Apple Files Patent For Gaming Controller

Apple’s patents for a gaming controller were leaked. Pictures have surfaced of the controller’s patent that heavily resembled a PS4 DualShock 4 controller, with the most major difference being the touchpad at the front center of the controller. The pictures also include information that suggests two other controller patents were also applied for.

The console is rumored to be an amped-up version of the Apple TV, taking its media streaming features and adding them to a full-fledged console form factor with high gaming performance. Which could be powered by Apple’s next-gen M series chipset which has proven to be top-of-the-line performance and efficiency-wise.

The website that originally posted the patents has now been taken down. This shows Apple’s concern about this information getting leaked to the public which might further add to the post’s creditability

Update: The website is still accessible to a few users.

Apple's new controller patent
Apple’s New Controller’s Patent Designed Leak.

Apple the trillion-dollar tech giant mainly known for its mobiles and computers dives into unknown waters every few years, this including media devices like the apple tv and smart speakers like the Apple home pod, however many people including the companies enthusiasts usually skip over the fact Apple made a gaming console in 1996 called the Apple pippin, the console was ahead of its time but had one major caveat, its huge price tag of 600 dollars which back then made no sense, nowadays however that would be a pretty normal price to pay for a console considering scalped prices of consoles reaching over a thousand dollars.

Apple's first gaming console "Pippin" was released in 1996
Apple’s first gaming console “Pippin” was released in 1996

Well, the Silicon Valley giant is rumored to be back for more as a few weeks back they were rumored to be in talks with Capcom and Ubisoft to help put together games for their expected upcoming gaming console.

This wouldn’t be a surprise since Ubisoft seems to take interest in ambitious projects like this and has shown this in the past with their heavy involvement in googles stadia game streaming device, porting over many of their games including Far Cry and Assassins Creed.