A Leak Suggests ‘The Settlers New Allies’ Console Release Date

The game was delayed indefinitely on consoles but now we have a ray of hope.

The game was supposed to launch on the consoles on March 23rd, but for the best possible experience for the players, Ubisoft delayed the game indefinitely. They promised to share more details in the near future. But now, before they have spoken a word about it, the credible leaker @Pyro_ND has claimed that the game will have a release date for consoles revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Our team at Top Tier List saw this latest tweet from Pyoro, where he claims that the release date for the console version will be announced in the upcoming weeks. 

Key Points

  • Ubisoft had delayed the console release of ‘The Settlers New Allies’ for an indefinite period of time, as they were not sure about delivering an optimal experience to the players.
  • The credible leaker @Pyro_ND has now claimed that they will announce the release date for consoles in the upcoming weeks.
  • The PC version of the game received mixed reviews and was heavily criticized for its lackluster gameplay.
  • The release date for Steam is still not certain, and we can only hope for a better version of the game on the consoles.


The game has already been released on PC in February, and the reviews about the game were mixed, where it was criticized for its lackluster gameplay and the lack of innovation. The game has not been polished on PC, and it seemed Ubisoft released it silently as they couldn’t pump more money into the game. The game is only available on the Ubisoft launcher and the Epic store, and there seems to be no definite release date for it on Steam.

The settlers new allies gameplay
The Settlers New Allies Gameplay

One can assume that Ubisoft did not release the game on Steam to avoid a massive backlash, and from our knowledge and past data, we can say that the game is highly unlikely to come to Steam for at least a year.

We can only hope for the game to run better than the PC version on the consoles. The game had performance issues, but beyond that, the game was very repetitive, and the whole dynamics of the game were different from the classic Settler games. Also, Ubisoft, during the close beta testing, removed many cool gameplay features from the game. 

The optimists can pray that the delay was for the good and that the console version is way better than what we currently have on the PC, while the doubters can rightfully doubt Ubisoft because, beyond the Far Cry and Assasin’s Creed games, they usually don’t do justice to the games.

That is all from us in this article. Hopefully, we would hear from you in the comments section below, but before signing off, we would like to tell you that Behaviour Interactive has recently released a DLC for their title called ‘Meet Your Maker,’ and you might want to check our report on it here.