Renowned Halo Co-developer Hiring Talent to Aid Their New IP

Certain Affinity, one of the co-developers of some Halo and Call of Duty titles, announced their new original IP almost two years ago. Although things have been silent since then, recent job listings reveal that the game might still be on the menu.

We have some ideas on what we can expect from them in this title. It is safe to say that this might become a hidden gem because this will be their most passionate project yet. They already did terrific work with other studios on some titles. If we look at their track record, we can’t help but share our excitement.

Our sharp eyes at TopTierList found a Job listing for the Director of Concept Art position. If we pay attention to other details hidden along the lines, we can confidently say that it is likely a position for their upcoming original IP, which is rumored to be a first-person shooter.

About Certain Affinity

Since their work is primarily co-developed, many people are unaware of their impressive feats. Former Bungie veterans founded the independent studio and have worked alongside big studios on several Halo and Call of Duty projects.

They have great expertise in FPS games, and if the rumors are true, their upcoming IP will likely be one too. Since they themselves have not confirmed any details on this IP, much of the information remains speculative. Therefore, take some things with a grain of salt.

Certain Affinity FPS Game
Certain Affinity Announcing the Development of their Upcoming IP.

Major Points

  • Certain Affinity posted a job listing for the Director of Concept Art position today.
  • Still, we can’t be sure whether the game is in the early development stages since Certain Affinity has not given much information on the IP.
  • Rumors from notable leakers claim that the IP will be an FPS game, but we can’t be entirely sure about that.

Certain Affinity Hiring Talent

Even though it has been almost two years since they announced an original IP to be in development, it seems like talent is always needed for passionate projects to succeed. At that time, the Founder and CEO of Certain Affinity, Max Hoberman, stated:

We have been building towards this project for the past few years. We’re thrilled to have signed an agreement to lead development on our most ambitious title to date. This game is our creative vision to lead and our team is exceptionally passionate about it

Other than that, there were not too many details shared on the project, which is expected. Now, after all this time, the new job listing has reminded us that there is another game we should be looking out for. However, we can’t be too sure about the progress of the game’s current development. The job description stated:

The Director of Concept Art reports to the Studio Art Director and will provide leadership for the concept department. It requires a proactive communicator who can work with the other project, which leads to realizing the vision, being a consistent source of artistic concept direction and qualitative feedback for the projects, and the external voice of the concept team to partners. If you thrive on new challenges and can define and communicate clear and compelling artistic direction and feedback, we’d like to hear from you.

While we are familiar with what a concept artist does, it is still not that simple. We can only say something concrete once Certain Affinity gives some information. So far, we know this game is an AAA title, as seen from the job requirements.

Certain Affinity
Certain Affinity Job Requirements For the Director of Concept Art Position.

Ending Remarks

Most of the information surrounding their IP is unconfirmed, so take these things with a grain of salt. But we are almost fully sure that their upcoming IP is an AAA game, and depending on their past works, it is likely to be a first-person shooter.

What do you think about their IP? Do you think they can make a title that can compete with their previous works? Share your thoughts with us below; we would love to discuss them with you!

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