Patrick Mahomes’ Skin Coming To Fortnite

Fortnite has been almost every gamer’s favorite at some point, and for many, it already is. They have over 350 million monthly active users and amassing around $5.4 billion in revenue for Epic in just 2018, a year after its release. It is no understatement that Fortnite is why many people know and love the battle royale genre. It comes with many updates frequently and adds so much content for players to enjoy.

The game has some modes for different players; Zero Build if you want to rely on your aim, and Squad if you want to have fun with your friends. Aside from that, the game offers other modes as well, and over time, the game has done many collaborations and events and added a wide variety of skins.

If something gets popular in pop culture, it is almost guaranteed that Fortnite will add it to the game. Their Travis Scott event was probably the most unique thing we have seen in gaming history.

While the game has added many skins, it gets hard to keep track of them, but do you know what’s easy to keep track of? It’s simple, their upcoming skins (because everything looks 10x better in the leaks). ShiinaBR, one of the most notable leakers in the Fortnite Twitter community, has shown us something incredible.

He posts various updatesencrypted files, and small changes we see in the game, most of the time, these leaks have been confirmed later on, and if Fortnite scraps some items which got leaked, he goes on to tell that to his readers, which can be seen in various places in his Twitter.

He showed us an Icon skin for the NFL player Patrick Mahomes, Fortnite accidentally added the texture to the files, and as a result, data miners were able to get hold of it quickly. Patrick Mahomes is an American football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). He is the only quarterback in history to throw over 5,000 yards within a single season, not just in college but also in the NFL. He made these notable achievements in the early years of his professional career, showing his NFL status. He is one of the most respected and talented players we have seen.

Therefore, we can see why Fortnite would decide to add a skin for him in the game. The better texture for his skin can be seen in another tweet by iFireMonkey, another notable leaker same as ShiinaBR. He has posted many leaks in the past and continues to do so, which have been confirmed most of the time at some point.

For further confirmation of this, we need to wait for an announcement by Epic, which is expected to be made soon. Until then, if you have any questions, do let us know!