Rumours Suggest MWII Will Get A Customizable Kill Cam

Activision’s push to roll out supplementary content for the newly released MWII shows no sign of stopping. The game, having received overall positive reviews, is looking to build upon its early success through content updates.

It appears that a new, never before seen, feature is on its way to be introduced in the game. A leak brought to you by TopTierList, thanks in large to Twitter user @RalphsValve, discloses this new feature in-depth.

Salient Features

  • MWII has enjoyed momentous success since the launch of the game.
  • Activision is pushing supplementary content to maintain the traction of popularity.
  • We may see the introduction of customizable kill cams into the game.

Kill cams make up an essential part of a match, acting like the official closing ceremony to a well-fought game. The introduction of a concept as ambitious could prove to be extremely popular. 

This may very well be one of the most creative and fan-orientated updates to be on its way in the history of the Call of Duty franchise. What started as a meme in trick-shot videos is now becoming an official affair. It will be interesting to see whether sharing personal kill cam designs amongst the community.

Providing evidence to back up the claims, we see an official patent filed by the studio for its franchise. The patent gives us an insight into the level of customization that will be in the hands of users, while also detailing the likely layout of the customizations as shown on players’ screens.

It is believed that, based on user preference, the play of the game or the final kill will be displayed over the other. Furthermore, it looks like the addition of moving images, likely Gifs, audio, and special effects could be a part of the upcoming feature.

The success of the feature is likely to be highly user dependent. On one hand, long-time avid gamers are likely to add their own twists to the kill cams while more laid-back casual gamers may feel oblivious to the newer feature. The ambitiousness to bring out-of-the-box content is commendable.

What is your take on the supposedly upcoming feature? Do you see yourself using it to a great extent? Will the feature gain enough popularity to stick around for the long term? Let us know down below.

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