A Plague Tale Requiem Xbox Achievements Seemingly Leaked

The much-awaited sequel to the gripping game A Plague Tale: Innocence, A Plague Tale Requiem focuses on doing what the previous game succeeded at but on a wider scale. Developed by Asobo studios, embark on an action-adventure genre of gameplay with players going head to head against supernatural curses in an attempt to save their loved ones.

The Prequel To The Game

A Plague Tale Innocence received an enormous amount of love from the community.

A Plague Tale Innocence gameplay
A Plague Tale Innocence

Famed for its engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and rollercoaster of a storyline, the anticipated game proved to score staggering reviews across the board. It won and was a nominee as well, a variety of different awards in the years 2019 and 2020 thus symbolizing the success of the game.

With the stage all set for the sequel, A Plague Tale Requiem has a lot to live up to if it wants to mimic and go beyond the success of the previous title.

Salient Points

  • A Plague Tale series won the hearts of players worldwide for its addicting story and gameplay.
  • The Sequel, A Plague Tale Requiem, has a lot to live up to and has been kept closely under wraps. 
  • The Xbox achievements for the game have seemingly been released 5 days prior to the launch.

A Plague Tale Requiem Achievements Showcased

The game’s development has largely been kept under wraps. Apart from an update by the official developers regarding added features and some teasers, not much has been released regarding the game.

A leak spotted by TopTierList, thanks in large to Twitter user ElianPastrana99, has seemingly unraveled the otherwise shrouded veil of secrecy 5 days before launch by releasing some of the Xbox game achievements.

The tweet, translated into English, details some of the perks that players will get by playing the game and thus leveling up their gamer score. Some are said to be a repeat of the previous title in addition to the newer achievements coming to the game.

The user further adds to his tweet in the comments with a wave of more achievements to list. These seem to be kept a lot more low-key. Many are missing their badge images, predictably, while some have not yet been labeled with what gamerscore a player will achieve if they complete such a task.

Further Leaks

It seems that with 5 days to go a lot of the privacy surrounding the game is being unveiled all at once. A recent article by us at TopTierList seemingly uncovered one of the largest leaks possibly after GTA 6. The leaking of A Plague Requiem’s Gameplay 5 days before launch, while being a source of intrigue for many, is certainly going to irk the hard-core enthusiast of the game.

This comes after developers had specifically requested for the game to not be spoiled prior to or post-launch.

The tweet also advises the community to mute key phrases from their search engines on socials in a bid to reduce the amount of content that may end up spoiling someone’s anticipation. It remains to be confirmed if the gameplay leak was authentic but all indications lead to it being so.

Concluding Remarks

How excited are you to finally get your hands on the anticipated game? Has your excitement been marred by any sort of leaks until now? Let us know in the comments below!

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