Get Your VR Headsets to Dive into a Modern War

The previous month was full of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II leaks, while some were very questionable, others turned out to be true with the game’s announcement. If you think they would stop afterward, guess again, because Modern Warfare II coming in VR may not have been in your wildest imaginations.

In Modern Warfare II, the player will join the US special forces, and fight a covert war against Columbian Drug Cartels. Some of these missions will likely be similar to Clean House from Modern Warfare 2019. Night vision missions like these become even more intense when played in VR.

Luckily, Twitter user Øddy posted a tweet from Modern Warfare II in the PS Store, where it has the option of “VR Headset Safety Notice”. An option that only VR games have, which can hint towards either a future update to this installment or there may be some missions that we can play in VR.

Regardless, the leak is very questionable, so it should be taken with a huge grain of salt. But what if it was true, how would this benefit the game, and does it matter for us gamers? It definitely does, this can make some missions amazing, and having a choice of whether we want to play like that will be an even better thing.

The fact that we are expecting some news regarding PSVR can mean that this is just for our hype, and we are expecting too much from the game. The game will definitely set a new era for Call of Duty, but taking things slow with such a game is the safest option.

The game has no need to be in VR, and the company knows that taking a risk in this direction is not worth it. So, does that debunk the leak? we don’t know for sure, right now, we can only take it as speculation because there have been instances of other non-VR games having this option.

Other than that, whether you take the leak as true or not is entirely on your behalf, but let’s take this game with realistic expectations and wait for further news. If you have anything you want to share, please let us know below!