction adult animated shows. It does stand out when you take a show like Rick and Morty and place it against its peers. It has comedy, as the memes will show you, and it also has some slice-of-life elements. An aspect that has not been explored often in adult animation is traveling through dimensions. There are many moments within the show where the characters, primarily Rick and Morty themselves, have a very existentialist and nihilistic point of view.

Compared to its peers, Rick and Morty shine, and for the longest, you think that Rick and Morty are gifts from heaven. It is a show that puts in the effort to be as good as it is. And in return, it has become one of the most popular animated shows. Because of the sci-fi element, they are free to explore tons of different aspects that a reality show can conventionally offer without using a dream sequence. Rick and Morty take this on through a character who understands the insignificance of everything and embraces it, and revels in it.

This show is a playground for ideas, creativity, and comedy. It is incredible and has everything I love, from soul-crushing introspection to fart jokes. It’s hilarious, sad, and brilliant at the same time. I love everything about this show. So I will put Rick and Morty in the B Tier of Tv Show tier list.

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman of Tv Show Tier List
BoJack Horseman

BoJack, the depressed talking horse this wast the initial pitch for, has now become many favorites and one of the greatest Tv Shows of all time BoJack Horseman. The show is about Bojack Horseman. He is a former 90s sitcom star who is now in his 50s and does not do much besides drink. Throughout the show, we follow his struggle with depression, trying to find meaning in life. We witness how his negative behavior affects himself and those around him. It’s a very distinct and unique show. First, the writing is phenomenal to the point where it is so good that the other industry writers start taking notes from it.

As the story goes on, the show evolves. The characters all grow and change with it. They are not just used as plot devices to play a specific role. They make these characters, many of whom are animals feel like real people. They are not afraid to give them conflicting and contradictory emotions. The show generally does not follow a formula and tries to wrap things up in a neat sitcom. They allow things to be left ambiguous, uncomfortable, and uncertain because that is what life and I know that all sounds bleak and depressing but trust me, they always give you a little glimmer of hope among all that darkness.

The story itself, just like its characters, is profound and complex. It is a hilarious show, but the nature of its themes is heavy and emotional for every moment. The way they weave between these different moods is practically seamless. The range of their talent is the most impressive thing to me. Every season has its distinct theme and feel, but the show plays out so cohesively that you are never left wondering how you got where you are. The animation team and actors, with their incredible work, bring this world to life. It is a beautifully written, brutally honest show, it’s one of my favorites, and I would recommend watching this show if you haven’t. So I will put BoJack Horseman in the B Tier of the Tv Show tier list.

C Tier

Praiseworthy Shows of Tv Show Tier List
The Praiseworthy Shows of Tv Show Tier List!

The C-tier is a below-average tier, but in this tier list, it has relatively the same importance as the other tiers. This tier consists of 4 Tv Shows that are gruesome and horrifying. The world-building in these shows is exceptional, and every show has unique traits. Even though they are identical to each other, fans from all over the different fandoms admire all of the Tv Shows mentioned in this tier list.



Hannibal is one of the best shows on TV. Of course, this is my opinion, so before you jump down my throat with comments about why the show you love is better, first hear me out now. I have watched a lot of TVs that Hannibal shares company with. But all of these shows, Hannibal has always been the show that stood out. I forced my friends to watch it so I could have a valid reason to rewatch it. Hannibal is about the relationship between Hannibal Lecter, who was brought to fame by Anthony Hopkins.

After watching Hannibal, I struggled to watch Anthony Hopkins play the character not because he is not significant in the role. He is Anthony Hopkins the man is a legend, but it is because Mads Mikkelsen is so damn good in the role. He carries himself with more subtlety than Hopkins did which makes sense. In the silence of the lambs, Hopkins only had about 20 minutes of screentime, and he rightfully ate it all up. Mikkelsen, on the other hand, had seasons to develop his brilliant version of the character. A man who always seems calm and collected can twist someone’s neck without batting an eye at any minute. The subtlety that Mikkelsen plays with on his face. The most negligible twitches show more emotion than most actors can do using their whole body.

The show is called Hannibal, but the main character is Hugh Dancy’s, Will Graham. His character is twitchy, neurotic, vulnerable, sarcastic, awkward, dangerous, likable, and above all wholesome, which is a weird thing to say about the character who uses his extreme empathy to piece together how a killer commits their crimes. The relationship between Will and Hannibal is intriguing that I cannot dive into without spoiling many of you. Their relationship is one of the most complex stories I have ever seen on TV in a multitude of ways.

This show pulled in great talent and used them all expertly, all thanks to the beautiful writing of Bryan Fuller. Hannibal is one of those rare shows that seem always to have the ability to surprise. No one blamed NBC for canceling Hannibal because of its low viewer turnout, but its small fan base was incredibly loyal and loved the show. So I will put Hannibal in the C Tier of the Tv Show tier list.


Vikings of Tv Show Tier List

Vikings have gone through plenty of ups and downs over the years. Even today, the show plays on many of the same strengths as it did in the beginning and suffers from the same weaknesses. One of the most intriguing choice Vikings made in its first season was the introduction of Athelstan. Ragnar decides to keep him as an enslaved person so that he can learn more about the priest and his strange Christian ways. It was a clever way to give audiences important information about Viking culture without feeling too heavy-handed. Their friendship was one of the show’s most exciting and genuine relationships. When that friendship was finally broken, it led to arguably the show’s most powerful scene.

