Gameplay Shows Doom 2016’s Applaudable Attention to Detail

Doom set out in 2016 as a reincarnation of the famous series from the 90s. Published by Bethesda, it marked the first mainstream installment in the Doom franchise since 2004. The premise surrounding the game was with players in the shoes of a marine who sets out to destroy demonic forces from hell that are stationed on planet Mars.

The Doom Series Reincarnated

Doom 2016 kept the original DNA which captivated audiences for years but added a few essential and modern tweaks here and there. Much more interactive and fast-paced gameplay, character customization, environmental additions, and a feature mimicking the ‘fatality’ of Mortal Kombat,’ Glory Kills’, were added.

Doom Series showcase
Doom Series Gameplay

All in all, the development direction proved to be a success. The game received high praise from critics and players. The campaign, soundtrack, graphics, and gameplay managed to add a sense of modernization to the otherwise spirit that the classic Doom series stood for. The uplift was essential in seeing the game top the top-selling game charts at launch.

Major Talking Points

  • Doom 2016 aimed to pick off where the classical fan-favorite series left off.
  • The game managed to receive high praise for keeping the essence of the franchise intact.
  • Gameplay video details attention to detail that can be considered as ahead of its time.
  • The idea of including such details is now a dying breed.

Doom’s Staggering Attention To Detail

A recent Youtube video uploaded by user Andrew showcases a rather eye-catching piece of gameplay that embodies the idea of the attention to detail.

The video may seem underwhelming at first glance. Notice, however, how the sparks interact with the gun itself. Now we have seen in recent times, through the links of the battlefield series, for instance, guns realistically interacting with the environment. But the idea of interaction and reaction with particles is unheard of.

As the player edges forward, with the gun’s barrel coming into the line of fire of the sparks, we see a shift in the travel of the particles. The sparks treat the gun as a barrier and morph their path in a way that compliments the presence of a blockade. Pretty cool if I say so myself!

Fan’s Reactions To The Footage

A conveniently started discussion thread by resetera user AndrewDTF is able to capture the communities reactions. The vast majority of comments further build onto the intricate details that were packed inside Doom 2016. Many lament the downgrade of the series through the Doom Eternal game as the predecessor set the bar extremely high.

Doom 2016 Discussion Thread example
Doom 2016 Discussion Thread

The above comments from the thread seem to provide a good enough explanation regarding what really is occurring with the sparks, and what goes on into making such effects work. It gives us a fascinating inside into the idea of playing with the intricacies of particles for game development.

Further Examples Where Developers Went The Extra Mile

Attention to detail is high-rising consumer demand. The genre of games does not restrict such requests; players love to see realism and an alive environment in genres such as racing games, FPS games, and open-world titles. 

Quora Thread showcasing game
Quora Thread

Going off on a tangent, a Quora thread with the response by Nor Reza gives us an insight into the types of details that games often may include. Dishonored was highly praised not only for its gameplay but also for its equally brutal justice system, imitating the laws of the real world.

As developers shift to a more standardized scale of gameplay, with profits and big releases being their center of development, for the most part, coming across the little efforts which set a game apart are rare yet cherished.

Concluding Remarks

In a world where developers are obsessed with realism, it’s interesting to note just how scarce details such as the one in Doom 2016 are present in the games of today. How impressed were you by Doom’s gameplay? Do you feel games should follow a similar path in the addition of such details?

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