New Valorant Agent Fade Leaks

Valorant is a 5v5 free-to-play first-person hero shooter game developed by Riot games which is only available on Microsoft Windows. The game is heavily influenced by the mechanics of the Counter-Strike series and was released on June 02, 2022. Episode 4 Act 2 of Valorant has only 8 days left to end and the leaks for the new agent are spreading on the internet like wildfire. Valorant drops an agent after every 2 acts and the fans patiently wait for the agent to be released.

The fans of Valorant continuously try to leak anything related to the agent in the community. With the introduction of a new agent, the meta of the game changes allowing the players to play the game in a new way.  The official Twitter of Valorant posted a character visual of their new agent Fade.

In patch 4.07, Valorant added new easter eggs for the new agent in the practice range which is from Turkey and we can see the advertisements for the debut of a new Agent in many Turkish cities. Valorant fans in Turkey are sharing advertisements for the new agent through their social media handles like one of twitter’s users by the handle @cynprel tweeted.

Agent Fade Valorant Advertisements
Valorant fans in Turkey are sharing advertisements about a new agent.

At first, the codename of the new agent was Bounty Hunter which data miners leaked from in-game files. Now there is new information on Agent Fade according to Valor Leaks on Twitter.

Valor Leaks states that Fade is an initiator/ Fade appears to be a little different from the rest of the agents because Fade is a female initiator who will give players an “intimate sense when hunting down foes.”.

Valor Leaks States that Fade is an initiator
The latest leaks state that Fade is an initiator.


Fade’s abilities were also leaked a few weeks ago on the internet, although Riot has yet to confirm them. According to leaks on Reddit, Fade has the following abilities:

Agent Fade Abilities Leaked on reddit
Agent Fades’ Abilities Leaked on Reddit

Seize (Q)

Equip and shoot an Orb, which will float for 1.5 seconds before collapsing. When the orb collides with the ground, enemies within the radius get tethered, taking damage and being deafened.

Haunt (E)

Equip and shoot an Orb, which will float for a brief period before crashing to the ground. It will then return to the air and transform into an eye. Enemies will be displayed and a trail debuff will be applied if they are spotted by the eye.

Prowler (C)

Send out a beast that can either follow trails or be moved around with your mouse. When they reach an opponent, they will become Nearsighted for 3 seconds. There is just one creature per trail.

NightFall (X)

Send forth a black mist in a wave. If you are struck by the mist, you will be Deafened, Trailed, and Decayed.

The fans are quite excited about the new Valorant agent which is expected to be released with Episode 2, Act 3 on April 26th and the first glimpse of Fade’s gameplay will be shown on April 24 during the VALORANT Masters Reykjavik Grand Final.