Assassins Creed To Focus On Next-Gen After Mirage

Assassins Creed, one of the most well-established series in the gaming industry, amassed its alarmingly large popularity due to offering a unique and versatile gaming experience than what was on the market. The recipe of an open-world, stealth, and action-based game that revolved around the fight for peace but through different supremacy methods captivated people worldwide.

Assassins creed upcoming showcase
Assassins Creed upcoming showcase

Ubisoft Forward

The past few days have been inundated with announcements or rumors regarding upcoming releases in the gaming industry. The eye of the storm lay mostly on Ubisoft, as their reports at the Ubisoft Forward event paved the way for the roadwork of Assassin’s Creed titles to come in the following years. While a host of news regarding the studio was made, the display of Assassin’s Creed titles stole the spotlight by a good margin.

The studio clear cut showcase of upcoming titles can be seen as a show of support for the series that many worldwide enjoy. While there have been a few disappointments with recent releases, the announcement and shift of ideology to a more progressive way could very well be the lifeline that the Assassins Creed franchise yearned for but never made clear.

The Era of Next-Gen Exclusivity

Aside from the announcement of Mirage and a host of other news about future titles in the series, we have some more insight into the specifics of platforms where they will be released. This news brought to you by TopTierList, thanks to a statement by popular leaker HazzadorGamin, seems to line up with most speculations that people had regarding the support on consoles.

As the tweet reads, the last Assassin’s Creed title to support the previous gen of consoles will be Mirage, as a result of Ubisoft’s push for exclusive next-gen game development. A bummer for those who buy Mirage on their ‘dated’ consoles only to find out it is the last supported title! It also confirms that Project Red, a title set to be based in Japan, will be the first in the series to be released as an exclusive for next-gen consoles.

Too Early Or Strategic Decision?

What are your thoughts about Ubisoft’s decision to drop support? Do you think Assassins Creed could have extended previous-gen support, or is it just the shift in the market that has caused them to focus ahead? Let us know by commenting down below.

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