Movies Tier List [2023]

Some of the best movies of all time ranked

Who doesn’t like to spare a few hours of a busy day and spend it living in some other dimension? I love to binge-watch movies, and many a time, I have spent countless hours having a movie marathon with my friends. Nowadays, everyone is busy in their daily routines and loves to take a few hours out and spend it in a cinema. The Movies tier list ranks the cult classic and the modern day movies.

Movies are not known to age, although they age like fine wine. Sometimes, a 90s film is more recognized than a movie released 2 years prior. So we can’t subject a good film to the latest timeline.

Key Points

  • There are total of 23 entries in our article.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of  character development and their backstories.
  • You will observe Inception, Top Gun: Maverick, Joker, and The Dark Knight in higher ranks.
  • Among the lowest is Jumper, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World Cats, and Son of the Mask.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all movies.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
InceptionShutter IslandAnnihilationGreen LanternCats
Top Gun: MaverickHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2Age of AdalineJumperSon of the Mask
JokerDead Poet’s SocietyLucaSpy Kids: All the Time in the World
The Dark KnightFast and Furious 5Salt
InterstellarPirates of the CaribbeanDon’t Look Up
Avengers: Endgame The Hangover
Everything Everywhere All at once

We will rank many movies in this tier list, but beware; this article contains unlimited spoilers. If you are a runner from spoilers, just scroll down and entertain yourself in our tier image. It is a replica of our article, without the spoilers.

Our tier list is based on our opinions and interests, we have tried to stay just, but it is prone to your views and variation. You may look up these movies, and your evaluation might match our ranking, as we have researched a lot.

Basis of ranking

This tier list lists all the movies that exhilarate a person’s life. So, considering that, we have enlisted films and ranked them based on their script, storyline, character display, and development. We also regarded other things, such as their CGI effects and cinematography, because everything matters while ranking ad enlisting movies.

S Tier

best movies ranked
S Tier

Let’s begin the tier list ranking of our movies tier list with a superb tier, commonly known as an S tier. We cannot overlook this tier as it gives us the world’s best movies and stories. These movies have an exceptionally set plot and base that promotes beautiful characters and their backstories.

These movies also have a hidden meaning that touches a viewer’s soul to the maximum. A person is left awestruck by these masterpieces. The actors enrolled in these movies are exceptional and the best. They can’t be toyed with and speak work only. What else can you expect from an S tier at the top of a tier list?


Genre: Action, Sci-fi

Inception is a masterpiece of Christopher Nolan. He is known for making movies that are one-of-a-kind and peculiar. His storylines stun an audience and make them put great thought into a film.

His movies are mind-blowing; just like that, this movie blows a person’s brains out. It has a particular plot that includes an S tier. The film is an amalgam of an enigma, savagery, mind-bending and disturbing framework. When a viewer watches this, he needs an open head to absorb it.

Nowadays, a movie is considered the best if it has a great plot twist and complete lies. The film invests in lies and time. It is a heist movie that extracts a deeper meaning; a protagonist does it by making a chain of lies and then using them to manipulate the audience and their innocent minds. No wonder Christopher would do it, as most of his movies are like this. A heist set in dreams is a perfect storyline to gain fame.

You can only watch this movie once as the next time it won’t have the same effect on you. You will look at everything differently and end up getting bored. The first time is enough to digest and absorb every phenomenon of Inception.

More than half of Inception is confusing, but a viewer has his head in his hand towards the end as everything is overwhelming. It’s a great treat for movie fanatics as he can gain his high from this.

A heist is planted in a mind of a protagonist through a dream. And a protagonist, Leonardo Dicaprio, becomes lost in reality and fiction.

IMDb Rating 8.8
Release Date September 11, 2010
Director Christopher Nolan
Box Office $836.8M

Top Gun: Maverick

Genre: Action, Drama

The recently released movie has seen more fame than many other movies. Top Gun: Maverick is a part of the Top Gun series. It has been named the biggest blockbuster after Titanic.

