EA Sports FC24 Xbox Beta Size and Gameplay Screenshot Leaked

The beta is set to release on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One

EA Sports FC is the rebranding of EA’s famous Fifa franchise after their agreement with FIFA had ended. The hype around the game has been there since people are curious about what the rebranding will bring to the table.

For this purpose, the close beta always has the players excited, as it is their early dive into the game. Some lucky chosen ones around the globe get to have their hands on the game way before many people. They get limited access to Pro clubs, Career Mode, Volta football, and the Ultimate Team, but this time around, we are not sure what EA has in store for us besides these.

In a Nutshell

  • EA Sports FC24 is the rebranded version of EA’s famous FIFA franchise after their agreement with FIFA ended, generating excitement among fans curious about the changes.
  • The close beta for EA Sports FC24 on Xbox consoles is rumored to start soon, with selected players gaining early access to Pro clubs, Career Mode, Vola football, and Ultimate Team.
  • The beta size for Xbox Series X is leaked to be 41.57GB, while Xbox One’s beta size is reported to be 39.23GB, indicating a slight decrease from the previous year’s close beta.
  • A leaked screenshot reveals a new camera angle during a goal kick in EA Sports FC24, showcasing in-game possession statistics that can be viewed without accessing the pause menu, thanks to the advanced Hypermotion V technology.

Our team at Top Tier List came across a tweet from the reliable @ALumia_Italia, who has tweeted that the size of the beta on the Xbox Series X will be 41.57GB and the size of the beta on the Xbox One will be 39.23GB. The close beta is rumored to start this weekend on consoles. Last year the close beta on the Xbox Series X was 44.7GB which, according to the rumor, has decreased this year. While we don’t know anything about the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

Another leak caught our eye from the Twitter user FUTZONEFIFA. The screenshot he posted on his tweet shows the camera angle from a goal kick. The major thing seen in the screenshot is the in-game possession statistics. You don’t need to go back to the pause menu to see this statistic anymore thanks to the Hypermotion V.


FUTZONEFIFA had claimed that the Hypermotion V is very advanced and will use 590 frames of advanced capture, which, in comparison to the FIFA 23, is 80 times more. These are all rumors, the first leaker has a good track record, and the second leaker has shown proof. Still, take it with a pinch of salt.

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