Viking’s point of view is decidedly unique among other epic historical dramas, centering culture and religion from the typical European and Christian-led narratives as Vikings made it clear that its sensibilities were markedly different. Ragnar was not always the most likable protagonist, but Travis Fimmel knew how to captivate an audience. When he was leading the cast of Vikings, it felt impossible to look away. Even when Ragnar acted unkind and bullheaded, he remained a compelling character. Ragnar was the type of protagonist that was hard not to love, no matter what he was up to, and his eventual death in season 4 left a hole still felt in the later seasons.

Ragnar’s death was one of Viking’s most compelling scenes, and his son’s eventual retribution against Aelle proved a profoundly satisfying resolution to Ragnar’s story. But Vikings have struggled to main their creative footing following the death of Ragnar. Especially when it comes to picking which characters to follow in the absence of its former leader. Vikings have always been a brutal and bloody show, and many of its best scenes have taken place during its breathtaking battle sequences. Although Vikings have had at least one major battle every season, the show has made each one visually attractive. It is filled with exciting choreography, stunning cinematography, and pulsing music that keeps its audience on the edge of our seats. So I will put Vikings in the C tier of the Tv Show tier list.



Dexter was based on the series of books by Jeff Lindsey. The show tells us the story of Dexter Morgan. A blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD is also a crazy serial killer, but he only kills people guilty of horrible crimes, making it balanced. Dexter is driven by the need to kill, and he feels that need separates him from the rest of society. The best thing about how Dexter’s character was established was that he is an insane sociopath who commits terrible and brutal murders. Dexter justifies himself as the right thing to do with the alternative being murdering all the time.

Even though having a main character who is an incredibly dangerous menace to society and has few things that make him a good guy is commonplace in high-caliber dramas. The show, in general, was a non-stop rollercoaster of a twisted and compelling story, though only for the first four seasons. After that, it’s not that it instantly became terrible, but it started moving between being more of the same and boring. There is a lot of reflective stuff where Dexter starts exploring himself in his past and, at one point, even gets close to being in touch with humanity.

Even the stormy seasons of Dexter could still compete for your attention with many other TV shows and still come out on top because the performances are always great. Even if the story gets boring, the characters are usually interesting. I assume that if you were going to watch Dexter, you probably already did. Still, if you did not, I recommend getting into it but consider that the show peaks at the end of season 4, but you might be interested enough in the characters to want to continue. Later seasons still have some excellent moments and are not bad television. They are just not at the same level as seasons 1 through 4. They tend to get a little redundant and repetitive, excessive and unnecessary. So I will put Dexter in the C Tier of the Tv Show tier list.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy of Tv Show Tier List
Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is the number one show for many Tv Show watchers and is one of my favorites. Characters and their relationship with other characters are what make a good show for me, and it is what makes me remember and love a show. I do not think Sons of Anarchy is the best show out there compared to the Tv shows mentioned in the above-tier list. It has become good in my mind because I care about these characters. There are probably better cinematography, writing, and performances in other shows, but when you asked me about my favorite Tv Shows, Sons of Anarchy will eventually come to mind.

There is a philosophy behind Sons of Anarchy. It’s not just about riding around and shooting people, although that happens often. The story in Sons of Anarchy is fascinating. These guys are very clearly the bad guys, and everything from how they run their business to the brotherhood between them to how they deal with their problems is so exceptional. If you get invested in this show, you get to a point where you know the club’s rules and fully understand what they have to do in pretty much any situation that immerses you in this world. The characters in this show are incredibly fleshed out and deep. It is not just the main characters the show mostly revovels around but also a surprising amount of the supporting cast.

It’s because of the characters, the depths of the relationships, and the great performances in writing. Sons of Anarchy is a brutal show. It’s violent, sometimes excessively violent, but each storyline got me so involved in the emotional state of the characters. Every time they got to the part where something paid off or a character died, I genuinely cared about the characters, so I felt it with them, which was incredible. I do not think I ever got as invested in a show as I have with Sons of Anarchy in this genre, So I will put Sons of Anarchy in the C Tier of the Tv Show tier list.

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To Encapsulate

However, it is all 18 Tv Shows that I endure and love passionately, and I cannot stop myself from talking about it, as you can see in this tier list. I did a slight reordering, and I am sure we would all agree that is the correct order for the most prominent Tv Shows in all of history, and those of you who do not, you can tell me angrily down in the comments. Well, it is time for this tier list to end. One of my abilities is to waste a significant amount of time analyzing Tv Shows on how certain great they are. I have decided to use this ability to create what I believe may be the most definitive Tv Show tier list on the entire internet. To achieve this goal of my life, I chose 18 Tv Shows from different genres I liked and put them on a tier list. I am deeply sorry for your favorite Tv Shows who did not make it into this tier list. To be honest, even after writing this much, I am still not satisfied with the Tv Shows I have covered in this, as my many favorite ones are still missing. I tried to include every Tv Show in this tier list from popular fandoms worldwide.

Obviously, I took this tier list exceptionally seriously, with every tier. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below. If you have read through the entire tier list, you are undoubtedly the best television fan out there and probably like making a tier list. I hope that was useful or interesting, and you agree with my rankings of the Tv Shows in this tier list. If you do not, it’s okay. We are all part of the same geek breed, and all resonate with the Tv Show differently. To end this tier list, I would like to remind you that it is purely based on how I think about these Tv Shows, not their ratings on the internet. Thank you!

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