It seems quite spectacular; a continuation of a 1986 movie doesn’t always happen. You rarely see such an event. All the millennials got up and straightened their ties to step into the past, and This is one reason it is in an S tier.

Besides the old is a gold part, its storyline didn’t stray from the main line; it remained inside a box and flourished from there; they didn’t try to alter every end and presented to an audience what they required, a better ending for Maverick. Nostalgia is a beautiful feeling; when we experience it years later, the original experience is more overwhelming.

Directors of Top Gun enhanced the foundation on which writers made the original Top Gun. They enriched with a beautiful storyline while connecting its viewers to the past.

Set 30 years after an original, an old aviator confronts his past while teaching a young group of pilots. This movie satisfied the old fans and brought new fandom into their community, and This was the movie that Gen Z and Millennials enjoyed.

IMDb Rating 8.3
Release Date May 27, 2022
Director Joseph Kosinski
Box Office $1.488B


Genre: Drama, Crime

A DC comic creation is a beautiful motion picture. This movie speaks about the backstory of joker and how he became the savage villain lurking in Gotham’s alleys.

Arthur Fleck connects to this audience on a huge level, and this connection leads to its addition to an S tier of DC movies tier list. He braved his mental illness and gave his fans hope that they could overcome it too.

Mental diseases eat a person alive. Quoting Arthur Fleck, ‘The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.’ the way an actor built a link between his audience and his character and sucked them into Gotham is spectacular. People’s hearts wrenched while watching the movie as it was a piece of hurt and sorrow.

We all focus on superhero movies and hate all villains, but maybe, villains were also good and had to become brutal to save themselves. A part-time clown and stand-up comedian had a mental illness where he couldn’t control his laughter, which made him frowned upon and subjected to brawls and bullying. Years of hurt transformed him into a personality he is notorious as, The Joker.

IMDb Rating 8.4
Release Date October 4, 2019
Director Todd Phillips
Box Office $1.074B

The Dark Knight

Genre: Action, Adventure

When the antagonist of the Batman series has been added to an S tier, how can we leave behind a protagonist? Let’s welcome The dark knight, alias Batman, to our tier list.

Many variations of this movie have been made, but the first one can’t be completed as it has an exceptional storyline and actor collection. The character chemistry, ground-breaking acting, and plot twist all of this kept it high in this tier list.

Nowadays, Marvel Comic Universe or MCU rules the world, but this movie by DC is on top of all those Marvel movies and is included in the DC movies tier list. Nothing can compete with it, hands down.

The depiction of Joker by Heath ledger and making him look like he has his screws loose is incompatible. His joker is a supervillain who could rule all villains of the fictional world. He is the basis of the Joker movie.

Batman adopts his savage abilities to control a joker who spreads havoc ever. This storyline may seem minor but it became a cinematic fantasy on the big screen.

IMDb Rating 9
Release Date October 10, 2008
Director Christopher Nolan
Box Office  $1.006B


Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure

Christopher Nolan has made spectacular storylines due to his innovative mind, which makes him see and think outside the box. He structured a storyline around time and space and introduced a new perspective to relativity and gravity.

A science fiction movie gains a lot of fame due to the revolutionary approach. But interstellar had a great storyline that made it. it is An adventurous drama that had a bigger incentive.

A story filled with fatherly love and a mission to protect the world deserves to stay in an S tier of our movies tier list. It is a movie that’s it’s focused on the earth’s future that will probably suffer from famines, droughts, and apocalypses.

An astronaut went on an expedition to find another inhabitable planet. Interstellar was Christopher’s first discovery, and he made many other mind-blowing productions.

This movie Focused on the concept of time and the dynamic approach toward different planets. It is a movie that tries to grasp every lost structure and get a grip on every fact of physics. In this way, they created a phenomenal experience that could revolutionize the world.

IMDb Rating 8.6
Release Date October 26, 2014
Director Christopher Nolan
Box Office $707.1M

Avengers: Endgame

Genre:  Action, sci-fi

Marvel has gained great fame due to its superheroes and unique storylines. Every superhero has its fandom, and when they got together to protect the world in Avengers movies, people built a new franchise for their sake. The Avengers end game is the conclusion to all Avengers movies, focusing on Thanos and getting together every hero.

