Conan Exiles 3.0 Age of Sorcery leaked

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game in the brutal lands of Conan; The Barbarian. developed and published by Funcom for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Conan Exiles can be played in full single-player, co-op, or persistent online multiplayer. You are an exile in a barbaric wasteland swept by terrible sandstorms and besieged on every side by Enemies. Here you must fight to survive, build and dominate.

The game officially launched on May 8, 2018; an enhanced version of the game for Xbox Series X and Series S was released on June 8, 2021. On May 8, 2022, the Funcom developer released a video celebrating the 4th anniversary of the game. Interestingly, the footage teased “one of the biggest updates Conan Exiles will ever receive.”

A week ago, Funcom Studios announced a new stream for June 21 of the open-world survival sim Conan Exiles. During the broadcast, the developers promised to share further details about the game’s future. Meanwhile, A video of the 3.0 version of Conan Exiles has emerged online, showing all the innovations that will be introduced in the game with the new maxi update.

As part of this update, Funcom plans to add:

  • They are adding Magic, including Necromancy.

  • They are revamping the traits and leveling system.

  • They will add “Fast travel” points and teleportation.

  • New Creative mode.

  • They are adding the “Transmog” gear ability to appear as other sets.

  • They are adding a battle pass and in-game store.

  • New gears, new mounts, new skins, and new cosmetic features.

  • A release date for 3.0 of Q3 2022.

According to the leaked video, the update is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022, between July and September. It is an excellent sign for the game, and all these fantastic features are fascinating. Fans all over the world are hyped to play the game.

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