Take-Two Interactive to Launch 12 Mobile Games in Fiscal Years 2025 and 2026

Expanding their mobile presence.

Recently we at Top Tier List got our hands on hands on the Q4 and fiscal year 2023 conference call of Take-Two Interactive, the second-largest video game company in the world. The statements in this document are forward-looking statements which means they include forecasts, estimates, intentions, and beliefs and are there to provide insight into the future of the company. The call was led by the chairman Strauss Zelnick and the president Karl Slatoff with the CFO Lainie Goldstein.

Key Points

  • Take-Two’s acquisition of Zynga brought successful mobile games under their ownership, surpassing expectations in terms of in-app purchases.
  • Games like Top Eleven, CSR Racing 2, and Empires and Puzzles showcased strong performance, contributing to the success of Take-Two’s mobile gaming efforts.
  • Take-Two plans to launch 12 mobile games in fiscal years 2025 and 2026, highlighting their focus on expanding their presence in the mobile gaming market.
  • With the successful integration of Zynga and the acquisition of GameClub, Take-Two demonstrates a commitment to growth and further acquisitions in the mobile gaming sector.

In the document, two notable things caught our eyes. One was how their digital sales have improved over the last fiscal year and their aim to launch 12 mobile games in the fiscal year 2025 and 2025.

rockstar 12 mobile titles 2025 2026
12 Mobile Games Planned for 2025-2026

In May of 2022, Take-Two completed the acquisition of one of the mobile giants, Zyngna. The acquisition cost them $12.7 billion, which brought many games by Zygna under Take-Two ownership, which includes popular games like Farmville, Words with Friends 2, Zynga Poker, and many more.

In the document, it was acknowledged that Zyngna’s in-app purchases surpassed expectations. Their game, like Top Eleven, CSR Racing 2, Empires, and Puzzles, did really well. They also hinted towards further acquisitions to improve their mobile gaming endeavors. In March 2023, they acquired GameClub, an online multi-game subscription for mobile devices, and according to a leak, they are making a launcher for mobile with them.

take two new potential acquisitions
Take-Two Potential New Acquisition

Karl Slatoff, in the document, acknowledged the success of this acquisition in the document. He said: I’d like to thank our colleagues around the world for delivering another momentous year for Take-Two.

Our integration with Zynga has gone incredibly well and we continue to release many of the industry’s
highest quality, most engaging entertainment experiences, thanks to the incredible passion and talent
of our teams.

Mobile games have played a successful role in the success of the previous fiscal year of Take-Two Interactive. In the document, Strauss Zelnick acknowledged that:

NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition continues to bring the best basketball experience to mobile devices and has maintained its #1 position on Apple Arcade

This shows why Take-Two Games are happy to launch so many mobile titles. They plan to launch Star Wars: Hunters for mobile soon, and these 12 mobile titles have us very excited.