A New Development Director Hired For The Upcoming Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake, an adventure-action game developed by Remedy Entertainment, remains one of the underrated titles in modern times. With a gripping storyline, appropriate setting, and extended support to the next-gen console, the game quickly rose to the top of review charts across the board.

With the sequel, Alan Wake 2, edging closer to the expected release date and anticipation equally high, the team at TopTierList spotted a new job listing on LinkedIn by Remedy Entertainment.

Major Points

  • Alan Wake proved to attract a large fan base as a result of its gameplay and features.
  • The sequel, Alan Wake 2, is so far on track to be released by next year.
  • It appears that Remedy Entertainment is hiring a Development director for Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Job Listing
Remedy Job Listing

The workings of a development director are as you’d expect. Tasked with meeting targets related to the game launch and delivery times while maintaining the level of quality expected from the studio. The most recent update by the studio some months back reiterated a mid-2023 release date for the game.

Alan Wake 2 Job Listing
Job Listing Details

Further on comes the details of the listing itself, about as straightforward as they can be. Whether the expected date lives up to the target or not remains to be seen. But the anticipation of the game remains unchanged.

The recent hiring, albeit unorthodox given the close proximity of the release date, does not necessarily mean that the game will face delays. It’s likely just a rotation within the company or a new wave of hiring. What does make it intriguing however is that a development director, being a cardinal part of game development, should ideally not be changed midway.

Having been formally announced in 2021, the game has been in the development stage for a minimum of 2 years if not more. The development itself has remained mostly low-key with no curve balls apart from general updates. Perhaps it is the lack of solid updates that may seem a bit worrying.

Do you see this becoming a worrying situation? Does this predict a delay in the release date or will things stay on track? Could such a move have an impact on the direction of the game itself? Let us know down below.

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