Snacks Tier List [2023]

The best to worst categorization of your favorite snacks

When you think of a snack, what comes to your mind first? Cookies? Chips? Chocolates? Well, anything can be a snack if you want to call it a snack. Thus, we can conclude that everyone has a different connotation of a snack, which is subjective. We have assembled a snacks tier list for you guys to deal with forms of snacks and to know more about their subjectivity.

I slept on the couch at night and found a pizza slice lying on a table; in the morning-call it a snack. Snacks are not always unhealthy; they can be healthy too. Munching on a celery stick before a dinner smoothie is a snack. If Americans had one job, it would be loading up every snack on the planet for every second, as if Earth is getting destroyed. With this, Americans get whooping amounts of sugar, fats, and carbohydrates into their stomachs; that too is what they can handle. Sometimes, a hectic day calls for a sweet, savory, or salty snack to make themselves feel better. It does not matter if it is healthy or unhealthy.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 25 entries in the article.
  • We rank all the snacks based on health benefits, taste, ease of availability, and price.
  • Snacks like Popcorn, Combos, Chex Mix, and Flipz Pretzels are in the highest tiers.
  • You will observe snacks like Sun-Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins, Entenmann’s Glazed Donut Pop’ems, Hostess Snoballs, and Snickers among the lowest tiers.


We have created the table below to provide a summary of each entry.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
PopcornsCreative Snack's Organic Coconut SnacksNature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar York Dark Chocolate Peppermint CandyEntenmann's Glazed Donut Pop'ems
CombosGOOD SAM Organic Oats 'n HoneyAnimal CrackersHostess Snoballs
Flipz PretzelsMacadamia NutsBare Apple Chips Fuji RedChoi's Seaweed SnacksFritos Corn Chips Chili Cheese
Chex MixWhisps Parmesan Cheese CrispsOreosDoritosSnickers
Veggies and HummusSugar-Free Popsicles Hippeas Rockin'RanchBubbies Passion Fruit Sun-Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins
Mochi Ice CreamHummus Sea Salt Chips
Famous Amos Cookies

Continue reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

S-tier of snacks
Extremely Healthy Snacks

First, S-tier snacks are best known for their taste, ease of preparation, quality, and availability. These snacks have more nutritional value a lot more as compared to other tiers. They are to die for and deserve to be ranked in the “outstanding” category of chips. These snacks will give your taste buds the treat you want. They are incredibly delicious and almost impossible to withstand. You can munch as much on them as you want to without being scared of gaining those extra calories.

In short, go ahead with the finest selections in life, and eat away exceptionally best, S-tier snacks to brighten up your disposition in seconds. Below, we have listed the S-tier snacks. Let us read ahead.


Popcorns have to be ranked on the S-tier. They are light, delicious, and look appetizing. Do we not think there would be anyone who would say no to popcorn? Have a bad day? Pop some popcorn! They can be the most delicious snacks, unlike others with some seasoning. Popcorns taste great and are available in various flavors, such as butterscotch, salted caramel, and candy.

Popcorns are super cheap and available at almost every store. You can grab a pack of tasty popcorn by the street and enjoy it on your way. They will not cost more than a few dollars. Popcorns are mainly made of corn and whole grains, with little to no oil. From here, you can guess how nutritionists they are. Entire grains have proteins and fibers associated with lowering heart-related risks.

Flavors Salty Chocolate Caramel, Loaded Baked Potato, Blueberry
Calories 375


Next up, we have combos. If you are up for some good, healthy, easy-to-make snacks, then you should consider nothing else but combos. They are delicious and will satisfy your cravings right away.  Combos come in various fillings, and you can choose from them. They also have different crusts, such as tortillas, pretzels, and crackers. Each one of them is a treat for your taste buds.

They are readily available everywhere, whether in small grocery stores or supermarkets. Get a pack of those, and enjoy for the month. Plus, they are not that expensive either. One packet has many, so do not worry about running out of stock. They are also high in protein, as the tortillas comprise whole grains. They can give you an instant boost of energy. We do not think there would be any other option than this on the snacks tier list.

Flavors Mustard Pretzel, Zesty Salsa Tortilla, Cheeseburger Cracker
Calories 138.9

Flipz Pretzels

The tier list is incomplete without adding Flipz Pretzels. We do not think there would be anyone who would say no to these. They are a hearty treat and can brighten your mood in just a few seconds. Want to taste a match made in heaven? Flipz Pretzels can do this job for you. Pretzels have salt and sugar in such moderation that you are never left with more salt or more sugar. Due to this reason, Flipz Pretzels are known as extremely delicious snacks.

