F-Zero Might Have Some Exciting News in 2023

Perhaps a F-Zero GX Remaster announcement in 2023?

F-Zero is a beloved racing video game series. Its first game was launched in 1990, and despite its latest release in 2004, it still holds a special place in everyone’s heart. The same love has made some gamers cling to the hope for a new F-Zero game or even a remaster.

Lucky for them, recent leaks by notable insiders heavily point towards a potential remaster in 2023. Since we are on the edge of entering 2023, we can expect some great things for the franchise soon.

Notable leaker NateTheHate recently replied in a thread on Resetera with the statement, “F-Zero’s time will come in 2023.” Although more is needed to go on, his earlier teases for the same franchise give us additional details on what to expect.

F-Zero Remaster 2023
NateTheHate’s Statement On Resetera.

Major Points

  • According to the insider, F-Zero should have a major announcement in 2023.
  • If we look at the statement of some other leakers, it is most likely a remaster.
  • Since the initial remaster tease came up on the topic of GameCube, it might be F-Zero GX.
  • In addition, NateTheHate also mentioned how Metroid Prime 1‘s development had been finished for a while, but Nintendo is waiting to announce it for unknown reasons.

The topic of remasters first came up in a few tweets in early September 2022. There were a few remasters teased, and among them, there was a tweet that pointed towards F-Zero remaster. Since the topic was for GameCube remasters, this pointed towards F-Zero GX.

If that wasn’t enough, Emily Rogers replied in a Famiboard thread with the statement, “No, it’s true. Nintendo is going crazy with remasters and remakes. Most of the remasters mentioned in this thread are either in development or under serious consideration at Nintendo.

F-Zero GX Remaster News
Emily Rogers Statement On Famiboards.

There were several mentions of F-Zero in the thread, so the possibility of the remaster is now even higher. These insiders are also very credible as they have almost a perfect track of big leaks.

If we take all the above statements, we will most likely get the F-Zero GX Remaster announcement sometime in 2023. As for the release date, we have yet to determine when that will be.

In addition, NateTheHate also commented on the development of Metroid Prime 1 Remake, “As for Metroid Prime 1… Retro completed development of the game in late summer of 2021 (for clarity: development finished then — it still had to go through QA, any localization, and such). The game has been finished for some time now. Nintendo just opted to wait to announce and bring it to market, for whatever reason.

So, we know the game is in a good state at the moment; the only reason we have yet to have it thus far is that Nintendo wants to wait before announcing and marketing it. In addition to that, we might also get some news on the Metroid Prime 1 Remake, as hinted by another leaker.

Verified Reddit Leaker DM "Do you think everyone is primed and ready?" from GamingLeaksAndRumours

One of the mods in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours received a message from his “verified” sources, as he has a perfect track of many previous leaks, including the recent Tears of the Kingdom leaks. 

Though his message was cryptic, it still points towards something from the Metroid Prime series, and the remake is one of the major things planned as of now.

It seems like F-Zero and Metroid Prime fans have an almost guaranteed good year ahead. If you are one of them, how excited are you for the F-Zero GX Remaster. And do you think the cryptic message is for Metroid Prime 1 Remake? Share your thoughts with us below!

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