Details About Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024’s Ground Breaking Physics Engine Revealed

Lots of good news from the FlightSimExpo 2023

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is set to release next year. It will be available on the Game Pass, Steam, and the Xbox. The latest details about the game were revealed during FlightSimExpo 2023. They look very promising and stay with us at Top Tier List to find out more about them.

Key Points

  • The size of the game has been optimized compared to its predecessor for a smaller footprint and improved performance.
  • Gameplay has been improved significantly and it is offering more control over the aircraft while the advanced physics engine brings more realism to the table.
  • Additional enhancements include a better representation of the world and a more dynamic weather system.
  • New and improved systems for failure and tear, fuel, and hydraulic systems have been added to the game.

At the expo, they said that the current installment in the game, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has reached 12 million unique users which in comparison to the original Microsoft Flight Simulator is way better as it took it 16 years to reach that figure. Looking at the success of the game, 15+ official partners are now on board.

microsoft flight simulator partners

The 2024 version of the game is set to be the biggest in the history of flight simulation. There are over 500 people working on this title and will include accurate aviation gameplay and activities to further boost realism in the game. 

One of the biggest bummer with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was its size. It can take in excess of 200GB considering updates and everything. They announced that they have strived to work on the app itself to shrink it to a smaller size. This will free up space for people but also give a boost to the experience. As the updates, download and load times will be much optimized. 

The Gameplay

Gameplay elements have been improved as well. They have announced massive performance improvement, with more control of the aircraft to the players. Likewise, the creators of the game will give greater control over the design of the aircraft focusing on more detailed designs. There is an advanced physics engine for precise flight model calculations. This will lead to realism never seen before in flight simulation.

The advanced physics engine will give birth to the simulation of balloon flights, zeppelins, parachuting, and realistic deformation. Multithreading with this engine will be improved and will help in delivering performance enhancements.

Other than this they have improved tools to improve the static world and satellite imagery from 2D can be converted into 3D. It is hard to get the 3D data of every place around the globe. The world has become more dynamic and now Tornados and Storms with full seasons are part of the game. The animals and their migration is depicted much better.

Live air traffic and vehicle traffic have also become much better. Cities and aircraft will be updated with new and improved systems like the failure and tear system, fuel and hydraulic system, etc.