What Can We Expect From the Game Reveals this Summer

E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a trade event for the video game industry. Different software, hardware, console, and other tech developers/publishers share their latest stuff in a trade event and present it as a showcase. E3 for big companies is ideal for observing the latest trends and other latest technology. The ESA (Entertainment Software Association is the organizer of E3.

In most cases, the developers and publishers showcase their different upcoming titles and hold a press conference to discuss them further. Over time, it has become the most prominent gaming expo held every year in terms of its impact and importance to the public and companies.

However, putting aside its importance to the companies, it is also a big thing for gamers, tech enthusiasts, and other journalists. This is one of the only times they can get big news about their favorite titles and consoles, so the forums are almost always at their peak after the event occurs.

E3 used to be an industry-only event, but after 2017, it opened up to the public. The biggest reason for that was the influence of social media and broadcasts, which made the event more visible to the public; eventually, the event sold over 15,000 general-admittance passes for the event.

In the past, some companies decided to part ways with E3, hoping to continue showcasing independently. However, the nature of E3 to limit fan interaction, and be more industry-led, is one of the big reasons Sony and EA parted ways. Although they mentioned they have big respect for the event, it wasn’t the right thing for their revenue.

Aside from that, PlayStation’s State of Play has also become quite notable recently, and the fans are looking forward to that as well, but potential rumors claim that it will still take a few months for that to happen. So, PlayStation’s decision to leave has brought them some fruit.

Due to the Covid situation, E3 has been canceled by ESA this year, we won’t get the event anytime soon, but many big publishers will hold their streams throughout the summer. Summer Game Fest is one of them, and we are very excited about that. But we can expect the E3 to make a comeback in 2023!

For us, these smaller events are carrying the spirit of E3, so it is the perfect time to discuss what things we might see there and is it even worth it to put your expectations high? And the reason for asking that question is also quite important. But first, let’s look at what they have done over the past events.

E3 2021 was their 26th press conference, which was virtual, and everyone had free access to join from 12-15 June. Some of their virtual events included an awards show, a preview night, and a keynote session with significant publishers. One of the big changes that year was how they named it Electronic Entertainment Experience instead of Electronic Entertainment Expo, as it was virtual.

Among the many companies that participated (Ubisoft, Microsoft, Nintendo, Warner Bros., Square Enix, etc.), Konami could not join as they were not ready for the E3; they were busy with the development of some of their projects.

E3 2021 was any fan’s favorite dream, as it announced some amazing things:

  • Elden Ring Release Date and Gameplay
  • Starfield Xbox-PC Exclusivity Confirmed
  • Ubisoft’s Avatar Game
  • Smash Bros. DLC Character Revealed
  • Halo Infinite Multiplayer
  • Forza Horizon 5 Announced
  • Flight Sim Console Release Date

-And so so much more.

Naturally, the expectations from this year’s streams are also high, and we don’t know if they will live up to that expectations. Nonetheless, it will still be very promising. Let’s dive into what we can expect.

Wholesome Direct – Some of the big things we can expect are revealing games very similar to Ooblets and Coffee Talk. There will also be some card games and cat games, the kind of wholesome ones we always welcome! Some games may even be launched during the stream.

Xbox & Bethesda – One of the biggest spotlights this year will be Xbox & Bethesda Showcase this June. Although it has been delayed to next year, we should still expect at least some news, since they can make up for the delay this way, and it will be the smart move for them. Since both these companies come under Microsoft, we can also expect some updates on Minecraft and Halo Infinite, and maybe some fable 4…anyone still remembers that?

PC Gaming Show – So we are expecting a lot of reveals from them, and even some surprises, as they did say they are coming with 50 games this June.

Some unconfirmed showcases include State of Play, Nintendo Direct, Ubisoft Forward, and Devolver Direct. While they haven’t said anything about it, fans expect them to make some sort of move this June, as they wouldn’t want to be left behind.

Aside from that, all we can do is wait until further announcements from individual streams, so stay tuned and do keep an eye out here since we will be talking more about the reveals as they happen!