Dead by Daylight’s Halloween Event Brings Spooky Content

It is the month of October, and we know what that means — Spooky season is upon us! But what’s better than going out with your friends and sharing some laughs and spooks? To stay at home and play some horror games. 

Dead by Daylight brings the players that experience all year round, but it gets far more special during October. Imagine having horror content coming to an already horror game, and nothing gets better than that.

Recently, our team at TopTierList spotted another horror game, Cult of the Lamb, getting some Halloween content. But today, it’s time to discuss our beloved Dead by Daylight.

About Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. It is a 1v5 game where the solo player takes the role of a killer. Everyone else is a survivor and must hide from the killer. The killer must catch them all and sacrifice them to the Entity, an evil force that impales them on hooks. 

The game offers many outstanding elements, and the constant updates keep the unending content afloat. The game was released in 2016; since then, 5 Halloween events have occurred. They are All Hallow’s Eve, The Hallowed Blight, The Withering Blight, The Eternal Blight, and The Midnight Grove.

As for this year, the Halloween event will be called Haunted by Daylight, and it looks hauntingly beautiful.

Major Points

  • Haunted by Daylight brings some exciting costumes and a new tome.
  • The event has a roadmap, with content coming out on different dates.
  • The community loves the event but cannot cope with the element of limited-time costumes.

Haunted by Daylight

The event will start on 11th October and end on 3rd November. We will first get the new items in shop collections. Then on 12th October, we will get the latest archive volume, just a day before the event unfolds on 13th October.

Spooky cosmetics will be available for players, and the game will be shrouded in the ominous mist of Halloween. New challenges will be available, and everything from the loading screen to in-game decorations will receive a makeover. In addition to surviving, you must also collect and steal the “void energy.”

The rift will open on 12th October, and we will see the new tome, which contains memories of the Killer Ghost Face and Survivor Mikaela Reid. We can then uncover the evil spirit behind the mask and discover why the killer hunts with the brand new Tome 13, Evility.

During the event, you can also uncover the memories of Mikaela Reid and receive many spooky surprises, including good luck charms, outfits, and the exclusive mask variants of Ghost Face.

Players Complain With Limited-Time Outfits

Many forums have already been created expressing disappointment regarding the limited-time outfits. According to them, the event should have outfits that can be earned with shards, similar to how older events were. In addition, none of them should be limited time. Yes, they can have outfits removed for some time but be back after a while.

The same is mentioned about the items and other cosmetics. Players think this is a FOMO tactic or fear of missing out that they are using to attract more players. Even then, it is understandable that a game does this since the Halloween event is one of the biggest throughout the year, and limited items make it even better.

If you are unaware of what the outfits are, some of them include the following:

  • Toiler Paper Mummy (Limited-time).
  • Halloween Glamor (Limited-Time).
  • Bursting with Fury.
  • Blighted Wesker

There are many things to be excited about, but what are your thoughts on this event? Do you think the element of limited-time cosmetics is terrible for the community? Let us know down below, and we will get back to you!

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