Pretzels become impossible to resist when coated in chocolate milk or white chocolate glaze. You can imagine now how tasty they are and how happy they can make you just by eating a pretzel. Not only this, Flipz Pretzels have a great flavor. Alongside that, its crunchiness can also give you a sense of satisfaction.  These are super easy to make as well as quite convenient to find.  The health benefits they have are numerous. They are high in proteins, so you can munch on as much as you want without gaining extra calories.

Flavors Chocolate Mint, Candy Cane, Strawberry 
Calories 130

Chex Mix

Have you got bored with just one snack on your plate? Well, do not worry; Chex Mix is at your service. Chez Mix is a highly-rated Filipino Snack. With Chex Mix, you get a variety of different flavors to enjoy. For those who do not know what Chex is, it is a mix of bagels, pretzels, breadsticks, and cereals in one pack. They can be enjoyed with milk for breakfast and eaten as evening or midnight snacks. 

The Chex Mix has many health benefits, considering all items are included.  They are corn, whole grains, and wheat. Similarly, sugar is relatively minor, and carbohydrates give you immense energy needed for the day. We think Chex Mix is the healthiest snack you can find, do try it. Chex Mix is easily available and is affordable as well. One pack will go a long way.

Flavors Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, or Birthday Cake-flavored bars.
Calories 424

Veggies and Hummus

Next, we have the easiest-to-prepare snack: veggies and hummus. Hummus is a creamy and yummy addition to any vegetable-based snack. Hummus is known for adding extra flavor to vegetables and creating a hearty snack in just a fraction of a minute.

Do you know what’s best about veggies and hummus? You can eat as much as you want without worrying about gaining weight. No fear, no worries, just taste and flavor! Talking about its availability, it is available almost everywhere. The preparation time is about two minutes; you only have to take out the veggies and dip them in the hummus.  It is a healthy and budget-friendly option that you can get. It will not cost more than a few cents. These two taste heavenly together, and veggies can be complemented with hummus dip.

Flavors Carrots, Sugar Snap Peas, Thin Sliced Celery
Calories 145

A Tier

A-tier of snacks
Good Quality Snacks

No doubt, A-tier has “good” or “good-quality snacks.” They have all the attributes of being a good snack, with just one aspect missing. These snacks are good for health and are readily available everywhere. They are not as bad as the tiers below. However, they are not as good as the S-tier as well. But still, if  S-tier is unavailable, you can blindly trust A-tier snacks. They are delicious, full of nutrients, and affordable.

These snacks are the second-best choice of consumers on the tier list. You should give these a try and know for yourself.  Below, we have listed the A-tier snacks. Let us read ahead.

Creative Snack’s Organic Coconut Snacks

The mixture of coconut, cranberries, cashews, almonds, and chia seeds in one packet is heaven on Earth. You get the goodness of all these fantastic dry fruits in one package. How can you not love it? Creative coconut snacks consist of proteins and healthy fats; through these, you can spend the day easily. You can even have it for dinner. They are so filling that you might also skip dinner as well.

Creative Snacks Organic Coconut Snacks are best for those on a diet. It tastes delicious and sweet. Oh, did we just say sweet? It has a bit of sweetness due to sugar and might invite some carbohydrates as well. But if eaten in moderation, this issue can be tackled well. Besides that, protein and fiber in the chia seed are enough to kick off this sudden sugar rush. Likewise, these cookies are available everywhere and are easy to eat.

Flavors Natural, chocolate, caramel, and even chili
Calories 2000

GOOD SAM Organic Macadamia Nuts

The A-tier would be incomplete without GOOD SAM Organic Macadamia Nuts. They are not flavored. You cannot taste any sugar or salt.  Coming toward the taste, these nuts might taste a bit bland to some people. As the taste buds get used to sugar or salt, eating something completely flavorless might not be welcomed. It is similar to eating raw nuts right out of the shell.

These nuts act as a great appetizer before the main meal; your tastebud will crave some flavors after these. They were ranked as the extremely good appetizer on the appetizers tier list.  Talking about the nutritional value, these are the winner without any doubt. They are full of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. It has healthy fats that will benefit your body.  They are a little expensive, but if we look at the nutritional value, it completely justifies the price. They are available and easily accessible as well. 

