Latest Dead By Daylight Leak Reveals a New For Honor Chapter

Dead By Daylight is one of the most played horror games on all platforms. It is a great multiplayer survivor horror game developed by Behavior Interactive. Since Halloween is close by, it was certain that we would see some great updates soon enough.

Dead By Daylight has already incorporated several great characters from creepypasta. These characters include but are not limited to Freddy Kreuger from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason, the killer in the hockey mask. 

DBD already added a great new item for its Halloween event. The new Scream mask has been gaining much traction for a good reason, too. It looks horrifying for a killer to have. But clearly, the devs did not want to stop there because of the new collaboration we are about to discuss down below. 

The ‘For Honor’ Chapter

We at toptierlist found a list of new leaks thanks to leaksbydaylight. They beautifully listed all the new leaks we can expect in future updates of Dead By Daylight. However, we will be discussing these leaks more contextually and descriptively.

New Killer Information
Leak Post

We won’t be completely copying the text that they have published but will use it for some context. The text above shows that the new killer is based on the ‘For Honor’ franchise and will bring many new skills to the killer arsenal.

However, if you are unaware of the For Honor side of things, don’t worry. For Honor is a melee action game that Ubisoft develops. You can play as many different classes and can play in the single-player campaign or the PvP matches.

The Gist of it All

  • Dead By Daylight will release a new ‘For Honor’ themed chapter in mid-November.
  • The new update will add a new killer with many new skills.
  • The update will also add a new map and some new killer/survivor perks.

Killer’s Abilities

So, after knowing what the For Honor part franchise is like, let’s discuss what it does for Dead by Daylight. The new killer offers a bunch of new utilities that killers can make use of during their murderous sprees.

So far, the first thing we are sure of is that the new killer will have a new power named “Hunted.” These are further classified as either Guard Hunter or Guard Patrol. Guard Patrol is a buff on the killer he gets when pursuing a survivor. However, a third ability named Guard will help the killer in breaking generators, pallets, and walls on the map.

Lastly, the killer is named The Knight. This is likely a reference to the knight class in For Honor. The knight is in a crusader outfit and ready to deal lethal amounts of damage at a moment’s notice.

For Honor Knight Class
Knight Class


Other Additions

The killer is the main focus of this new update; however, it is not the only update. In addition, a new survivor named Vittorio will also be added to the list of playable survivors in the game.

Furthermore, new perks are added to the game with these new character additions. Vittorio will have perks labeled Fogwise, Vittorio’s Gambit, and Potential Energy.

These are basic perks that almost all survivors have in their versions. Vittorio is a great survivor for repairing generators as all three skills help him progress through generators.

Lastly, the killer perks will be Hubris, Nowhere to Hide, and Face the Darkness. The most important of these is the Face the Darkness perk, which will make survivors scream, which is super useful for a killer.

Ending Note

Well, gamers, that does it for this new update on the Dead by Daylight leak. Let me know what you think about this new chapter being added to the game. Additionally, stay tuned for more Dead By Daylight leaks we may cover soon.

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