Epic Games Finally Introduces 3 Requested Sections in the Store

Epic Games is a name familiar to almost every gamer. If you aren’t, then that would be a bit concerning. Epic Games, Inc. is a big video game and software developer and publisher based in America. It is perhaps best known for its Unreal Engine, which has helped develop many notable games, including Unreal, Fortnite, and Gears of War.

Aside from that, the Epic Games Launcher is also very helpful for downloading games. Although it is not strictly necessary, it makes things very easy. Many people use it and consider it essential to have it on their PC. The Epic Games Store has games in abundance, but until now, it has been lacking in some quality of life changes.

That will change now as they have improved it by adding three new changes and making a significant change to an existing one. Let us look at these individually and explain the details.

Top Player Reviewed

That’s right; the Top Player Reviewed section is now available in the store. It will show you the “Top” rated games by the players. You might find them here if you want to play some underrated yet amazing games. Even the games with fewer reviews, each being very high, can be on top of this list, making this section an excellent addition.

Top Rated Epic Games Store
The Top Rates Games on Epic Games Store.

Top Wishlisted

Another section for the Top Wishlisted games has been added. It will include the upcoming games that many people are excited about. Even those who don’t follow as much gaming news can check this occasionally and be updated on some popular upcoming games.

Epic Games Store Top Wishlist
The Top Wishlist Games on Epic Games Store.

Most Played

This might confuse some people as the Most Played section might be similar to the Most Popular section they already have. But there is a difference as the games are unique on both of them. It might be a difference between how much time a person spends on one game v/s how many concurrent players are in the game within a particular time. Nonetheless, it is another excellent addition to the store.

Epic Games Most Played
The Most Played Games on Epic Games Store.

Changes in Top Sellers

There have also been some changes to the Top Sellers, as now we won’t see any free games in that section. It makes sense, and they should have added that before since people are more inclined to get a free game and not spend $10-$60 on a game. The section was dominated previously by free games, but now we won’t see them, and the section has been expanded from Top 50 to Top 100 games.

Top Selling Epic Games
The Top Selling Games on Epic Games Store.

These changes are not that significant, but they make the experience more delightful and helpful if people are exploring to find new games. Out of these newly added sections, which one is your favorite? Let us know below, and we will discuss it with you!

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