Fable 4 Might Be Closer Than We Think

Fable is an action role-playing video game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios. The Lionhead Studio closed in 2016, and we haven’t had much from the franchise since then. The game takes place in a fictional country Albion, which has many city-states and is made up of countryside along with wilderness here and there.

The game’s setting gives a very Medieval Britain vibe, which just adds more fun to the RPG Element. The name of the country itself is an ancient name that is still used in some places for Great Britain.

The time period within the game progresses with each part; Fable II had an advanced Albion, making it an Age of Enlightenment, and Fable III had a more monarchy system, where the country was undergoing the Age of Industry (very similar to the Industrial Revolution).

As an RPG, Fable has amazing development for the main protagonist, and its development is related to how we interact with the game world. The game makes you feel that you really are interacting with the different elements and growing just how you should. This adds more depth to the story, conversations with NPCs, mechanics, trading, relationships, fighting, etc.

Fable 4 (although it is not officially called 4) has been rumored to be in the making for quite some time and was confirmed to be in the making back in 2020 in the Xbox Showcase.

However, no information has been given ever since, and we basically had an Elder Scroll 6 pulled on us (and people are still scraping any information since all these years hoping for a release date). But worry not, because Fable 4 might not be another Elder Scroll 6, because we just found very interesting news for all of you.

Playground Games is the studio working on Fable 4, they have published many notable titles and are a big part of the Forza Franchise. A few weeks ago, they posted a job listing for hiring a Senior Rendering Specialist for the Fable team.

They are naming it as a large-scale AAA title, so maybe the reason we are not getting the game yet is because of how much they are putting into it. Nonetheless, this move makes it official that they are advancing into the development of the game, and we might see it release in the coming years.

Fable 4 Job listing
Job Listing Post By Playground Games.

They also added some Required Skills:

  • Strong C++ and software architecture skills
  • Detailed knowledge of rendering techniques and performance on console
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A passion for games
  • Ideally, experience in AAA

We do know that their game is being made on the same Forza Tech Engine, and while some people might think of it as a downgrade (because apparently, all good things come from the unreal engine?) But there’s a different perspective to this, an engine for developing games needs to have everything a team might need to develop something.

Their Forza Tech Engine is something they are most familiar with and might give us the promised game using that. Not to mention, we are talking about an amazing studio here that hasn’t disappointed its fans in the past.

Furthermore, we also know that they made a job listing for hiring a Level Designer for Forza Horizon Team. So we might also receive some news on Forza Horizon 6. But that’s for another day. If you have any questions, do let us know!