This movie is a masterpiece in each aspect.

Marvel has enhanced their CGI and storylines progressively and gradually. In and gain, they were able to make a splendid piece that could introduce more audience into the community.

It is a part of an S tier of Marvel movies tier list because it has time-traveling coma aliens, fight scenes, and the best thing Captain America gets the love of his life. It made us travel through each movie and Reminisce every part of the movie; the MCU never disappoints its fans.

The crossovers of this movie are spectacular; a plethora of people’s favorite heroes, some bold on a big screen for a single film, is quite magnificent. It had all those characters that were never seen together, including Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange. The only thing that broke millions of hearts was the death of Irene man, but it was worth it.

IMDb Rating 8.4
Release Date April 26, 2019
Director Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Box Office $2.798B

Everything Everywhere All at once

Genre: Adventure, sci-fi

We expect the concept of a multiverse from marvel or DC because they are masters of creating scenarios people don’t consider. But when a movie is seen in cinema with a concept novel than many others, it blows my mind of the audience as they cannot configure it. A storyline that revolves connection between the multiverse and powers stuns the human mind. It had people coming back to it for many things.

The comedy intended in this movie was hilarious as it kept the movie light and haughty while twisting its viewer’s minds as it went along with this plot. The film was divided into 3 parts; everything, everywhere, and all at once. Every piece has its own story and depends on a mother’s story regarding her daughter, which is why it is lodged under an S tier.

It has heart-dropping action and combat, an exhilarating roller coaster of emotions, and a display of the different lives of the same person. It tells us that even our little changes Lead to a Bigger impact on his life. An amalgam of versatility and great craftsmanship gives birth to a production that makes a movie top-tiered.

IMDb Rating 7.9
Release Date March 11, 2022
Director Daniel Kwan, DAniel Scheinert
Box Office $111.5M

A Tier

second best tier list
A Tier

While adding more, we move on to an A tier of our movies tier list below an S tier in a ranking aND location. However, it is as best as the topmost tier. The movies under this tier have great and exceptional qualities and require great attention from their viewer; it expands the visage of a person and helps them glimpse at a world that is either far away from them or doesn’t exist.

These. Movies have a few plotholes but cover them up with their awesome structuring and dialogues.

Shutter Island

Genre: Mystery, thriller

I love psycho thrillers and how they manipulate a viewer’s mind. You are expecting a certain ending, and bam, the plot twist bomb is dropped on us, and we are stunned for a while; this is what happens while you watch this spectacular masterpiece. It invites and intrigues an audience, and when they are settled in, they take them on a hypnotic roller coaster. The whole experience is so exhilarating that it is easily a part of an A tier.

It is A movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo starring as the main leads. That movie is supposed to be a blockbuster. It was a simple murder investigation that turned out to be so much more than a mystery thriller. It was a mind-twisting journey. No person would have been able to realize the ending.

The way this film builds up to its end coma, never letting a single word slip Word, is despicable. When it was released, it shook the whole world and made them realize that there was an ending they could never guess.

IMDb Rating 8.2
Release Date February 19, 2010
Director Martin Scorsese
Box Office $299.5M

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Genre:  Fantasy

We have all grown up reading and watching the Harry Potter series with many intrigues. Each character is like a family to us because we saw them grow up from the ages of 11 to their adolescence. Harry Potter and the deadly hollows Part 2 was the epilogue for the whole series, and it lived up to its hype and hence was included in a tier.

The ending of Harry Potter was like an end of an era, it left many eyes damp and many hearts wrenched. It allowed us to reminisce every part of the movie by Horcruxes as these Horcruxes were situated in different parts of Hogwarts that held significance. This movie also brought up a character from a novel and showed the motherly love of Narcissa.

We cannot forget the last battle between Harry and Voldemort, the way they become one another, and how they flew across the bridge and were destroyed. the ending always gets me to laugh because Harry breaks the elder wand.

