Battlefront III Playtest Copy For PSP

Star Wars Battlefront Series provides a first and third-person shooter experience, where the players can play as soldiers of either of the two armies and in different timelines. The original series was made by Pandemic Studios, and the later rebooted series was made by EA Digital Illusions CE. Battlefront III was supposed to be the third game in the original Battlefront Series, however, it was cut short and canceled.

There were various reasons why it was canceled, some of them included the criticism the earlier games had received. The first entry had a very expensive seasonal pass and the Battlefront II received massive backlash due to controversy regarding the expensive character costs and the loot boxes.

The gamers went as far as saying that the game was designed to be “pay-to-win”. The game has made numerous updates since then and improved quite a lot. Some tweets even mentioned that it was shot down due to the budget and profit ratio.

It is one of the games that will probably never get made, and will always be missed. But… we just received news about a Reddit user, whose fiance has a playtest copy of Battlefront III for PSP. She posted saying, one of the relatives of the fiance had Lucasarts as their client and got to test many games out, one of which was Battlefront III, the playtest copy somehow was handed down to him as a kid, and he has kept it ever since (Probably over 12 years).

This person might have the one and only copies of a canceled game, which can make it worth a huge amount. They also ensured that there are no scratches or any damage, and were suggested by others that they can have backup ROM of it, just in case something happens to it.


Battlefront III Canceled
The Reddit post by MissFeepit.

Now, we have seen many people just making up stories, and it’s very obvious, so she also posted some pictures that make it 100% real. These include pictures showing the loading screen, the main menu, and single-player modes in the game. While the game has been canceled, some of its traces still remain, and who knows, maybe the person will make a ROM and share it with the people online, or someone might purchase the copy and somehow make it possible for us to play.

The possibilities are there and all we can do is hope because it’s almost certain that they won’t ever take up this project again, and the only games we can expect are Jedi Fallen Order 2, and other possible new ones.

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