Leak Reveals Bonelab May Be Releasing End Of This Month

Bonelab is an upcoming physics-based action game and a successor to the famous bone works, a 2019 VR first-person shooter. Players are tasked with engaging in physical combat via a plethora of methods. These range from firearms to melee weapons and bare hands, all in an attempt to fend off the likes of robotic or human enemies.

Boneworks, The Prequel

The sequel comes after early success garnered by the original game, Boneworks. The title was praised for the polished and enjoyable immersive VR experience it brought to the table. The versatility of the missions as a result of the weapons you chose meant some form of variation was always present. The game ended up performing excellently on the charts as a result.

Boneworks gameplay
Boneworks gameplay

Essence Of The Article

  • Boneworks’ innovative method of gameplay laid the foundation for a sequel, i.e., Bonelab.
  • Bonelab’s release date allegedly leaked on the Quest VR interface.
  • Development updates have been taking place at a steady rate.

A Release Date For Bonelabs

TopTierList spotted this leak as a result of Reddit user Okoran98, who linked a youtube shorts video published by Steppy_VR detailing what appears to be his findings regarding the allegedly leaked release date on the Quest 2 page.

Bonelab release date leak showcase
Bonelab release date leak

As we can see, the user has logged onto the Quest 2 interface, where they find a confirmed date under the release date for Bonelab. While we await more news regarding the status of the game and whether or not it will release as planned, the leak in itself looks pretty convincing.

Bonelab steam release date plan
Bonelab steam page

It’s worth noting, however, as can be seen, that the steam page for the game has yet to have been updated. With the game being announced in April this year, one can expect the release not to be too far ahead if the leak proves to have been mistaken.

With the bar set so high, one thing can be determined for certain: Bonelab will have to live up to high expectations. The announcement had already captivated users of VR as a result of being one of the few VR games that perform well and utilizes the Quest resources to the max.

Concluding Remarks

With the project announcement being in April, do you think an end-of-September release is viable for the game? Would the developers take this opportunity to push the game further back to refine it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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