Details of ‘Man of the Match’ a New Realistic Football Video Game Revealed

This might have a huge potential.

Man of the Match is a football video game that will be available for both consoles and PC. The game is free to play, play to earn, and as the developer says on their website ”built for the community and by the community.” The developers recently revealed details about the game on their Twitter account.

The developer has promised in a series of tweets that the game is very immersive and elevates reality never seen before in football video games. In the game you can engage as a player or as a manager and the game is ever-evolving and you have to participate in different roles. The developer promised that more details will be shared in a series of tweets later on but in this Twitter thread, they talked about the initial game setup, structure, and guidance.


  • Man of the Match (MOTM) is a free-to-play football video game for consoles and PC, promising an immersive and groundbreaking experience.
  • The game offers both player and manager roles, with an ever-evolving gameplay structure with a unique twist to the gameplay.
  • Rewards are associated with matches, with higher league levels offering greater rewards. players must consider attributes like stadium capacity, fan base, and financial resources.
  • Players can create personalized avatars using state-of-the-art image-capturing technology and have the choice to earn less and play as a starter in a lower league or warm the bench for a top-tier team that pays more, adding an intriguing decision-making element to the game.


First, they discussed the structure of the game. They said that in the game each country has its own football association that runs their national team and there are local clubs that will play in the League Pyramid. The League Pyramid is their unique system for leagues and is quite different than the other games. In their league system, you will not get a randomly selected opponent but you will know in advance who your opponent will be. Quoting them “….. For instance, you might have matches on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 PM.”

The matches you play will have rewards associated with it. As they said, this game is an earn-to-play game. The higher the level of your league the higher the reward. An example is that in Premier League’s reward is bigger than the 2nd tier leagues in England, as the level is higher. 

They further said that the clubs in the game are owned by the governments, municipalities, and fans. This is a very dynamic system and fake names are given to these clubs for example “FC Londo Dynamo.” The world is so dynamic that each club is distinct from the rest and when you pick one you need to take care of this and continue its legacy accordingly.

It’s important to consider the unique attributes each club possesses. Factors such as stadium capacity, fan base, fan types, and financial resources can greatly impact your management experience. Take the time to research the club’s league standing, rivalries, and overall ethos to find a perfect match for your management goals and preferred play style. While customization options like changing the club’s name, colors, jersey, or sponsor may be available, modifying the complexity of the fanbase proves challenging.

We have already highlighted that you can play as a player as well. There is a state-of-the-art image-capturing technology that helps you create your personalized avatar. You will have a unique role within the club and you need to take into account other factors to take your career to the next level. This doesn’t stop here.

Create your very own avatar by your personal mobile device.
Create your very own avatar on your personal mobile device.

Since this is an earn-to-play game you need to decide if you want to earn less and be a starter in a lower league or would you want to warm the bench for a top-tier team that pays you more. We are very excited and this game can be a breath of fresh air. Let us know what you think about it, in the comments below.