Images of Black Ops 3’s Scrapped Open World Campaign Leaked

Call of Duty is one of our beloved franchises, and among its vast portfolio of insane games, one of the fan favorites is Black Ops III. While we are not here to debate what is better and whatnot, our team at TopTierList has found some early images from Black Ops III‘s open-world campaign that was scrapped after a year of development.

The images reveal many maps, content, gameplay, and even some mission/objective information, which needs to be discussed extensively. Reddit user TheClosetIndian posted them in his post and provided us with the relevant information.

Early images of Black Ops 3’s scrapped open world campaign (2013)

Major Points

  • The images reveal the open-world map, along with some locations.
  • Each of these locations contains unique objectives, outposts, and missions.
  • The areas could be explored freely, allowing you to progress the story at the desired pace.

First off, the open-world campaign was designed to be a “Hub world” experience for gamers, where they could travel through big areas interconnected by various hubs. It was a unique idea at that time. The Singapore hub contained areas like Chinatown, Downtown, Hilltop Park, Black Station, Biodome, and many others. 

Black Ops 3 Open World Leak
Chinatown Gameplay.

According to the leaker, each location came with a unique set of objectives, missions, and outposts. They could be explored freely, allowing the gamers to continue the story at the desired pace. You could take down enemies, complete side missions, and upgrade your gear throughout the map.

Black Ops 3 Missions
Chinatown Gameplay Revealing Mission.

The objectives would be like eliminating scientists, neutralizing bio-caches, sabotaging outposts, destroying weapon caches, defending an area, and everything in between. Additionally, there was a safe house that would connect all hubs, along with a VTOL exfil system.

In some of the screenshots, we can see different mechanics, like the day/night cycles, which would allow you to enjoy the night-vision mechanics as well. Not to mention, a jetpack was also planned during the development, which would have made scaling the environment much more easier.

CoD Black Ops 3 Map
Black Ops III Open-World Map.

The game would have included equipment crates, ammo, a currency system so you could buy different upgrade materials, and defenses for barricades and other things. After seeing the concept, it is clear that the game was intended to be heavily interactive since the hubs were a significant part of the game and would connect different locations worldwide.

Call of Duty Open World
Black Ops III Open-World Campaign Map.

As much as we would love to see this concept brought to reality, it is unfortunate to see it get canceled. It was worked on for a year, so the entire 2013, but was scrapped in 2014. As expected, the build is from 2013, and you may see some familiar things from the images.

That’s because some of the locations were reimagined as missions in the official Black Ops III campaign, of course, remade from scratch. Unfortunately, many of the images have unrendered environments, so it may become hard to understand.

That is all for today. What are your thoughts on the images? Do you think the open-world campaign would have been a great addition to the Call of Duty franchise? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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