IMDb Rating 8.1
Release Date July 15, 2011
Director David Yates
Box Office $1.342B

Dead Poet’s Society

Genre: Drama, Teen

Are you a fan of Dark Academia? The aesthetics and the literature always get me going. Dead poets society is at the top of the list of dark academic movies. It is a movie that puts modern Problems under the limelight. Matters like feminism, toxicity, friendship, and youth are mostly discussed. The poetry used by Mr. Keating is also mesmerizing.

This movie is a treat for a literature geek. Even though this movie was released decades ago, it’s still watched by the new generation due to its relativity. Young ages have always been caught prey to parental abuse and pressure. This movie displays this and shows it’s the outcome of the suicide of Neil Perry. It was a heartbreaking moment for every viewer and made it an A-tier addition.

The friendship bond in this film is splendid, and they are always ready to stand up for each other and protect themselves from every type of harm.

IMDb Rating 8.1
Release Date June 2, 1989
Director Peter Weir
Box Office $235.9 M

Fast and Furious 5

Genre: Action, Crime

Cars, racing, speed, and drifts are badass characteristics that make up a persona. Gen Z has no concerns with rules and regulations, and it’s all about speed and the need for speed. Fast and furious started its franchise and has never come back.

After 10 successful movies, fast five is considered the best out of all. There is a manifold reason behind it that lodges it under an A tier of the movies tier list.

Fast five is when the story lacks ho, and the entire cast acts as a big family. It displays love and affection among the characters and shows off their bond while they plan a heist. Street racing might be illegal, but it gives a driver hell of a rush and an adrenaline-pumping experience.

The cinematography of this particular. Racing movies are worth mentioning as it gives kind shots of Brazil and cars. Cars have always remained a top attraction for many, Boys and girls alike. These movies brought both of them together.

IMDb Rating 7.3
Release Date April 29, 2011
Director Justin Lin
Box Office $626.1M

Pirates of the Caribbean

Genre: action, adventure

Are you in love with Johnny Depp at his versatile roles? One of these roles is of Captain Jack Sparrow. He is a diverse character who always enchants his audience with his fabulous makeovers. He can be the sole reason for the inclusion of this movie in an A tier. But the list is long.

The storyline that started the whole series is considered a nest out of all other parts. We got familiar and acquainted with the characters and cast in this movie. We laughed like maniacs at Jack’s jokes and his rum.

Everything in this movie is so endearing that it keeps inviting folks back to it. Usually, people prefer the pirates of the Caribbean marathon to entertain themselves.

It is a part of our Disney movies tier list and is well produced and performed. The fight scenes and the action encountered make us realize that it awes the love story that kindles between the two protagonists is also enchanting. A bind between Jack and rum is hilarious because why is the rum gone?

IMDb Rating 8.1
Release Date June 28, 2003 
Director Gore Verbinski
Box Office $654.3 M

B Tier

average movies ranked
B Tier

Let’s go to another tier which is a B tier and is next in our line. We need it in our life because it enlists all mediocre stuff. In this case, movies. It has a heavy burden over it as it defines the line between worst and best. Some things are worst while others are good. This tier merges them into the firm, ordinary and mediocre movies.

These movies have good Plots and great character development but were unable to fill their plot holes ad cover them .they left them in the open for people to pinpoint and critique.


Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror

A mystery revolves around this whole movie as a wife turns forth to discover the backstory of her deceased husband. She tries to put two and two together and reach the location he gave his life. It is included in a B tier of our movies tier list because her husband gave his life for his country, which promotes patriotism.

But other than this, this movie had many loopholes and stuff that confused many of its audience. This movie was too complicated for the audience, making them lose inside puzzles. Many people reported that they dozed off during this movie.

But if we overlook the bad stuff, this movie is amazing and brings a novel idea that could revolutionize. Natalie Portman, a protagonist, worked more on her sympathetic outlook rather than a brave front. This little difference could make a huge change.

IMDb Rating 6.8
Release Date February 23, 2018
Director Alex Garland
Box Office $43.1M

Age of Adaline

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

A movie with an amalgam of romance and fantasies is supposed to be a good creation. This combo gave birth to such a movie with an innovative approach to the film industry. A woman stuck in time who doesn’t age has to foresee various obstacles, and this movie shows these obstructions.

