“The Room” Developers Working on an Unannounced VR Game

This can be a new IP or a potential sequel to "The Room VR: A Dark Matter" or "Omega Agent."

Fireproof Games has a portfolio of exciting titles, some of which are The Room games. Aside from the usual ones, they have a history of developing VR titles, some of which include The Room VR: A Dark Matter and Omega Agent. Our team at TopTierList has found a job listing that reveals Fireproof Games are working on another VR game.

Though there is no hard evidence, there are high possibilities of this being a potential sequel to The Room VR: A Dark Matter. Nevertheless, it might be a new IP or even a sequel to Omega Agent

Most importantly, the job description reveals that this VR game will be for PC and console platforms. It might be one of the many games coming for PlayStation VR2, which will set high expectations for this game.

The Room VR Sequel Game
Job Listing for Technical Artist.

Major Points

  • Fireproof Games, the developers of The Room games, are working on an unannounced VR game.
  • The possibility of it being a sequel to The Room VR: A Dark Matter or Omega Agent is high.
  • According to the job listing, the VR game will be for PC and console platforms, potentially for PlayStation VR2.

Fireproof Games have developed several titles, most notably The Room series. They have a good grasp of putting together a great horror puzzle game without many traditional horror tropes. As such, gamers have found these titles to be an experience worth the time.

The studio is now hiring a Technical Artist for worlds and lighting. According to the job listing, this position is for an upcoming VR title. Though there is no concrete mention of the game being a sequel in The Room series, they can likely expand The Room VR: A Dark Matter with a sequel, as the game received many positive reviews. Not to mention, there is a slight hint of the possibility in the job description.

The job description states, “We’re looking for a skilled Technical Artist to join Fireproof at our Guildford (UK) studio. Fireproof Games are best known for the critically acclaimed game series The Room, with the most recent game in the series entering the realm of Virtual Reality. We’ll be building upon those VR foundations for our next game – an ambitious new title for both PC and console platforms.

Since the description touched upon The Room series and discussed building upon those VR foundations, we believe this will likely be a sequel. Nevertheless, it can even be a sequel to Omega Agent or a whole new IP.

The VR title will be made for both PC and console platforms, likely PlayStation VR2. We can expect an even better experience with the latest gaming technology if they do go for that. Especially since VR is mostly untouched compared to other gaming genres, and more studios have started venturing into it to develop the next big title.

In addition, the job listing also mentions some of the non-essential skills, including:

  • Familiarity with developing for VR hardware
  • Experience with Substance Designer
Fireproof Games
Non-Essential Skills -via Job Listing

If you aren’t familiar with the Fireproof Games’ The Room, it is a three-dimensional puzzle game with minimal story. In this game, the player is informed via letters of a mysterious box in a mysterious room. As you solve more puzzles, you receive more notes from the same author, who has previously solved the box’s mystery.

The game amazingly shows the author’s descent into madness. Since many gamers enjoyed the series, the VR title was also highly-anticipated. Though it’s not a traditional horror game, it leaves you scared and trembling due to the unnerving atmosphere. Not to mention, the game has a great way of making you feel as if you are being watched at all times.

That is all for now! Do you think this upcoming VR title is part of The Room series? If not, what else do you think they might be doing with this VR game? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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