Fortnite Will Finally Get First-Person Mode in the Next Season

Several reliable leakers have gotten confirmation that it will happen in next season.

Fortnite is one of the most popular third-person shooter that integrates the battle royale system to make gameplay much more challenging for players. Ever since its release, many gamers have wondered how the game would look if it were in first-person. Luckily, our team at TopTierList has found that several reliable Fortnite leakers reveal the First-Person Mode will come in the next season.

Although there have been talks of Epic Games experimenting with the first-person for Fortnite, the last we heard, it was still in early development. After all this time, it seems like the First-Person Mode has reached a playable state and will be introduced in the upcoming season.

This would work really well with the Zero Build Modes, as it can completely change your perspective of Fortnite. If the First-Person Mode does well in the game, it will bring the game toward perfection, in the sense that it should have almost everything a game of this genre can offer.

Major Points

  • Fortnite will get the First-Person Mode in the next season.
  • Various leakers have confirmed the leak, and through a reliable source, they all share in common.
  • According to the leaker, it will likely be an optional setting.

Fortnite was released in 2017, and since then, the game has introduced many modes, each presenting a unique way to play the game. Since the game is in third-person, and it is rare for a shooter game to add another perspective, many thought it would never have a First-Person Mode.

However, the rumors of Epic Games working on a First-Person Mode began in 2022. At that time, HYPEX tweeted the information and stated that it was still in early development. HYPEX is one of the most reliable Fortnite leakers, who has consistently leaked much content before it is even announced.

He is also the same person who gave the recent leak regarding Fortnite getting a First-Person Mode in the next season. HYPEX also named other reliable leakers who got the same confirmation through the same reliable source. 

If the game does well with the First-Person Mode, we can expect many players to come back to Fortnite. Even though the game is still very popular, we saw a surge in players when Zero Build was introduced, and this might see the same results.

In addition, it will work well with Zero Build Modes, as it can make the game feel much different and much more challenging. Someone asked the leaker in the recent tweet whether this will be forced, like the Zero Build or if it will be optional, to which HYPEX replied, “most likely an optional setting, as most of the stuff this source seen was in third-person mode.

Another user asked, “any possibility of it also introducing weapon charms finally?” and HYPEX’s answer was, “probably, they were updated like a season before the very first first-person leak, which was during Ch3S3 i think.

So we can see them making an entrance as well. It will be a big update since First-Person in Fortnite is one of the most desired changes that people have wanted, and it will introduce many new things to enjoy in the game.

We also don’t know how skins will integrate into First-Person Mode. The game has many exciting skins, but we would only be able to see our hands from a point-of-view perspective and our gun skins, but not our own character.

Since we haven’t seen gameplay of this mode, we can’t say how well it actually looks, but Epic Games has rarely disappointed with Fortnite, and this would be a terrible time for them to do so. Once the First-Person Mode has been officially confirmed, we might also see some gameplay, further answering some of our questions.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts on Fortnite getting a First-Person Mode in the next season? Do you think it would work well as we all want it to? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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