The Division Heartland Closed Beta Gameplay Has Been Leaked

Tom Clancys The Divison series set out to embark on a parallel endeavor to the otherwise expected run of games coming out of Ubisoft’s arsenal. An open-world role-playing shooter, the game offered a variety of tactical combat, extensive customizations, and an expansive multiplayer world.

The Newest Addition To The Series

The Division Heartland looks to pick up where the previous installments in the series left off. 

The Divison Series example
The Divison Series Showcase

The games before Heartlands were adored not only for their intuitive and action-packed take on open-world warfare, but they were also lauded for applaudable realistic gun mechanics, along with scoring highly from the visual side of things.

Salient Pointers

  • The Divison series offered fans a unique take on warfare and quickly garnered positive reinforcement.
  • The Divison Heartlands looks to carry positive momentum from the previous games.
  • A survival-based, PvE, and PvP game housing the signature open-world format.
  • A leak has revealed footage from the closed beta of the game.

What We Know So Far

Heartlands is touted as a survival RPG game focused largely on the game’s multiplayer aspect while retaining the open-world-like setting. Much like the previous titles, you’ll be in charge of choosing operators to play with and will use operator-specific skills to complete missions.

The game will likely come as standard with two modes, Storm and Excursion operations. The former is a PvEvP-based match, while the latter is solely PvE-centric. The premise of the game modes is to encourage team play, showcasing the multiplayer capabilities while making the gameplay interactive.

Closed Beta Footage Leaked

It appears that someone on Youtube called GhostInfliltrator had premiered footage supposedly from the game’s closed beta. It is seemingly not the Youtuber himself but an anonymous player who chose to record such gameplay.

The 40 minutes of footage is enough to showcase all of the game’s ongoing development and final production phase. It leaves us fans wanting even more announcements, hopefully shortly.

Some Key Takeaways

The leak brought o you by TopTierList captures a lot of what’s good about the game and sparks a wave of high expectations. The graphics seem to have made a monumental step up from the previous gen. Not only does the UI seem more intuitive, but the gameplay hints at what appears to be an active day/night cycle. This could significantly add to the atmosphere that the series is known for.

The gameplay itself introduces us to mechanics that do not significantly differentiate themselves far apart from previous titles. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Including realistic gun physics and smart AI to battle against only makes for lengthy yet entertaining combat.

Concluding Remarks

It would be pertinent to mention that this is not the first of the leaks that the game has had to endure. Sometimes a couple of months back, the product page had been released far too early on the Ubisoft storefront. This prompted Ubisoft to swiftly take action hence pulling the listing down.

What are your thoughts on the recent footage of Heartlands? Do you see it living up to your expectations? Or is it panning out to be another case of Ubisoft not delivering on its promises?

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