Today, the majority of the population hopes to have eternal life and immortality. But when they watch this movie, they have to feel the bitter facts. When you don’t age, you see everyone around you deteriorate and die. Age of Adaline is in a B tier because, despite this movie having a good storyline and characters, some points were left open to wonder.

The way they showed his father a past lover of Adaline is stupid, and the love could’ve rekindled but didn’t and left its viewers wondering. The problem with this movie is its dialogue delivery. The style of its dialogues but the actress at a lacking and drags this down a tier.

IMDb Rating 7.2
Release Date April 24, 2015 
Director Lee Toland Kreiger
Box Office $65.7M


Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

Every once in a while, everyone seems to enjoy an animated movie for a light watch. It lightens the brain and relaxes you. To placate one’s soul, good entertainment is required.

Luca provides that entertainment through its wide range of versatile characters and shows the best and most effective form of display. The animated movies of today are a treat for kids and parents.

It is a part of a B tier of Pixar movies tier list because it could have been so much more, but I was not ready to think wild. It had some lacking aspects, like the awkward main kid. Other than his social values, he should have had a friendlier outlook. We often hear the phrase, Silencio Bruno in the movie. It can also help us while dealing with worldly affairs.

The hidden meaning behind Luca is quite apprehensive as it tells a person to let go of their deepest and darkest fears. Fears hold us back, and we need to let go of the leash and run free. But we are confined in the box of society’s merits.

IMDb Rating 7.4
Release Date June 13, 2021
Director Enrico Casarosa
Box Office $49.8M


Genre:  Action, Mystery

Angelina Jolie’s unique movie, in which she poses as a CIA agent, is a must-watch for every age. It has such great potential, though it held back In some areas that allowed it to remain mediocre. You must be wondering what that is. Some aspects are even childish and stupid.

It is in a B tier of our tier list because of the poor display of a CIA Agent who couldn’t learn the rules. Gravity. She flung her car at the helicopter a huge distance away and looked down after reaching there.

The stuns that she does, even for a CIA agent, is a tough job, but the actor just makes a sighing voice and moves on with her action. That is a rough display of a pretty good movie.

Despite its low-quality action, some action scenes are worthwhile and charming. They glue a viewer’s eyes to the screen and don’t let them let go. This movie traps a person’s mind as they wait to see the ending of Salt. Who was blamed for being a Russian spy and was on the run as a fugitive? Brutal people are everywhere, even in movies.

IMDb Rating 6.4
Release Date July 30, 2010
Director Philip Noyce
Box Office  $293.5M 

Don’t Look Up

Genre: Comedy, disaster

My tier list seems loaded with Leonardo DiCaprio movies, but what can I do? He is a talented actor with a unique film that stands out from all other movies. Like his previous movies, this Netflix original has a backhand story and a boring and unexpected theory. Even though they outdid the cast, they could have done much better with the storyline overall.

It is in a B tier of our movies tier list because of how they evaluated and delivered the story of a scientist who saw the world would end. Though they shower truth in one way, because we won’t believe stuff like this easily, only two people were on one side while the whole world was against them. It is a rough division as the conspiracy theorist are always up for such facts to fire themselves up.

Jennifer Lawrence’s role was also poorly delivered. It required a great deal of strength and temper. But she was a lowly scientist who stood against her partner. Though I was waiting for a way to stop this apocalypse towards the end, they sat at the table and just let it happen and did not help at all.

IMDb Rating 7.2
Release Date December 5, 2021
Director Adam Mckay
Box Office $791,863

The Hangover

Genre: Comedy

The hangover is an enjoyable movie with great comedy; a bit vulgar but does the work. The first one lives up to the hype and sets a path for the coming movies and shines under the spotlight. It promotes friendship, helping, and just fun. All viewers loved and adored Alan’s character due to his innocent nature and sarcastic humor.

