Fortnite Adds Voice Chat Ban in The Game

Fortnite is one of the pioneers of battle royale games. It may not have been the first, but it greatly accelerated the hype for the genre. In the game, 100 people are dropped on the map via a bus, and they must fight to emerge victoriously, the last standing wins. The game was released back in 2017, and ever since then, they have added so many features to the game, completely reshaping some aspects over time. The game has many modes including Solo, Duo, Squad, Creative, Zero Build, etc.

As the game is always adding something new, it adds a lot of content to the game, which is what every gamer desires. One can say that if you love the genre, you can continue playing Fortnite without getting bored with how much content there is.

They are constantly doing many collaborations, merch, events, and adding so many new skins. The game has currently over 350 million active monthly users and has generated over 5.1 billion in revenue for Epic in just 2020.

Although they have added many things, they have also taken or scraped many ideas, but one of the new things that we will continue to experience in Fortnite is the addition of the Voice Chat Ban in the game.

This information was given by iFireMonkey, who is one of the most notable leakers in the Fortnite community. He shares new upcoming skins, changes, and even some encrypted files from the new versions of the game.

The new feature comes with different things, such as being banned for showing inappropriate behavior in voice chat, which includes swearing and using racial slurs. There is also a feature where your parents can make the settings so that you won’t be able to use this feature. The latter is expected since most of the players that play the game are usually under 18. However, this change is still expected to see a lot of criticism, because while toxicity is bad, it is still part of any game.

So, from now on, you need to be careful if your squad is doing badly because swearing at someone might make you unable to use the feature in the future.

If you see the following message, “Due to your recent behavior, you have been banned from using voice chat”, it means you are either permanently or temporarily banned from using the feature. That’s all from us, what are your opinions on this feature, please let us know below!