Suits From Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition Leaked

Dead Space Remake is one of the upcoming survival horror games and has kept gamers on the edge of their seats out of excitement. Anyone who has played the original game can understand that mainly because Dead Space Remake is a remake of the original Dead Space released in 2008.

The game received massive success right after release, as it was one of the best Sci-Fi Horror games of its time and introduced many things that changed how people saw this genre. Dead Space Remake is developed by Motive Studio and will be published by Electronic Arts. It is an exquisite treat for gamers since the last release was Dead Space 3 in 2013.

About Dead Space Remake

It retains most of the plot from the original 2008 game. It is set in the 26th century and follows the story of Isaac Clarke. Isaac is a crewman on a repair vessel who is assigned to USG Ishimura. It is a vast planetary mining ship but has gone silent.

After investigating the distress call sent by Nicole Brennan, Isaac’s Girlfriend, the crew is attacked by vile-gruesome human corpses. Isaac is then forced to fight for himself and survive this dilemma while uncovering the truth behind the loss of Ishimura.

Major Points

  • The Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition will contain 3 Unique Suits and 2 Suit Textures.
  • The suits have been leaked on Twitter, and one particular suit has piqued everyone’s interest.

Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition

After the pre-orders for Dead Space went live, we saw that the Digital Deluxe Edition would contain 3 unique suits and 2 suit textures. But as there was no further information on what they would look like, some fans got restless. However, it seems like the wait is over, as our team at TopTierList spotted these suits emerging in Mr_Rebs_‘s tweet.

Rebs Gaming is a notable leaker in the Twitter gaming community, and many of his leaks are centered around the Halo series. But today, we got Dead Space Remake content, and personally, I wouldn’t complain.

Even some people on Twitter found them to be nuts, especially the third one in the picture. They seem fresh and suit the Sci-Fi aspect of the game, which we all love. If we look at the suit textures, there is one perfect for a bloody get-up, as blood is splattered all over it. The other is more stealthy/tactical, as it is all black.

On the other hand, we have unique suits, each of which gives completely different vibes. The first one gives you a mutilated look; the one in the middle is more of a trophy helmet with hands as horns. The beauty of this pack is indeed the third one, and part of it is because we love Halo, and this advanced suit gives off Halo vibes.

Ending Remarks

The suits will be officially revealed sooner or later, but if you are impatient like us, these are sure to quench your thirst. In the meantime, let us know what suits you love the most. And do these suits make you want to purchase the Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition? Share your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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