Flavors Hazelnut, Roasted, and salted pistachios 
Calories 450

Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps

Whips Parmesan Cheese Crips are not like any ordinary chips. They are delicious, healthy, and filling. These cheese chips are nutritious; you can count on them without fear of gaining weight. They are filled with whooping amounts of fats but do not be alarmed by that. These fats are not unhealthy; they can benefit your body. Apart from that, these crisps have low sodium levels, which you should take care of, so eat in moderation.

Whips Parmesan Cheese crips are incredibly delicious. The crunch after every bite transfers relief to the mind. The taste just gets better with every bite. Each crisp is embedded in flavor. They are also available everywhere, so you do not need to search for them. They are rightly priced as well. Just pop a bag of yummy parmesan crisps and eat on the go.

Flavors Parmesan Garlic & Herb, Cheddar Tangy Ranch, Cheddar Smokey Barbeque, Keto Snacks
Calories 170

Sugar-Free Popsicles

Sometimes, all a person wishes to snack on is something sweet and refreshing; that is when you should look for Sugar-free Popsicles. They are sweet, delicious, and available in various flavors. You might get shocked after this; these popsicles do not have sugar. Yes! They are sugar-free and utterly free of carbohydrates, fats, sodium, and sugar. Yet, they get this fantastic taste even without adding any sugar.

However, these popsicles do not have any nutritional value since they miss significant elements such s carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, neither you lose something nor gain anything. These popsicles can be found everywhere and are super easy to eat. Just open up a popsicle and lick away.

Flavors Hawaiian Pineapple, Tropical Orange, Caribbean Fruit Punch
Calories 15

Hippeas Rockin’ Ranch

When you are craving something crunchy to bite on, Hippeas Rockin’ Ranch can help you with that. They can be called a decent or good snack to kick off a sudden hunger rush. Let us know more about this excellent, yummy, and nutritional snack. Hippeas is mainly made up of chickpeas. We all know how much protein and good fats chickpeas have. So you can now imagine how much nutrition you will give your body if you consume a handful.

Hippeas Rockin’s Ranch tastes fabulous, no suspicion. The ranch savor complements the natural flavor of chickpeas and creates a deadly blend. You cannot resist these! However, ranking it in the A-tier and not S-tier is apparent. Hippeas do contain some carbs, so you should be careful about that. To summarize, we surely recommend it!

Flavors chickpeas
Calories 150

B Tier

B-tier of snacks
Satisfactory Snacks

The B-tier consists of “average” or “mediocre ” snacks.” These chips are not too bad or not too good. You cannot hate them entirely, but you cannot love them either. These snacks have good qualities as well as bad qualities. But none of them outweighs the other and strikes a perfect balance. B-tier snacks lie between the two extremes; good and bad.

You cannot say these snacks have something special, but they will make the deal for you. You can freely go with the B-tier only if the above tiers are unavailable. At least it will satisfy your hunger and not disappoint you. Below, we have listed the B-tier snacks. Let us read ahead.

Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar Oats ‘n Honey

Granola honey Bars are the favorite snack of many people. They taste plentiful and delicious when paired with some fresh vegetables. It will become a more filling snack to satisfy that sudden hunger rush. Granola Bars are not healthy as people think they are. They are loaded with carbohydrates and calories, making you gain weight quickly. However, they do not have that many fats, and it also has low sodium levels.

Only if Granula Honey Bars are eaten in moderation will they not cause weight gain. The price of this snack is pretty reasonable, not expensive. Plus, they are readily available everywhere; you can grab a packet and make it last a month. Due to these reasons, they are ranked in the B-tier.

Flavors Crunchy bar
Calories 190

Bare Apple Chips Fuji Red

Are you tired of cutting an apple into slices? Do not worry anymore, as Bare Apple Chips is at your service. These are apple-dried snacks that you can eat to kill your hunger. In contrast to other options, Bare Apple Chips are not that good. They are just mediocre and average-tasting apple chips coated in sugar. They have high sugar content along with some carbs.

Therefore, you need to eat them in moderation. They are not associated with any health-related risks, but sugar can cause problems if consumed in access. These chips can be found almost everywhere and are moderately priced as well. However, there is nothing too special about them. If you get top-tier snacks, avoiding these is better.

Flavors Cinnamon, Multi-Fruit, Toasted Coconut
Calories 90


You might feel a little hurt after seeing oreo here. There is no doubt that they taste amazing, and they are almost impossible to resist. But wait, do you know how much sugar you put inside your stomach just by having three packs of Oreos? A lot! Yes, a lot of sugar.

