Dead By Daylight Potential Leaks For 3 Upcoming Chapters

Dead by Daylight is a horror survival game, with a multiplayer aspect. It was released in June 2016 for PC, and in June 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. It is a 1v4 game, where one person will take on the part of the killer, and the other 4 players must survive against the savage killer. In order for the killer to win, he must sacrifice each survivor to a force called Entity by killing them. For the survivors to win, they must fix five generators that will open the exit gates.

While the concept is very simple, the way the game implements the horror aspect to it makes it an amazing game. It was published by Behaviour Interactive, which bought the rights from Starbreeze Studios. Dead By Daylight has collaborated with many franchises in the past, such as Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ringu, etc.

Just recently, there has been a leak in the official Dead By Daylight Leak discord server, which mentioned some leaked content of the next 3 chapters of the game. While it was taken with a huge grain of salt, some of it is starting to come true. This makes the other leaks also very likely and adds a lot of excitement to the community.

The leak talks about the addition of the killer called The Dredge, which will come out in chapter 24. There have already been many videos after this leak that show the information about this killer, and its model. The Dredge is almost already confirmed, which makes the following leaks also highly likely as Masusder did well in the first one.

DBD Leak
The Discord Leak By User Masusder.

Masusder also mentioned the addition of Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers as survivors in maybe chapter 25 and Wesker as the killer. Now, what makes this sensible is how this would benefit the game.

Dead By Daylight has done a Resident Evil Chapter, which increased the player count by a lot. So, having more such chapters will also be very beneficial for them. In chapter 26, we might also see a knight as the killer, which would honestly be very cool.

He did not give further information as this is already a lot, and the leaks do make sense, not to mention they are very likely to be added. So, we might see official news regarding these as the chapters come close. Do note though that since it is still very early, the leaks are subject to change until officially confirmed.

If you have any questions, do let us know!