It is a part of a B-tier because of some huge plot holes and stupid character development. Throughout the whole movie, Phil hates Alan, although Alan has done nothing to make Phil detest Alan, well other than the fact he drugged them. But it was a good movie that helped lighten your heart on a. Sad day. Alan’s jokes will make you laugh.

It is the story of 4 friends who set out to enjoy their bachelor party in Vegas. One of them drugged them and then tried to locate their friend while being hungover. It seems dope, right? You should give it a try then.

IMDb Rating 7.7
Release Date June 2, 2009
Director Todd Phillips
Box Office $469.3M

C Tier

Movies tier list
C Tier

A C tier of Movies tier list has movies that have the potential to be even worse than they already are These movies were flops and couldn’t take a hit to stop most of these movies of series that just couldn’t stop, and some are new trials to create an exceptional character that backfired.

These movies have stupid dialogue and scrips; the actors have zero self-assurance and lose for something. Fake

Green Lantern

Genre: Action, Scifi

Green Lantern was supposed to give Fame to DC and help it take down marvel. But when marvel exhibited iron man and DC came up with a green lantern, everybody know who was at the top. Green Lantern has so many absurd and smug drawbacks that don’t allow this movie to see the light of fame. Guess it isn’t the lucky ones.

A story with stupid humor and low-quality CGI deserves to be in a C tier next to potentially worst movies. This movie is the worst work of Ryan Reynolds, he said so himself. I’m not putting words in his mouth; he was seen talking about this movie in many interviews.

This movie has an incomplete storyline and delivery. Each character is not well introduced and we have to wonder what is. A movie’s purpose is to make sure its audience enjoys and has a good time. If character development is abysmal, the film is supposed to get bad.

IMDb Rating 5.5
Release Date June 14, 2011
Director Martin Campbell
Box Office $220M


Genre: Sci-fi, Action

Along with good movies, bad movies are a must as they promote flaws and freedom of choice. Each film is open to critics and the values that measure a movie. This movie introduced a new aspect to the film industry, and they were not ready to digest it. An ordinary boy gains supernatural power. We have seen that before.

This movie is a C-tier movie on our movies tier list because of its characters and their development m it is all so poor and hasty. The main lead has close to zero compelling power and makes us wonder if he is a true actor or not.

Besides him, the whole story is filled with gaps that act as voids and suck the entire movie in it. The teleportation part of this movie was cool, but the actor was made an outcast and had trouble carrying his role around the film. An introvert has to deal with most baggage f something happens to them.

IMDb Rating 6.1
Release Date February 14, 2008
Director Doug Liman
Box Office $225.1 M

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

Genre: Action, Family

We have all watched spy kids at least once in our lifetime due to its hype and a good watch for children. Though spy kids lost its value as it started making more movies. The first movie was enough to give us an insight into a spy family. But they tried to do more, and we’re left with a piece of trash just lying around in an abyss of movies.

Of a wide array of movies, spy kids four has the least rating, and that is just due to the indefinite plotholes and mistakes, Especially the starting scene of a pregnant spy. It is unhealthy for a pregnant lady of 9 months to do anything but rest, and our protagonist is out on a mission; this is enough to keep it in a C tier.

Although other things as well make it abysmal. The overacting of every character on set is one thing, but how can kids who have never done anything take down a bad guy? The last scene is also talked about quite a lot as only ordinary kids stop the villain.

IMDb Rating 3.5
Release Date August 19, 2011
Director Robert Rodriguez
Box Office $85.6M

D Tier

worst movies
D Tier

The D tier of our Movies tier list resides in abysmal and worst movies. These movies have worse characters, storylines, CGI, humor, visual effects, and character development. These movies have also flopped as said by IMDb ratings. No one has ever made such abhorrent movies.

These movies creep the viewers down the spine and make them wonder why we are given this punishment.