Oreos are one of the favorite biscuits of every person and are rated as extremely good snacks on the snacks tier list. What’s shocking is that they can put you at a health risk. Apart from that, Oreos taste delicious. They are available in different varieties and flavors, from which you can choose.

They are readily available everywhere and are inexpensive too. However, dropping Oreos in the B-tier is a sudden consumer sugar level rise. And this outweighs all the good aspects of Oreos. 

Flavors chocolate, dark chocolate, golden, mint, lemon, coconut, salted caramel, pistachio, pina colada
Calories 52kcal per piece

Bubbies Passion Fruit Mochi Ice Cream

If you are not that hungry and looking for something that can give you a boost before dinner, then you can count on the Bubbies Passion Fruit Mochi Ice Cream. It has passion fruit and creamy consistency. So if you wish to have something sweet plus creamy, then mochi ice cream can help you.

It tastes good, similar to many other flavors out there. However, if you do not have passion fruit or are allergic to it, you should avoid it. In contrast to the above tiers, it has nothing special in particular to it. Be aware of the sugar content it has for you. If you overeat, then you might get yourself in trouble. Eat moderately and enjoy the Bubbies Passion Fruit Mochi Ice Cream tub for a month.

Flavors rice flour 
Calories 90

Famous Amos Cookies

We do not think there would be anyone who would say no to cookies. And we all know how much sugar they contain unless they are sugar-free. But still, we eat them like it is our last time. Famous Amos Cookies has some good points as well as some bad points as well. To make you happy, we will start with the good aspects first. The cookies are delicious; there is no more debate on this. The perfect blend of dough with chocolate chip cookies is a match made in heaven. They are incredibly yummy, and you cannot stop munching on them.

We are now moving to the bad aspects that these cookies have.  Firstly, they are cookies with a lot of sugar, carbohydrates, and extra fats. Therefore, you should be conscious of this and eat in moderation. However, they have none if we talk about these cookies’ exceptional quality. They are normal and generic cookies that all brands sell. In contrast, these cookies have relatively more minor amounts of sugar and carbs.

Flavors Chocolate, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel
Calories 503

C Tier

C-tier of snacks
Below Average Snacks

The C-tier includes all those options that fall under “unsatisfactory” or “below-average” snacks. These snacks are more inclined towards the D-tier in the snacks tier list than the above tiers. A tiny thread only saves the snacks in this tier from falling into the category of worst snacks.

These snacks only have one or two reasonable aspects. Nothing more can be expected from them. They can be easily skipped when the above tiers are available.

Either they will taste good, but for the rest, they will surely dissatisfy you, such as being high in sugar or fats. In short, C-tier has nothing distinctive or remarkable. Better sidestep them. 

Below, we have listed the C-tier snacks. Let us read ahead.

York Dark Chocolate Peppermint Candy

Next on the list is York Dark Chocolate Peppermint candy which is the favorite snack of many people but this Australian Snack is not loved by some people. We could not believe this candy would have this much sugar. It is filled with sugar, even though it has dark chocolate. However, the candy is less on other things such as fats and carbohydrates, but the sugar can take away all the charm. 

The candy tastes delicious and can quickly satisfy the sudden hunger kicks. They can be found everywhere and are not that expensive either. However, this might not be the best option if someone wishes something more flavorful and filling. 

Flavors Chocolate Truffle Mint
Calories 100

Animal Crackers

Animal crackers can take you back to old times when we were young. These were the only snacks we would love to munch on. However we were kids back then, but for now, our thoughts and perceptions about them are changed.

The only good fact about these crackers is that they are low in saturated fats. Otherwise, they are high in calories and sodium. But still, the sodium level is not that high.

The animal crackers are ranked as an unsatisfactory snack. They are colorless and taste bland, like sand. Even sand would taste better than them. You cannot differentiate between a cracker and sand unless you coat them with chocolate or peanut butter.

Flavors vanilla, cotton candy, cinnamon, and chocolate.
Calories 446

Choi’s Seaweed Snacks

Choi’s Seaweed Snacks are not the worst snack on the tier list; instead, they are more inclined toward the healthy side of snacks. That does not mean we will rank in the above tiers; for some reason, it has been dropped off in the C-tier of snacks. Seaweeds are slightly salty, and you might feel thirsty after consuming a packet. It means these have sodium in them, which you need to avoid. Apart from this, the carbohydrates and other fats levels are low.

Regarding the portion and quantity, you get a small number of seaweeds in each pack that might run out too quickly. Restocking the Choi’s Seaweek Snacks back would be your primary job. However, they are not so delicious that you would want to refill them repeatedly. 

