Fortnite is Doing Collaboration with Unofficial

Fortnite is a very popular game that has revolutionized the battle royale genre ever since its release in 2017. At this point, everyone knows what it is and has either played it or seen gameplay for fun (we know you exist).

It presented itself as a fun game that did what any other battle royale did, but it did that way better. How? They did many collaborations, targeted a younger demographic, and added so many fun features that it quickly generated $5.4 billion in revenue for Epic in just 2018.

Perhaps very few games can reach the glory that Fortnite did when it came out, and while the hype seems to go down now, people are still excited whenever something new comes out, and it does, very fast. They have collaborated with Marvel on multiple occasions and celebrities and even did a Travis Scott concert in the game, which was done very well.

Among their many collaborations coming out right now, like the Ali-A Cup, the Moon Knight skin, and the Wandavision, there may have been an upcoming collaboration hiding in plain sight, that no one noticed, a brand new collaboration with Unofficial, which is yet to be official (that was not a pun).

 Unofficial is an online glass store that provides unique collections for different groups of people. Their motto is “Unofficial is an invitation for self-expression.”

Fortnite collaboration
The front page of the Fortnite collection on Unofficial.

Unofficial has made a collection named “Fortnite with Unofficial”, and while Fortnite has not made any news of this collaboration, we may see this become official in the upcoming days. We were not supposed to find this detail, but we did, and we presented this to you. Not only that, but Unofficial has also posted the pricing of the collection, which you can purchase at €69. 

The set of 8 Fortnite sunglasses on Unofficial.

Their Fortnite collection has eight different sunglasses, each of which has a unique style. Their description for the collection mentions:

Featuring eight sunglasses and two blue light filter frames, our new collection is serving you fashion frames at their peak of playfulness, in a kaleidoscope of colours and a full spectrum of silhouettes.

Each piece in the new collection features an iconic element from the Fortnite universe. 

You can even see the trailer, which they posted on the 16th of May. So, this might be your chance for anyone interested in sunglasses and would love to be part of the Fortnite merch gang. If you have any further speculations on who else they can collab with, please let us know!