Genre: Musical

Ah! The horror. What should I say? This movie is disastrous—a film from every angle. The actors greatly excited the film and made us wonder if it would be great. But it turned out to be abysmal and wasted everyone’s time. Such classic actors, including Taylor Swift, James Corden, and Revel Wilson, should have displayed a great movie but they couldn’t

Everything is absurd and frowned upon, from costumes to music and dialogues, and included in a D tier of our tier list. Firstly, the costumes, skimpy kitty outfit, and a poor CGI for the face are not a good introduction to the movie. It has close to no storyline. Just a feral cat is wandering around a person’s house in an alley.

I loved the soundtrack by Taylor swift, but the movie was a total flip and extracted two hours from a person’s life when he watches it. A worse depiction of cat and their relationships with other cats. An animated movie in place of this would have been a little better.

IMDb Rating 2.8
Release Date December 20, 2019
Director Tom Hooper
Box Office $75.5M

Son of the Mask

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

This movie gives me shivers just because of how disgusting it is. Its original was good in many aspects but lacked everything from there. It also spoiled the image put forth by its predecessor, The mask. But this movie had the worst comedy and CGI effects and didn’t get me started on humor. It’s revolting.

It is included in a D tier due to its stupidest delivery to the audieu8. A child brought on a movie is great until it isn’t. Kids excite the film as people live to see cute children. But this character doesn’t promote such things. The script, screenplay, cinematography, humor, everything was so bad that it made us second guess our priorities.

IMDb Rating 2.2
Release Date February 18, 2005
Director Lawrence Guterman
Box Office $59.9M

Comparison Table

NameTierIMDb RatingRelease DateDirectorBox Office
InceptionS8.811-Sep-10Christopher Nolan$836.8M
Top Gun: MaverickS8.327-May-22Joseph Kosinski$1.488B
JokerS8.44-Oct-19Todd Phillips$1.074B
The Dark KnightS910-Oct-08Christopher Nolan $1.006B
InterstellarS8.626-Oct-14Christopher Nolan$707.1M
Avengers: EndgameS8.426-Apr-19Anthony Russo, Joe Russo$2.798B
Everything Everywhere All at onceS7.911-Mar-22Daniel Kwan, DAniel Scheinert$111.5M
Shutter IslandA8.219-Feb-10Martin Scorsese$299.5M
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2A8.115-Jul-11David Yates$1.342B
Dead Poet’s SocietyA8.12-Jun-89Peter Weir$235.9 M
Fast and Furious 5A7.329-Apr-11Justin Lin$626.1M
Pirates of the CaribbeanA8.1June 28, 2003 Gore Verbinski$654.3 M
AnnihilationB6.823-Feb-18Alex Garland$43.1M
Age of AdalineB7.2April 24, 2015 Lee Toland Kreiger$65.7M
LucaB7.413-Jun-21Enrico Casarosa$49.8M
SaltB6.430-Jul-10Philip Noyce $293.5M
Don’t Look UpB7.25-Dec-21Adam Mckay$791,863
The HangoverB7.72-Jun-09Todd Phillips$469.3M
Green LanternC5.514-Jun-11Martin Campbell$220M
JumperC6.114-Feb-08Doug Liman$225.1 M
Spy Kids: All the Time in the WorldC3.519-Aug-11Robert Rodriguez$85.6M
CatsD2.820-Dec-19Tom Hooper$75.5M
Son of the MaskD2.218-Feb-05Lawrence Guterman$59.9M

The End

The End - Best Movies Ranked

Our movies tier list ranked the world’s best and worst movies. Movies are today’s way of hobby and passing the time. It helps us reminisce how unique a human mind is to come up with such stuff. Every movie has an amazing art of style, and each movie is ranked on certain criteria.

A tier list provides a basis for compiling movies. It helps viewers to open their inner eyes and evaluate their experiences. This tier list is comprised of five tiers. They are S, A, B, C, and D tiers. They all have unique characteristics that stun an audience. S tier has top movies with high-quality characters and storylines, giving a view of food for thought.

A tier has potentially great movies, but they sometimes lack quality or have a plothole that puts them down. Next are lower and mediocre tiers. B-tier has mediocre movies that are good for those who watch every movie; a c tier resides in those films that may or may not be good for viewers. Lastly, this tier list is concluded with a D tier with abysmal movies.

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