AEW Fight Forever’s Gameplay Trailer Leaked

Wrestling has been a staple of our childhoods, we grew up watching many stars fight and even retire in this profession. Since then, we have looked for ways to immortalize their fighting glory in some form. We imitate their matches, and one thing most of us never get tired of is playing with our favorite wrestlers in a wrestling game.

AEW Fight Forever is an upcoming wrestling video game by Yuke’s. It is the third installment from the professional wrestling company AEW(All Elite Wrestling). The game has taken over the news due to the announcement teaser posted a few hours ago.

It has been scheduled for release this year. However, no exact date has been given. We can assume that the game will likely have an offiicial gameplay trailer during one of the upcoming showcases. For example, The PlayStation Showcase is rumored to come in August or maybe September.

We can expect it there as it will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. However, there is not much else to go on about this game but on the Xbox App a gamepaly trailer was posted after the arrival of the teaser but it got removed very quickly. Luckily, we managed to snipe this trailer before it got removed on the Xbox app.

It is safe to assume that the trailer is 100% legit because the actors are, in fact, Tony Schiavone, American Sports Commentator, and Britt Baker, American Professional Wrestler. Since the game will also be released on Xbox, it is not weird that they have the trailer this early.

But what does the trailer reveal that we did not know already? The UI and other combat mechanics seem somewhat similar to WWF No Mercy. No Mercy is another professional wrestling video game by THQ for Nintendo 64. It was released back in 2000.

The fact that it is still talked about and considered one of the best wrestling games shows that this game may also have the potential to reach those heights previously impossible. Moreover, we have “Career Mode” and “Minigames” in AEW Fight Forever, which will be very exciting to see in the game.

We might get the nostalgia of going through some wrestling history throughout career mode, so who knows? But if you are unfamiliar with this game’s history, it was announced on the 10th of November 2020 at AEW Games 1.0 Special Event. Hideyuki Iwashita, the director of WCW/NWO Revenge and WWF No Mercy, was also revealed to be involved in the game.

Although his role was undisclosed, we can see his influence on the game through the trailer. Over time, we have received some gameplay trailers, but as the game was still in development, many things have changed since then. The game also allows the cross-platform play feature, which offers more flexibility.

Other than that, what are you most excited about in this game? Let us know down below, and we will get back to you!

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