Netflix Might Be Reviving the Dungeon Boss Game With a Sequel

Netflix is an American subscription streaming service. Although we are all familiar with its streaming aspect, Netflix had somewhat of an acquisition spree not so long ago, where it acquired Next Games, a Finnish mobile game developer, and Boss Fight Entertainment, the developers of Dungeon Boss.

It was their attempt at entering the gaming industry, and we might witness its fruition coming very soon. If you are unaware of the studio we will discuss today; Boss Fight Entertainment is an American video game company that was formed by the former employees of Ensemble Studios and Zynga Dallas in 2013.

Upon acquisition, Netflix stated in their report that:

This studio’s extensive experience building hit games across genres will help accelerate our ability to provide Netflix members with great games wherever they want to play them. 

So, their plans for the future have been crystal clear from the beginning. But today might be the day we see them continuing a significant title from Boss Fight Entertainment, Dungeon Boss.

About Dungeon Boss

Dungeon Boss is a strategic RPG game where millions of players globally battle to be the Boss. You must find various tactics and master many arts, build powerful heroes and teams with synergy so well done that you not only battle other bosses but defend your Dungeon from raids as its Boss.

This mobile game brings a unique element to how dungeon and raid games work, which is why it found massive success. That is one of the main reasons it is Boss Fight Entertainment’s prized possession.

Today, Netflix filed a trademark for DUNGEON BOSS: RESPAWNED, and it is screaming sequel all over the name. Our keen eyes at TopTierList found that and thought we could discuss what it would mean coming from Netflix.

Dungeon Boss Respawned
Trademark Details for Dungeon Boss Respawned.

Major Points

  • Netflix will carry on Dungeon Boss with the new sequel. However, we don’t fully know how big of a project this is, so keep your expectations in check.
  • Since this is Netflix’s attempt at expanding its roots in mobile gaming, it will surely put in lots of resources.

Netflix Mobile Gaming

It may sound weird to anyone who doesn’t know Netflix’s ventures outside of their streaming platform. Netflix might be going in the right direction with this game because RPGs, as underrated as they can be, have some of the most dedicated fan bases.

If they succeed here, their acquisition of Boss Fight Entertainment will surely bring fruition as they can continue developing different IPs or potentially acquire studios for different genres.

The point here is that Netflix is a massive company with deep pockets for investments, so we can’t speculate what decisions they are planning to make. But the potential revival of this game can bring them good exposure to mobile gaming.

What Can We Expect In Dungeon Boss: Respawned

Until we have some details announced, we can’t say for sure. It can have the same but improved features. It might even introduce different mechanics. As for now, we might need to wait for a while before getting some relevant information since it can take anywhere from days to years before this game is publicly announced. Unfortunately, that’s how trademarks work.

If you are unfamiliar with trademarks, Any combination of words, phrases, symbols, designs, and even logos that a company identifies as its “service,” or “product” is called a trademark. It is how the customers recognize you in the market.

Dungeon Boss Mobile Game
Dungeon Boss Raid.

In Conclusion

Although we now have some hopes for a sequel, take all this with a grain of salt because many things can go wrong here. We can only wait for their official announcements. What do you think of this trademark? Do you think they will find success in mobile gaming as they hope? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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