Fall Guys Reached 20 Million Players in the First 48 Hours

Fall Guys took over the gaming world when it went free-to-play, a move to make it exclusive to Epic Games Store and delisting from Steam, and this was a big move, and so many players wreaked mayhem upon the game servers, which in the end resulted in getting struggled and failed at times.

The developer Mediatonic expressed on Twitter addressing the issue that some players faced problems with the server connection following the free-to-play changeover.

After some time, the custom lobbies were temporarily disabled, and the developers started working on the game servers. They later addressed, “Servers are starting to look better, but there may be some teething issues while all bajillion of you try to play at once.”

When it comes to server crashes, it’s nothing new in the games business, and Fall Guys came out in 2020, so they couldn’t foresee this big of a player base to return when it went free to play. The 60-player online battle royale title has captured the attention of pretty much everybody, including numerous gaming companies and Streamers.

Fall Guys has sold over two million copies on Steam. The studio tweeted today, “We reached an incredible 20 million players in the first 48 hours of Free For All!”

Now we know why the servers were crashing down and what’s especially interesting is that this also happened on Steam. While Fall Guys is no longer available for purchase, it remains accessible to those who already own it, and those players have bounced back into the game.

Fall Guys now hold a special place in fans’ hearts, and one of the reasons they have stayed relevant is the constant creation of new and varied content.

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