Flavors Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Teriyaki, Toasted Sesame, Wasabi
Calories 25


Everyone loves Doritos. It has a wide range of flavors. Each one of them has a different fan base. However, Doritos is not the best option for munching on healthy snacks. Admit it or not, Doritos chips are a processed snack. Therefore, the chips will be high in sodium, carbohydrates, calories, and fats. Due to this, it becomes an entirely unhealthy choice when it comes to snacks.

However, the taste outweighs even that, and no matter how much harm it can cause, people still love Doritos for its taste and flavor. It is delicious, available everywhere, and well-priced. The only reason for ranking it in the C-tier is the health concern that it brings with itself.

Flavors Crunchy, FLAMIN’ HOT, Nacho Cheese
Calories 150

D Tier

D-tier of snacks
Extremely Unhealthy Snacks

The D-tier, the worst snacks tier, is known for having snacks that most people do not like. The snacks belong to reputable companies, and we are shocked how they can launch these blunders into the market. They do not have anything special about them and are not unusual either.

They might be liked for their taste as most of them are sweet; however, the health risks they have for the consumers are beyond imagination. Not only this, they are not accessible easily as well as the portion is also less. In short, this tier only has trash items; one should not waste money on these. Below, we have listed the D-tier snacks. Let us read ahead.

Entenmann’s Glazed Donut Pop’ems

The Entenmann’s Glazed Donut Pop’ems might look good and appetizing to the human eye but beware of what they can do to your body. They look like tiny cutie balls of donuts that can bring a smile to your face but man, that amount of sugar rush you will get is beyond your imagination. They are filled with extreme sugar levels; one serving has four glazed donuts, and these four are enough to give you diabetes. 

They are ranked as the worst snacks mainly because of their sweet taste. Regarding the other aspects, the serving size is not good either; they should be more in a box. Their availability is also an issue; you can get them online or in specific stores.  In short, even if they taste good, the sugar and calorie content outweighs that and make them the worst snack one can recommend to you. Avoid at any cost. 

Flavors caramel 
Calories 240

Hostess Snoballs

Hostess Snoballs might look cutie to you, but hold on; they can be so evil to your health you cannot even imagine. It is common sense that something prepared after using marshmallows, chocolates, cream, and coconut would be so sugary and unhealthy. These are the best examples of unhealthy snacks.

The packet consists of two snowballs, and the serving size is only one snowball. Each contains 320 calories, 10 grams of fat, 58 grams of carbs, and 40 grams of sugar. So now you can calculate whether you want to eat them or not. Hostess snowballs are made in hell to destroy your health. Apart from that, the serving size is less—just two balls in one pack for an expensive price tag. The Hostess Snoballs will taste great, we are sure about that, but do not misunderstand that. Its taste might cover the sugar it has for you. Stay alert!

Flavors coconut snack cakes
Calories 330

Fritos Corn Chips, Chili Cheese

These chips are all wrong, whether the taste, quality, or nutritional risks. These chips are ranked as one of the worst snacks on the snacks tier list chips. The corn chips are nothing but a bag full of all the nasty surprises for you; let us know more about them.

Firstly, let us talk about the nutritional risks these chips have. One packet of Fritos contains 10 grams of fat and 210 milligrams of sodium, so you can imagine how unhealthy these are. It has all the things that dieticians are extremely against.  Apart from this, the chili flavor is not liked by most people; it has a lot of spice, which is intolerable. The color is caramel color, and it is believed as a carcinogen for humans. Now you know how bad these chips are for you.

The taste is not great, either. Nothing too special about it. You can quickly get other similar but better options in the market. We do not recommend these. 

Flavors Original Fritos, Flamin’ Hot Fritos, Lightly Salted Fritos, Bar-B-Q Fritos
Calories 160


We are sorry if you thought Snickers was healthy. Snickers are not fit at all. Because they have nuts doe snot, they can be called beneficial; they are unhealthy. Firstly, whenever you hear the word, the first thought that comes to your mind is “sweet” and “sugar.” The same goes for Snickers, which is nothing but nuts drenched in sugar and caramel. You might get the protein out of nuts, but the sugar and caramel can outweigh that and ultimately kill the nutritional value.

Snickers is ranked as one of the worst snacks. Plus, a snicker bar is expensive, too, compared to other chocolates; therefore, it can also burden your pocket.  Talking about the taste, it is not flavorful, in our opinion. It has the same chocolatey taste with a subtle flavor of nuts in it. The caramel adds even more to the sweetness and can overburden you. In short, you can find more good and healthy options in chocolates than Snickers.

