Rockstar Mobile Launcher Leaked in GTA San Andreas Mobile Update

Rockstar Mobile launcher discovered in GTA San Andreas mobile update

An update released by the gaming studios is a goldmine for data miners. That is what recently happened. Rockstar has been updating the GTA San Andreas for Android and IOS, and the data miners struck gold by finding details about a mobile launcher and a paid subscription service.

Our team at Top Tier List found a post by the user Logan-McGee on GTA Forums. He was looking at the code change with the latest update, and he found many things, including a launcher coming for mobile, a GTA+ subscription, a new login screen, and a possible free trial timer, where you play the games for a specific time period as a trial.

Major Takeaways

  • A data miner has uncovered details about a Rockstar mobile launcher in the works for mobile devices.
  • The code in the GTA San Andreas update for mobile revealed that the launcher might have a potential integration with the GameClub APIs and libraries.
  • GameClub was acquired by Rockstar, they are a cloud-based provider of games on mobile devices. So this link does make sense.
  • Rockstar’s acquisition of GameClub hints at their focus on subscription-based gaming for mobile devices, potentially impacting developers like Groove Street Games. A free trial timer further solidifies this claim.

The user claims that the name for the launcher will possibly be Rockstar Mobile. In the code, there were mentions of, which is a video game subscription service for Android and IOS devices. Rockstar recently acquired them. The data miner clarified that the game codes do not currently include any assets related to the paid subscription.

There is a reference in the code to the ‘mobile launcher’ that integrates with GameClub’s libraries and APIs. Expected feature: providing free access to previously purchased non-launcher titles by verifying proof of purchase (e.g., Google Play receipt).

From this, we can assume that GameClub is working on creating the mobile version of the Rockstar games launcher, which is available on PC. The subdomains were found in the new San Andreas update files, and the reverse DNS searches also hint towards this. We can not show the code for obvious reasons, but there is a hint towards this, and Rockstar would not have acquired GameClub for no other reason, as they specialized in subscription-based gaming for mobile devices.

This might be very bad news for Groove Street Games, who were the developers behind the disastrous GTA Trilogy, and then they were kicked out. Now the mobile versions of the game might be managed by the GameClub.

The data miner reveals in his latest comment under the thread:

As of version 2.11.32 (maybe there was another prior? unsure), they removed all of the code that was contained in 2.11.13 relating to this launcher and all of the mobile api logic, whatever they are cooking it was definitely not meant to be found just yet

So one can say that it was a blunder on the part of Rockstar, and they did not mean to reveal this yet. Talking of leaks, we might finally have a release date for ‘The Settlers New Allies’ for the consoles; read our report on this here.