Fallout 76: Developers Reveal What to Expect in the Next Update

Very few games embed themselves into the hearts of players. One of these gems is, of course, the Fallout Series. It is a massively popular title made by Bethesda Studios. Despite being released in 2015, this game is still alive and kicking well because the developers know that getting regular updates and content is the backbone of keeping a game relevant. We have the latest scoops of information about the game.

The game’s developers discussed what to expect from the Vault on the next patch day, September 13th. The new update will allow players to venture out of Appalachia for the first time in this game. Additionally, the player will be able to embark on a dangerous mission for a chance to obtain great rewards.

We shall stick to a summary for now, but an in-depth review of the patch is available in the video below. The developers in the video are Lead Level Designer Craig Benardo and Senior Quest Designer Chris Marshall.

The developers at Bethesda never hold back, which is why I thought it best to summarize in a shortlist if you can’t watch the video. Some of the changes discussed by the developers are listed as follows:

Say Hello to Responders!

The Responder Faction is back with a vengeance. They have set up camp at the Whitespring Resort, now known as “The White spring Refuge.” This faction supports refugees new to Appalachia, along with helping nearby settlements. In addition, they will offer daily quests that will help you recharge your Vertibird’s Battery to allow for an expedition into The Pitt.

Mission’s A Plenty

You can now team up with three other team members to fly to The Pitt. The Pitt offers challenging but rewarding missions for great rewards. In addition to that, all of these missions are repeatable, so don’t worry about missing out on any awards.

However, the developers do warn against the ruthless raiders in those regions. Hex and Danilo are two characters being added to the game who can aid players against these merciless raiders. But then again, there may be far greater threats in the Pitt than these raiders.

New Rewards and Stamps

In the new Unions released in the game, players have a chance to earn even more rewards. Endeavors in The Pitt may be hard, but they return in legendary rewards like gear, Notes, or Bonds. Additionally, these new quests offer a lot in Exp, which is crucial in Fallout 76. Also, Team Leaders rejoice as you’ll receive weekly rewards like Mods or Pitt-themed items.

Now, what are Stamps? The devs told us about a new in-game currency named Stamps. All team members will earn stamps after every mission, depending on how well they perform. These Stamps are an exclusive currency you can use to purchase items from the Whitespring Refuge.

City of Steel

Finally, the last major update the developers mentioned is a new game board. The players can now peruse through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, thanks to this new game board named the City of Steel. This will be available starting season 10, bringing new rewards with each rank.

The developers did well to ensure the fans had no reason to ignore this new update. Of course, this patch also comes with a bunch of bug fixes. These fixes will be pushed through after maintenance during the patch update. Do mark your calendars to ensure you don’t miss out on this exciting new update in this legendary title.

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