Flavors Marathon Energy Bar Chewy Peanut Butter, Creamy Maple Almond Butter Squares, Caramel Nut Mix
Calories 488

Sun-Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins

We do not even know why they are still in the market. They are the most useless snacks. Nobody wants these, just no one!
Just raisins covered in yogurt? Eww. That tastes disgusting. The mixture of yogurt and raisins can never be good.

Eating the Sun-Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins individually is better than eating them mixed. Yogurt will taste 100 times better if you do not eat it with the raisins, trust us on this. Besides, the sugar content is so much that it will give you diabetes. Of course, they are covered in sugar, and vanilla yogurt will indeed have carbohydrates and sugar. Even if they are available everywhere, nobody wants these. Better never spend money on these, please!

Calories 130

Hummus Sea Salt Chips

Rated as the worst snacks on our tier list, these chips are just a disaster. There is nothing good about these. Even if you try to find one exemplary aspect of it, you just cannot. Firstly, they are loaded with salt. It is embedded in every corner of the chips. Make sure you keep a bottle of water with you while eating these.

The salt content can elevate your blood pressure level and make you visit the doctor. You will forget what snacking even means; these chips are that bad. The description says they are made up of chickpeas and hummus, but it is unlike what it says. The chips are processed, and unnatural flavoring has been used. So please do not get fooled as they are not healthy at all.

Flavors sea salt flavor
Calories 126

Comparison Table

PopcornsSSalty Chocolate Caramel, Loaded Baked Potato, Blueberry375
CombosSMustard Pretzel, Zesty Salsa Tortilla, Cheeseburger Cracker138.9
Flipz PretzelsSChocolate Mint, Candy Cane, Strawberry 130
Chex MixSPeanut Butter Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, or Birthday Cake-flavored bars.424
Veggies and HummusSCarrots, Sugar Snap Peas, Thin Sliced Celery145
Creative Snack's Organic Coconut SnacksANatural, chocolate, caramel, and even chili2000
GOOD SAM Organic Macadamia NutsAHazelnut, Roasted, and salted pistachios 450
Whisps Parmesan Cheese CrispsAParmesan Garlic & Herb, Cheddar Tangy Ranch, Cheddar Smokey Barbeque, Keto Snacks170
Sugar-Free Popsicles AHawaiian Pineapple, Tropical Orange, Caribbean Fruit Punch15
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar Oats 'n HoneyBCrunchy bar190
Bare Apple Chips Fuji RedBCinnamon, Multi-Fruit, Toasted Coconut90
OreosBchocolate, dark chocolate, golden, mint, lemon, coconut, salted caramel, pistachio, pina colada52kcal per piece
Bubbies Passion Fruit Mochi Ice CreamBrice flour 90
Famous Amos CookiesBChocolate, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel503
York Dark Chocolate Peppermint CandyCChocolate Truffle Mint100
Animal CrackersCvanilla, cotton candy, cinnamon, and chocolate.446
Choi's Seaweed SnacksCSea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Teriyaki, Toasted Sesame, Wasabi25
DoritosCCrunchy, FLAMIN’ HOT, Nacho Cheese150
Entenmann's Glazed Donut Pop'emsDcaramel 240
Hostess SnoballsDcoconut snack cakes330
Fritos Corn Chips Chili CheeseDOriginal Fritos, Flamin’ Hot Fritos, Lightly Salted Fritos, Bar-B-Q Fritos160
SnickersDMarathon Energy Bar Chewy Peanut Butter, Creamy Maple Almond Butter Squares, Caramel Nut Mix488
Sun-Maid Vanilla Yogurt RaisinsDYOGURT FLAVORED130
Hummus Sea Salt ChipsDsea salt flavor126
Hippeas Rockin'RanchAchickpeas150


As we end, we would like to leave a few remarks. Snacks are a fast solution for an extreme hunger rush you get in the evening or at midnight. Snacks are not something you must take hours to cook but can be eaten right out of the box.

Some snacks are biscuits and chips; however, some like to munch on something else. Everyone has a different meaning regarding snacks due to their preferences and choices. Therefore, we have created a snacks tier list to rank snacks based on different views. 

We have tried to cover different varieties of snacks from various parts of the world, such as the Philipines, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States and ranked them respectively to the tiers they deserve. We hope you liked what you read. Do share it ahead with your friends and family who love to snack. Happy Snacking!

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