3,300 Players Converge at Pokémon International Championships

Unprecedented turnout as the North American championships draws massive crowds.

The Pokemon International Company organizes the Pokemon Gaming Championship which is to provide Pokemon fans and players around the world to compete against each other and to show the world their love for the world of Pokemon.

Trading card games and the mainline RPGs from the Pokemon gaming franchise are the epicenters of these competitive matches. Different divisions during these championships are divided based on demographics such as age. The prizes are distributed in tiers, and you earn applause with a chance to qualify for higher-level tournaments.

Key Points

  • The Pokemon International Company organizes the Pokemon Gaming Championship, a global tournament for Pokemon fans and players to compete in trading card games and mainline RPGs.
  • The ongoing Pokemon’s North America International Championships 2023 is one of the biggest tournaments in gaming, with a massive turnout of approximately 3,300 players across four games.
  • Players in North America are striving to qualify for the Pokemon Worlds, which will be held in Japan later this year. The championships serve as their last chance to earn enough points for qualification.
  • The event has received positive feedback overall, with participants expressing excitement, taking photos with their favorite characters, and sharing their experiences on social media. However, some individuals, on Twitter, have voiced concerns about the neglect of regional organizers and the event’s struggles.

Recently the Director, of Global Esports, and Events Producer of Pokemon, Chris Brown tweeted about the ongoing Pokemon’s North America International Championships 2023.

His tweet talked about the massive number of players who joined across the 4 games in the event. The number of people who turned up according to his tweet was a massive 3300 which makes the ongoing championships one of the biggest tournaments in all of gaming. In the end, he thanked everyone who played their role in making this a success.

Players across North America are competing to qualify for the Pokemon Worlds which is set to take place in Japan later this year. This is their last opportunity to earn enough points to be able to qualify for the big thing. The event began on Friday and will end today. The event can be seen there in person but if you have missed it and want to watch it then the live streaming of it can be caught on Pokemon’s official Twitch

People are enjoying the event and many have posted about it on Twitter. Many people tweeted about how excited they are about the event. They took photographs with their favorite characters and some showed disappointment after losing. Overall this seems like a successful event and people in North America are loving it.

Despite this love frenzy, there are few people who are not happy with the event. One Twitter user by the handle of @SombraCurse was not happy about how the regional organizers of the event were neglected and for her even though the decor was incredible and exciting the event itself was struggling. 


Overall we would say that the event is going well, it is a big opportunity for players to win their national championships to qualify for the Pokemon World Championship which will take place later this year in Japan. The side events, the exhibitions, and the opportunity to interact with all things Pokemon is a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the Pokemon franchise.