Death Stranding: Steam DB Shows Signs of Raytracing Addition

Kojima Productions have been silent for a long time with this AAA title of theirs. Last month the developers announced that Death Stranding was making its debut on the PC Gamepass, which was massive news.

Death Stranding is an adventure-action game that was developed by Kojima Productions. It is a very high-rated game with one of the highest AAA rankings currently. In addition to all of that, it is also the winner of four-game awards, with one of them being “The Game Award for Best Performance” in 2019.

However, since then, the studio has kept quiet on any new information regarding this game. But, the fandom has yet again proved that it is a force not to be meddled with.

At toptierlist, we caught sight of a Twitter named @AtelierTool, who is responsible for hunting out this information. Aiding him in his curiosity was none other than Steam DB itself. From this, we have news about a potential new feature being added to Death Stranding.

An experienced coder or modder can immediately see what he is referring to in his tweet. But, those viewers who aren’t familiar with this language may have trouble deciphering its meaning. The code “qa-rtdbg”  and “qa-nortdbg” are the main point of focus in this tweet.

These repository codes are mostly used to refer to a patch that is most likely linked with Ray Tracing. This is a major feature to have in a game because it significantly boosts the graphics and overall user experience.

Both of these repositories were added only six days ago, which means well for us Death Stranding fans. This hints at a possibility of a new patch being pushed on the game in the future. Of course, these are all assumptions. None of this is confirmed.

Possible Demo

Steam DB death stranding Stats

Based on this tweet, we here at decided to do a little snooping of our own. On the Steam DB, we found an additional repository under the name “trial-2,” which was only published ten days ago.

This again bodes well for the future of this game. The developers seem to be working on many new features and updates, which are highly overdue at this point. This demo likely is to showcase the new raytracing feature the developers are working on.

However, the DLC, a Digital Artbook, also received an update six days ago. It is clear that the developers seem to be working on something big. But, what that thing may turn out to be is a question none of us can answer at this point with any form of surety.

The best we can do is wait and continue to browse around for any more information we can scrap for this project. For now, let’s hope that whatever the studio is working on turns out for the better and not the worse.